Sunday, April 20, 2008

Cloverfield DVD Contests Are Officially Over

The CloverfieldClues DVD contests have officially closed. Thanks to everybody who participated, I hope you had as much fun as I did. I will announce the winners on Monday.

If you haven't already done so, please check out the entries to the Kishin Captions Contest and "vote" on your favorite by leaving comments here or on the entry itself. Thanks!

The answer to Clue #6 was PHANTOMS. If you wait 15 seconds (Phantoms in 15!), each letter would appear.


  1. Except for mine i only like number 6 :) it's funny :)

  2. Although I only participated in the giveaway and cluehunt I had a lot of fun. I really appreciate your effort Dennis.

    Alright, regarding the kishin contest the ones I liked were the simple ones that actually had something to do with cloverfield: My vote goes to:

    kishin-theos and jeroenDeMets

    Great job everyone else.

    See you guys soon.

  3. hey dennis

    I really enjoyed the Clue Hunt contest. I was just wondering if you could continue the clue hunt even if its not for a sweet prize. I had fun trying to guess the answers [which i really sucked at] and it gave me a chance to "brush up on my mad ARG skillz".


  4. This was a lot of fun, thanks a lot Dennis for the great little game =D

  5. dennis, u didnt tell the answer to cluehunt #6 ;P

  6. dang it!
    my captions didnt make it

    oh well

  7. I like the ones by Deryn R. Some of them are pretty clever.

  8. wheres the top 5 people to find the answer this time?

  9. i vote for pic 61 by andremedina