Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hidden Slusho

In TJ Miller's video diary, he points out a Slusho! hidden in the graffiti "for the fanboys - wha what?". I checked this scene out in the movie, and this section of the wall is not completely visible, but you can see the very edge of it, especially if you watch the 1080P HD version of this scene.

I wonder what other hidden Mickeys are waiting to be found?


  1. As interesting as that Slusho marking is, i'm more intrigued by the sign with the two smiley faces on it. notice in the bottom picture of TJ pointing at "Slusho," his other hand is in front of another smiley. I wonder what all these smileys are all about...

  2. Off topic of this post, but was just checking out the blu-ray site and found this:


  3. us-447: look -> http://cloverfieldclues.blogspot.com/2008/02/cloverfield-monster-revealed.html

  4. If you look by the rubbish bag by the wall, you'll notice what looks like an arrow...

    Pointing up to the graftti'd word 'Oil'.

    Not sure if it means much.