Saturday, April 19, 2008

Cloverfield Kishin 3 Manga Translated

Here are the translated pages for the third installment of the Cloverfield Kishin manga (comic). Because the comic is Japanese, you must read each page from right to left, starting with the right page first.

It looks like the Japanese version of 7-Eleven will be selling the Kishin manga in Japan on May 23rd.

* Thanks to Vlad, aka Kosmopol for the translation, and Eddy at FringeTV for the manga news.


  1. Haha!
    Finally, the reason of the monster's being is explained!

    ...I wonder how this will affect everything else.
    (Movies, ARGs, etc.)

  2. I kind of stopped reading when I got to: "For 15 years there was a thing found on the bottom of ocean. And in this unbelievable hugeness...there was an endless small thing."

    I know it's a translation by someone who doesn't really speak English very well...but...what the hell does any of that mean??? I'm struggling with the whole of this comic. Could someone post a simple two to three sentence summary of whatever the hell's going on?

    I did enjoy the disclaimer, though:

    "Dear Mr. Paramount and Kadokawa-san, if you are against it, you can send me a message, but please don't send me a lawyer."

    ...just sending a Japanese to English dictionary would suffice. ;)

  3. what the hell is going on???!!! this is all very cool and stupid at the same time...

    i just love how the monster is speaking about living at the bottom of the ocean without bothering anybody though... that was the coolest part of the comic...

  4. @Derek
    My guess on the 'endless small things' is that it's referring to the parasites, which appear in the comic as well. And yeah, the translation isn't the best, but if you just focus on what we know of the story thus far it makes enough sense.

    I'm starting to question whether or not this manga is an absolute prequel or not. Not only does the explanation of the monster (concerning the pod) sound a little too fanciful for the tone of this story, kind of seems strange to me that they would just offer us so many answers so easily.

    Any thoughts folks?

  5. hey guys, the Endless small thing is a Pod or something. its like a remote control for the monster, its inside Aiba Kishin's body, his father works at Tagruato corp. i dont really understand it that much, but thats what i understand so far. im sure more people will post more stuff later on..

  6. its kind of confusing, but its understandable. can anyone give a summary?

  7. Well, the important thing to consider is that there are people who want Kishin dead. So at one point Kishin's father reveals how his mother really died. Apart from that, Kishin sides with the Cloverfield monster and wreaks havoc a lot like the character Tetsuo from the 1989 film, Akira.

  8. C'mon guys, the small thing is the pod that controls the monster. They only talk about it the entire 2nd half of the magna.

    Keep Reading!

  9. Hmmm. If this is going to be how the monster works - controlled by some angry, silly, little Japanese boy, they've missed a great opportunity.

    Why must everything be done for a 'good' reason. Why does the monster have to have a human connection. This Manga has gone against everything that's been said about the film so far...

    And to think, I thought the first two were going somewhere cool...

  10. yes the manga was really fun to though i really get to conect the movie to this. if the manga is true who has the pod in the movie and who sets the pod off in manhhattan so that the monster targets nyc??? i bet teddy has something to do with the pod???

  11. Im sorry but it just looks stupid now ...
    there is a monster and she has a remote control somewhere in the ocean (._.)

    if this pod was man-made i could have understand it ...

  12. Hmm...very interesting, I wonder if this is still the same monster. If the other one is supposed to be a baby, that doesn't really work with this new thing. They're acting like it's been around for awhile. Oh, and I couldn't be any more positive that the sect acult group is tidowave. It just fits perfectly. With the way the leader was talking about taking back mother earth and fixing it and all that jazz. It couldn't of been more obvious even if they flat out said "we are tidowave!". This also fits with the first missingteddyhannsen comment. He talked about if they didn't mess with with his brother with there freakish cult mind games. C'mon, that's them

  13. We know that Aiba Kishin's father worked for Tagruato. According to the manga, Tagruato was hauling some type of large clover like monster, and then he got loose and has come to get Aiba. My theory is that we might see in the next manga that Aiba works with Tagruato to develop more monsters. They would use the nectar from the sea and the deep sea rigs to hold the monsters they were creating. Somehow the one at Chuai station gets loose and follows a tanker to NYC (as seen in the movie). That would explain the baby idea of the Cloverfield monster.

    The sect would make sense to fit with TIDO, especially when you see the bracelets the to burglars are wearing. In addition, this new mark that is showing up on everyones websites shows a sword and tido mark, which fits with the sect symbols (maybe). It's all a guess, but it kinda makes sense and has some backing based on the sites, movie, and manga. Tell me what you think...