Friday, April 4, 2008

Cloverfield Kishin 3

The third story of the Cloverfield Kishin manga / comic has been released. I'll have full screen shots and translations soon...

If you can translate Japanese, please send me an email! Thanks!!

BTW, is that supposed to be Jamie? Oh, and there's a sword too...

* Thanks to Ken L. for emailing me about this!


  1. Wow that monster looks all beefcaked up!

  2. I'm translating it now


  3. It would appear there's a definite connection between the boy and monster. Maybe the boy wanted revenge on Tagruato or its leader when he arrived in new york.

  4. Oh, PLEASE tell me they didn't just do what I think they did!

  5. ....what the hell just happened in that last few pages..?!?!!?

    ... :(

  6. This story is taking a turn for the unexpected!!!!! this is exciting!!! the real story behind tagruato and the monster is going to surprise us all!!!

  7. Wow this is great, now we're gettin somewhere. So the boy is connected to the monster, but damn doesn't this monster look huge and ripped? When his hand grabs the city building, it looks so much bigger, and what city is this taking place at? Wonder if this is a parent monster, to the "baby" that attacked New York. At least the crazy mask guy is dead.

  8. Well now we know for sure there's definitely a unique bond between kishin and the monster ...
    also the monster is man-made and probably developed by tagruato (look at the page that shows a cell that resides inside an incubator)

    Plus there is a connection between the creation of the monster and the death of kishin's mother (maybe she somehow was the host for the cell - we'll have to wait for the translation to be sure) .
    * that dude who saved kishin is probably his father ~ i already said it before when episode 2 came out . *

    Now it reminds too much the plot of the anime "Evangelion" .
    i dont think the story that the Manga tells us will be "canon" to the movie's official storyline ...

  9. The monster was NOT man-made. Abrams himself said that it's been underwater for thousands of years. He also confirmed that it's an Earth native, so don't bother trying to pull the Godzilla 2000 story on me.

  10. Where/when he said that? =\
    and if its not man-made , what is this Cell ? any idea ?
    and about the Godzilla 2000 part ... im not some godzilla expert, i only saw the 1998 remake sorry :(

  11. Hey. They could totally change the story around on us. That's what they always do. But this story obviously takes place after the New York attack. There would have been some info on it in the Cloverfield original movie.

    So we just have two more manga to go to tell us the rest...

  12. I can't figure this out. Is this before or after the movie? Or is this alternate? I hope not. If this is before the movie, then wouldn't the folks in the states know about it? And if it's after, how did Tagruato get it all the way to Japan? Chained?

    Or I'm very confused. I'm going with the latter.

    Anyways, it looks like the cell thing is a remote controll for the monster, and it's inside the boy. That's why the cult wanted to kill him, to get the cell out of him so they could controll the monster. The boy's dad worked for Tagruato, and his mom was a spy for the cult.

  13. That monster doesn't look like either of the ones (there are two seemingly different monsters in the movie) seen in the film.

    Perhaps "The Farm" that T.I.D.O Wave mentions on its site is a place that harvests those monsters. I dunno, I'm just thinking out loud.

  14. maybe the new york attack was after the japan attack??

    hud did say "its alive" as if it was dead before...and that japanese guy running in the alley warning them about something...maybe he was warning them about the monster that attacked japan?

    and as for rob not going to a place that was just attacked by a monster...we dont know how much time has passed between the two attacks...the japan attack might have been yearsssssss before the new york attack.

    thats just my thoughts

  15. I'm looking for the original/raw pages of all of the chapters. I check the website they were originally posted on and only get the most recent chapter. Can anyone help me out?