Saturday, April 19, 2008

Amazon Cloverfield Novel Order

Amazon Japan has some sort of Cloverfield novel which they are selling now. The description includes:
★ novel version released in Japan, the producer JJ Abrams from the photo provided by Special! Cover to the back of the devastated NY "something" is true?

★ many unpublished photographs recording scene!
I checked this out, and if you order this separately, with shipping and currency fees, it will cost you 3,599 Yen, which works out to about $36 US.

I was planning on buying one for myself anyway, so if you would like to get one as well, let me know and we can order them together and split the shipping. I would still need to ship it to you, but it would probably still cost you only $25 instead of $36.

If you are interested, send me an email at ASAP!!!


  1. hey i would LOVE to buy this, but i have no money! :( maybe you can tell us about it later on?

  2. Is it all in Japanese, or would there be parts in English? Or maybe an English one would come out in the US of A?

  3. guess it depends if your gonna post the special pictures...