Thursday, April 17, 2008 Interactive Cloverfield Map has a great interactive Cloverfield map, with detailed information and photos about the various locations in the movie, and interesting trivia about those real-life locations.
Cloverfield's New York
Knocking the heads off statues, blowing up buildings, drooling on the lawn in Central Park ... the monster in Cloverfield is the ultimate tourist from hell. Next thing you know he'll be going up the wrong side of the subway stairs and slowly window shopping on Madison Avenue during pedestrian rush hour. Cloverfield is so jam-packed with real NYC locations, we thought it would be fun to take a tour of the local hot spots visited by the monster and learn a little about their history, architecture, and the way in which the monster smashed them all to hell.


  1. please tell me that this is teddy in cloverfield

    pics from brooklyn bridge scene that matt reeves says that another person with the camera could be a sequel. I think its teddy

  2. great map... but when you click on bryant park, "the building we see the monster sliding down after it's hit is the gracefully curved grace building", its actually the sollow building.

  3. i actually don't remember the part about bryant park too well, but, the curved building by bryant park is the grace building. the solow building is a bit further up, towards central park. not sure which building it's supposed to be though.

    the interesting about rob's apartment is that, it has a very LES feel to it, although at the same time, when they're on the street, it looks like the woolworth buildling is straight down the road (which would put his building on broadway in theory)

  4. The inside-the-department-store scene was ACTUALLY filmed in California, near the Santa Anita horse racing park, at the mall next door to it. I was there, and I remember seeing flyer postings reading: "'Chocolate' Extras" with a arrow pointing to their parking area, and they had it secured so that noone else could gain access to "their" area.

  5. Fun idea, but whoever made that needs a little NYC geography lesson, since Staten Island appears to have been confused with Coney, and the Brooklyn Bridge transported a mile up the East River so that it crosses into Williamsburg...

    The Staten Island thing cracks me up, for serial.