Monday, April 21, 2008

Contest Results

Here are the results for the Cloverfield DVD Contest.

1. The Giveaway - The winner of the giveaway drawing is beccapoobaby!

2. The Clue Hunt - The winner of the Clue Hunt Drawing is James Mehaffey, who scored a respectable 3 of 6, one of which was the super hard SUPERTANKER clue.

BTW, Three people scored a perfect 6 of 6 - Ramon Santano, Dave Thompson and Myk Zagoric. Nice work!

If you enjoyed the Clue Hunt, check out P4X The Riddle, which was the inspiration. You should already have a good head start!

3. The Kishin Caption Contest - After narrowing the entries down to eight finalists, and after consulting fellow Cloverfield blogger Eddy at Tagruato Blogspot, the winner of the Caption Contest is Chris Schretzenmayer.

THANK YOU to everyone that participated.


  1. made it to the finals woooooo!!!

  2. Congratulations to the winners. And thanks to Dennis for the mention.

  3. The winner sort of sucked. All seven were funnier.