Tuesday, April 1, 2008

1-18-08.com - Photo #12 - Teddy Hanssen Missing

A new photo has appeared on 1-18-08.com. This is no April fools joke - it looks the the ARG may be on again!

On the back of the photo is a familiar symbol - the sword symbol from the Slusho! website. Next to the symbol looks like a number, which I'm guessing says #430, but it's very small and hard to read.

Teddy Hanssen, of course, was the boyfriend of Jamie Lascano, until he went missing last December. It is believed that he was captured or killed by Tagruato (or the monster) while investigating the Chuai station. Teddy's final message can be heard at JamieAndTeddy.com.

UPDATE: the link above is to our mirror of the original 1-18-08 site. DO NOT go to the original 1-18-08 website anymore. The domain expired and is no longer controlled by Paramount, and someone else snatched it up to run ads with malware.

* Thanks to Eddy M. and Bradley S. for the news!


  1. FIRST POST and by the way...HOLY !@#$ HOLY !@#$ HOLY !@#$!! Sorry for the cussing but this is EXCITING!!! We now know what Teddy looks like...new pic...and what that mysterious sword quote really means!! Well not really BUT THIS IS STILL AMAZING!!!!

  2. Dude, this is awesome! They're DEFINITELY up to something now!

  3. it haves to be!!! the cloud on the sword haves to be the number 9... and the other numbers reade next to it complete a date! 3-04-09 march 4th of 2009 could be the release date of he sequel, or 4-03-09, april 4th. i think its a good theory.

  4. It could be the date 4-30, or April 30, if you keep the numbers in the same order. Maybe we could expect something by the end of this month.

  5. you are right! i think that is a good idea, neither way we sould still keep checkin tido wave tagruato and slusho web sites... let us know what do you think dennis.

  6. Not sure if this is anything.. But dosn't the symbol look backwards?

    Sorry, kinda new to the whole ARG thing

  7. so... if i may just say... as a fan of the whole jaime and teddy vids... i was expecting teddy to be cuter, but he's some skinny geek. jaime looks like she likes a guy who has a little muscle on him and who is better looking than that. that is just my opinion to what teddy looks like... now for speculation:

    what if the number and symbol mean that he was the 430 person who was killed by the monster, or specimen #430 to have sea-bed nectar tested on him??? simply speculation... that is all.

  8. this symbol is backwards from the slusho website

  9. I've put it on my blog (in spanish) bigger and I can see #418

    April 18!!!????

  10. I forget the URL


    Dennis, what do you think?

  11. OMG>< YOU're RIGHT, iT IS BACKWARDS.... and i don't think the tings next to it are numbers.... i think they're some kinda jap character

  12. Wow, it's been a while since I've posted but I'm happy to see that the site is still here! I've been checking on it and I was in for a good surprise today! :)

    The symbol looks like a treble clef to me when I saw the picture sideways till I noticed it's the sword with the weird swirl...I wonder if it's the emblem of that weird cult they show at the end of the second manga...


  13. the "9" or logo is definitely backwards, with #430 in front of it..
    I don't get it though haha, maybe it's TidoWAVE twisting Slusho's logo around like they did with Tagruato's?
    So maybe they're back too, either way..woohoo it's back

  14. The second digit looks like it has a dent in the middle, so I think it is a 3. The last digit has a line through it, so it could be an 8 or a zero - Ø

    So, it could be 410, 413, 430, 438...

    The question is... what do we do with that number?

  15. Search it in Google? ;)

    This is really cool - the game is back and much more mysterious...

  16. i think that definetly what the symbol that teddy have, its related to tidowave... and he appears tobe kind of mest up like if the photo was took while he was on that mision at chaui station ,the only thing that really confuses me, who putt the missing add? jamie? dont think so, and tido wave knew what happen that day and that the most certain thing was that all the members on that mission died... so who did?

  17. 418=4.18. a few days before the release of the dvd. maybe look for clues on the release.

  18. ok I thought maybe the numbers were a code for what intensity the pictures should be altered in photoshop to reveal something. As I cant make out the number, i fiddled with settings to see if anything showed up.

    I inverted the image and then played with the "curve" setting to see what showed up.

    (although this may just be something such as a crinkle in the paper it was scanned from or something, it seems a word shows up)

    Im not at all convinced that this is in game, but it's pretty interesting to see.

    anyway here are the pics:

    Edited - http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2251/2383391564_0c1ebc1ca1_o.jpg

    Close Up of word - http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2406/2383401482_ba087716a3_o.jpg

    Have a look,
    Matthew Haywood

  19. I've been running with the idea that maybe not only the symbol is backwards, but maybe the message as well..

    Flipping the image horizontally, and testing various fonts/sizes to match the image when viewed magnified.. This is a long shot.. but I think the message actually says HELP

    Font Used: Fixedsys Size:6
    *not a 100% perfect match, but the pixels are very close..

    or I could be way off track here..

  20. so i doubt it will come out clearly, but has anyone tried zooming in on the button on teddy's bag strap???

  21. mabe you can be right raithgar!! maybe the person who putt this add putted help and also the slusho symbol so that way people could know how tagruato is related to the missing of teddy.

  22. is this Jaime Loscanos long lost boyfriend?????????

  23. WOw wow
    I magnified the symbol/badge on the strap around his chest, and its the Tagruato symbol. THis further confirms the notion that he was a spy for TIDO Wooot

  24. First of all, Welcome back Rosebud =D
    Now on to serious business :P

    I googled Hanssen and I found out that a man named Robert Hanssen conviniantly enuff is a spy :o and got aressted on 16 counts of espionage heres the link


    Also @ mathey nice i do see somthing there. ill mess with it too :O x]

    keeep it real... now if i can remember my username and password XD

  25. The symbol also appears on the top left of Tagruato's banner in it's home page. I'm not sure how long it's been there, i just noticed it today.

  26. Something that confuses me is that teddy wasn´t involved on the chaui station incident... beacause the date of the movement made by tidowave, according to his web site was january 1st way to later teddy was missing. was also he the one who posted an anonimate comment on the web asking for support because he was alone on the zone the attack was gonna be done?

    some help here!

  27. Probably nothing but here's what I got:

    I think the numbers by the symbol are #410. Hard to enhance but I think that's it. Teddy is also wearing a Tagru button, but it has a line through it like the Ghost Busters symbol. The icon of the sword is reversed.

    So I went to TIDO. (Anti Tag Button), Used 014(reverse 410) as the blog page number and our favorite mystery page pops up, the one with "warm towel" and the unworking link in "swiss army knife".

    Plus there are some recent comments, one even on 4/2 that's interesting. Perhaps visitor generated, perhaps not.

    I know I'm fishing...just need to find the right bait.

  28. Its in Tagruato,Slusho,and 1-18-08.com...These things seem to be taking over. Soon it might be Tido or maybe even Jamie and Teddy!?!?!?! IM SO HYPED UP NOW!

  29. nice find on tidowave otto, interesting comments from "lily" and "MissingTeddyHanssen".... i hope the numbers mean more than that though, like hopefully a release date like everyone is speculating

    oh and btw the numbers are definately 430

  30. If you contrast the bottom-left corner of the photo, there is the word 'mute' there.


  31. "Mute" = what I always do to my speakers when I go to 1-18-08.com so I don't have to listen to the roar if I accidentally leave it up in the background. :)

  32. Were there any updates on 12/07/2007? That date could be more of a clue than we thought.

  33. ChainSolo: Thanks for the welcome back! :)

    I think somebody mentioned this before about the numbers but couldn't it just be that Teddy was, let's say, victim # or Subject #? Or Case #? Maybe he didn't went missing at all...

    Maybe he was taken...

  34. Mizxxel, I don't think the attack was Jan 1. It was slightly before. realistically there should have been a search underway for survivors and the TIDO boat should have run into them.
    TIDO wouldn't know for sure their people were did, only they could raise them on the radio. In the post on the 5th they are talking about not giving up their lost brothers and sisters (I assume we're still waiting for Janice's picture).
    It could be possible Teddy was on the station, but made it off. Maybe he's in the helo (coast guard?) the video is shot from. That could be why he's scoffed up a bit in the picture.
    The picture is not from the station. he's in front of a wooden door, perhaps he was caught at "The Farm" (where I bet the pic is taken because of the door) because he didn't get the warning? Or Tag's agents could have been lead to him from info at the farm

  35. it sounds logical zaggs! but i think that a couple of good questions would be who put the missing add? and what happened the 17th?

  36. Is this Janice's picture from T.I.D.O.? The #'s on the back could be cluesto a location.

  37. the logo is backwards to hint to you that the message is backwards... thats what I think at least.

  38. I blew up the numbers in photoshop and they're definatly "#430". I can't tell if the # is really another number or just a #, but the other numbers are 430, or MAYBE 438.

    Wonder what they'll mean...

  39. nick said: "Is this Janices picture?"

    I think it is, these swords could be a sign from TIDO and that they are doing something with the sites.

    Like the sword on 1-18-08.com pic is an indication that it was Janices pic.

    The one's in Slusho and Tagruato could mean they will hack them.

    As for Jamie and Teddy, I think that what happened was they found her site and had a sudden interest on Jamie's affection with Teddy.

    Which by the way we still don't know what happened to Jamie in the movie. Did she get killed by the monster? Did she die in the building when it was being destroyed because she was passed out on the couch?

    My gues is that she was taken by TIDO to help trace Teddy, and maybe just maybe she will post more vids on her site while she is with them...


  40. Oh and sorry for double posting but it says on the pic that Teddy was last seen on 12/07/07. What significance does that have?

    Also, on TIDOWave.com, i dunno if u guys noticed but if u look in "latest comments" there's one that says: "What happened to Teddy Hanssen you guys?"

    It could be a fan-made comment but when it shows the name of the person who put in the comment, it just says: ____. Now it makes it hard to know if its real or not.

  41. hey i just got to thinking
    the first 6 1-18-08 pictures have to do with the movie. but after those six the site shut down then came back with a roar indicating the monster's appearance into the ARG. but what im trying to point out is maybe the first 6 pics are for the movie but the last 6 have to do with cloverfield kishin. because i notice that alot of the more recent pics are more related to the japanese aspects of the ARG such as Tagruato, and Slusho.

    just a thought doesnt really mean much

  42. I tried calling the tagruato voicemail recently. When you call then press 2. A different lady comes on .Then you get prompted by a machine for a while. Then it says enter your mail box number which is 9, followed by a 4 digit extension number followed by pound, then the password and pound again.

    A friend and I get stuck there. If you enter 9 and 3912# the number i've seen around lately. Its also on the back of the 1-18-08 picture with the japanese chef guy. The translation is 3912# right? Or something like that? After 3912# try entering 410#, 418#, 413#, 430# which is what we think is on the back of teddy's picture. I tried entering those and i get to a lady in english saying its invalid. Enter your id number followed by "HASH". I don’t know what to do after that.

    Anyone else venture into this or have any suggestions?

  43. teddy went missing after being kidnapped but i want to show u guys something.....can this guy be teddy?


    i pretty sure he is teddy cus in this vid, someone screams ted if u listen closely...hmmmm....CLOVERFIELD 2???

  44. so who did put up the missing persons poster for teddy. if you look at video 5 from jamie she states that she hasnt heard or seen him in a month... that vid was done on december 9... according to the vid.