Friday, April 25, 2008

More Cloverfield Interviews

Jefe: I have put many beautiful interviews in this post, each of them filled with little surprises.
El Guapo: Many interviews?
Jefe: Oh yes, many!
El Guapo: Would you say I have a plethora of interviews?
Jefe: Oh yes, you have a plethora.

Matt Reeves on 'Cloverfield' Director Q&A: Less Nausea, More Love, Same Terrifying Monster

Matt Reeves on 'Cloverfield' Secrets Revealed: Director Answers Your Burning Questions About The Monster Movie

TJ Miller on EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: TJ Miller Talks Cloverfield

TJ Miller on M&C Interview: TJ Miller talks “Hud” and the Cloverfield monster

TJ Miller on 411 Movies Interview: TJ Miller of Cloverfield

Lizzy Caplan on 411 Movies Interview: Lizzy Caplan of Cloverfield

Last but not least, this next story is technically not an interview, but Matt Reeves is already in pre-production on his next movie - The Invisible Woman - which means that IF there is a Cloverfield sequel, and IF it is going to be directed by Matt Reeves, then it won't be made anytime soon. From Matt Reeves Puts ‘Cloverfield’ Sequel On Back Burner, Eager To Get ‘Invisible’


  1. Jeffe, what is a plethora?
    I'm sorry, El Guappo. I do not have your superior intelect.

  2. theyre going to lose our interest.. unless this is going to be one hell of an arg...

  3. i think it's good that they're not rushing into a sequil, maybe even a few years should go by in order for them to really be able to supprise us for something. Just like the party scene was just long enough to make you almost forget that a giant moster was about to attack. The wait for the second movie should be the same

  4. The Events in the movie supposedly occurred in May... are we to believe that when it actually HITS, we'll get some more stuff on whats going on?

    Lets hope.

  5. If they're not making a sequal, then why are they still running the ARG (if MTH is legit, which I think it is)? How far can they actually take this thing online?

  6. Well... if JJ is trying to say something with this interview, then I was totally wrong about the movie being out-game. If the movie really is the point, if it is supposed to be a copy of the government disk, then it is TOTALLY in game.


  7. ...

    Of course the movie is in-game. The whole point of the viral was to lead up to the movie. And several characters and products from the viral was included in the movie. Just because it didn't all tie-together does not in any way give anyone any reason to think the movie was out of game. What a weird thought...

  8. Arg lovers try to stick around until may 18th .i think something surprising will appear.. jj is and intelligent man.

  9. ArouraLeona said... If the movie really is the point, if it is supposed to be a copy of the government disk, then it is TOTALLY in game.

    Midgard said... Of course the movie is in-game.

    What happend in the movie may be in-game, but the movie itself is not, since it covers the making of the movie, etc. is NOT in game. That would break the "fourth-wall" of the alternate reality. far as everyone wondering how long the online stuff can go on, remember, they haven't gotten the DVD release in other countries yet, and they just got the theatrical release in Japan. Plus we are still waiting for the final KISHIN chapter, so this could potentially go on for a while...

  10. The question I have is how far and how long this ARG has been planned? Was it supposed to end after the movie but with the mass amounts of people doing it are they just continuing it?