Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Cloverfield Blu-Ray Date Announced

Paramount has officially confirmed the details of its Blu-ray release schedule, with its first titles due for release late May, and more importantly, the release of Cloverfield Blu-Ray on June 3rd! This is much sooner than I predicted!

The Cloverfield Blu-ray will include "an exclusive feature-length "Special Investigation Mode" with added details about the film. Additional features include a director commentary, Making Of featurettes, deleted scenes, alternate endings with commentary and more."

Read the full Paramount Press Release at High-Def Digest.

* Thanks for the tip from Thanh in the comments!


  1. While normally I would agree with you, in this case that's not a fair claim. It's not like Paramount was releasing other Blu-ray movies, and holding out on Cloverfield. It was just bad timing...

    If they were to release a deluxe-edition DVD in the future, then THAT would be double dipping.

  2. I'll be buying this version. I only buy the movies I love on blu :-D

  3. HAZAAA!!! At LAST!!!

    (Now I just need to buy a blu-ray player...)

  4. Not one American moan - you've got it on DVD AND Blu-Ray before we're even close to getting it on DVD.

  5. I must say I'm rather disappointed by the news of the exclusive blu-ray bonus features. Not all of us have the luxury of an HDTV or a blu-ray player. I am a student myself, and don't really have the money to purchase either. I understand what the companies are trying to do with these exclusive features. They did the same thing when dvd was first being introduced and apparently it worked rather well. It's just frustrating that some of us will have to miss out until we can afford the technology. To those that are fortunate enough to have blu-ray, enjoy and don't keep the rest of us out of the loop!

  6. Woo! I knew it was a good idea to hold out.

  7. Rock monster, I hear ya.

    In my case, I live in another country where technology costs X10... so It is 10 times more difficult to get It.

    Not only that but we always have delays with stuff. For example I had to wait until Feb 2nd to see Cloverfield in the theater. So cheer up, Im sure theres plenty of people in a worse situation than yours or mine.