Sunday, April 20, 2008

Cloverfield Newspaper Ads

Here are some of the Sunday newspaper ads for the Cloverfield DVD:

Target has their exclusive "Deluxe Edition", which a "Rob's Party Mix" CD. It looks like it will also come with a different cover too.

Best Buy has the TJ Miller Bonus DVD.

To get an idea of what this will be like, you can see a clip from the bonus DVD here.

Circuit City has the best price for the regular DVD, and has given Cloverfield the best promotion, even putting it on their TV's!

See my previous post for a list of all the DVD versions available.

* If you see any other Cloverfield DVD ads, please let me know!


  1. these are all one disc, right? what is the deal going to be with the two disc?

  2. has their own release of the DVD with "exclusive" artwork. FYE and Suncoast in the US will have a double disc version too (Price unknown).
    Wikipedia has this info and I confirmed by looking it up, but there isn't any US currency conversions that I could see.
    If it's possible, can there be a full out list of the different DVD releases? I don't want to go buy the Deluxe and find out that there was something better that I didn't know about (I'm searching hard for them).

  3. I found an add for the Cloverfield in my CCS Skater Clothes magazine. If I can, Ill try and scan an image of it for you. It is basically just a picture of the Statue of Liberty's Head in the Street and then the DVD standing there. And then it just says a couple words on it too.

    I also got my latest HASBRO toys magazine and they were selling the Cloverfield Toy in it. Along with a picture of it. Ill scan and post a picture of that one for you in a little bit.

  4. Fry's Electronics is advertising it for $14.99 as well

  5. I don’t know if it’s true but I heard from the guy at FYE that the tin is going to have a bonus disc, personally I think that we would have heard something about it earlier if it where true but still worth sharing

  6. xSCLUB7x, Jessica, Minecar...

    AFAIK, there are no "double disc" sets, unless you count the freebies like Best Buy is offering.

    The only "special" version in the US I didn't mention in this post is the FYE/Suncoast "Steelbook" version, although it is just a different cover, not additional material.

  7. The dvd advertised on the Canadian Best Buy website has different artwork (the picture where you're viewing the Statue of Liberty through the camera lens, which is laying on the ground.) I believe this artwork has been advertised on another site too. It still comes with the TJ Miller disc. Check it out!

  8. does anyone know if it will get a iTunes release

  9. Oh, and it looks like Wal Mart in Canada is selling the DVD with the Rob's Party Mix CD.

  10. i'm getting my dad to go buy me the Best Buy version tomorrow while i'm at school.