Tuesday, April 22, 2008

CloverfieldFiles.com Now Open!!!!

The Cloverfield Files DVD Bonus Website has now opened. There are 15 never before seen videos that need to be unlocked by solving some kind of puzzle, either: finding the differences between two photos, arranging scenes in the order they appear, or trivia questions.

For example, for the first video, you need to find the differences between the two photos.

Since I know a lot of you aren't good with puzzles ;) here are the answers to the tricky ones (click to see answer)

Casting Beth

Wall Of Dust

Casting Rob

Casting Lily

Marlena's Death

Military Element

Here is the list of the exclusive videos:

The One'r: A look at the unique style of the film.
Amature Naturalism: The Challenge of making the movie look realistic as a handheld camera POV.
Casting Beth: A look at the casting of the character Beth with actress Odette Yustman.
Casting Jason: A look at casting the character Jason with actor Mike Vogel.
Wall of Dust: An in-depth look at one of the practical effects used in the movie.
Destruction: Production Designer Martin Whist's re-creation of a destroyed New York.
Casting Rob: A look at casting the character Rob with actor Michael Stahl-David.
Subway: Making a San Pedro abandoned warehouse look like a NY subway.
Casting Lily: A look at casting the character Lily with actress Jessica Lucas.
RataCloverfield: How rats were used in the movie.
World of the Parasite: Making parasites come to life.
Marlena's Death: Making a death scene realistic using practical effects.
Sideways Apartment: Recreating a destroyed building/apartment.
Military Element: Using real soldiers in the making of the movie.
Shooting Style: Translating the creator's vision to film

Welcome, readers!

* Thanks to MidgardDragon from CloverfieldMovieForum for emailing me about this first!


  1. I can already tell people are gonna have trouble with the "Order of Attack Sites" one. Hint: The building attack comes earlier than we see it in the movie.

  2. Oh and Metter at CMF gets full credit for figuring that out about the building picture. I was hopelessly stumped.

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  4. I take that back I think it is USGX

  5. well i've seen all the videos and there wasn't anything too surprising..
    but in the last video the slusho logo on Jason's T-shirt is blurred..

  6. i loved the puzzles... i really love the marlena vid. it was cool to know that the tagruato ship was the first to be destroyed... further proof that the kishin comic is a sequel not a prequel...

  7. The little effect seen multiple times in every video is rather sporadic and random...even when they aren't cuts.

    Anyway, this is a lot of fun! The building one wasn't hard if you remember when Rob called Beth and we found out she was hurt.

  8. Nice to find this right away only like 6 of us so far lol....TImpone

  9. This was really cool. I was expecting an extra video to pop up next to the last video on the last row of videos on the site. But then when I went through all of the videos, I was kind of disappointed. I guess I was expecting something else to happen.

    Nevertheless, it was a nice insight into the development of the movie. I like how Nevelle's office had concept drawings of Clover hung all over the wall. It'd be cool to see more of it though, haha. :)

  10. I dunno about everyone else, but for the "what's different" ones I just clicked randomly until it told me I'd gotten them all. :D

  11. The only trouble I had was on the order of which destroyed. I knew the Tagruato ship was first but Beth's place kinda messed me up.

    Why is Jason's Slusho shirt blurred?

  12. Thanks for the tips I only had trouble with two-(Casting Beth and The Dust one.) I really enjoyed these extras!:)

  13. wow, I noticed the slusho blur. This isn't unintentional. Why did they do this?

  14. Did anyone else notice the extra 10 blank seconds at the end of Lily's video? I'd like to think the people who produced the videos wouldn't allow a little mistake like that to happen. I'm not sure if it's significant, but seeing as Lily's fate was unclear it might hold some answers. Maybe there's a hidden message if you adjust the contrast or something?

  15. yeah, it took me 20 minutes to figure out that it said "the order of attack" not the order we saw them in. those guys are tricky. geeez im relaly obsessed.... oh well!!! its amazing

  16. I just want to point out that I watched the movie three times, and once more with the commentary, and nothing has explained or even acknowledged that something falls into the ocean at the last Coney Island scene. It is very small and lands near the boat in the top right before the camera spins around to Jason and Beth...
    Has anyone else noticed this?
    I had heard rumors, but I apparently missed it until my friend's dad told me that he saw it.

  17. Thanks for the help... I thought I would never get the military element pics in order...

  18. So it was only after I sat here at 12 AM screaming at Wall of Dust that I realized that cloverfiles.com wasn't giving me any more info than I already had from the DVD... LOL, oh well.