Monday, April 28, 2008

TJ Miller Video Diary

The Best Buy version of the Cloverfield DVD included a 30 minute "TJ Miller's ("HUD") Video Diary", featuring behind-the-scenes video of TJ Miller doing what he does best, goofing around on the set of Cloverfield. If you haven't already purchased the limited-edition version, it is probably too late, but you can still watch the videos here.

* Thanks to Gabriel for emailing me about this!

PART 1: Removed by Paramount
PART 2: Removed by Paramount
PART 3: Removed by Paramount


  1. Hey!

    Just got my DVD and goodies in the mail, and just thought I would say thank you to Dennis!!!

  2. i love him. i dont know, it just so simple but i dont know.. i find him really funny.

  3. And their already down...why don't people put stuff like this on google video where it will actually stay up?

  4. Haha he missed the foam mattress thing. I lol'ed at that so bad

  5. Watcha talkin bout, Willis?

    I just tried the videos and they work fine...

  6. Well this isn't related to this...but I found it quite funny. So you remember that whole mysterious bloop thing that happened in the ocean? Well there was an article in my student newspaper about hundreds of mysterious small earthquakes happening in the ocean off of the Oregon coast. The article was talking about how the quakes weren't on fault lines but in the middle of the plates (hmmm maybe some big monster waking up and stomping around down there?) So....I think JJ was wrong, Cloverfield happens on the west coast! ;)

  7. Sweet I totally found the vids.

  8. thx Dennis...

    So, do you guys think it's IG also ?

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