Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Tagruato - New Headlines and Investor Publication

Four new headlines were added to Tagruato's "headlines" page:

Smilers! at the Fish Market!
Company Picnic Packs Them In!
ParafFun Wax Museum Unveiled!
Suinin Station Wins Green Award

All of the article are strange, but the last one is interesting, in that it sort of refutes some of the claims of TidoWave, without specifically mentioning them.

Also updated, was a mysterious change to the Investor Publications page - an entry was added for the 2007 Third Quarter Results.

(Unfortunately, like all of the other investor publications, there is no actual PDF there, but since this was just updated, maybe there will be one to coming soon...?)

This is the document that we have already received from TheWhistleBlower, so it will be interesting to see if it gets posted, and if they have made any changes...

* Thanks to Nick for emailing me about this!


  1. Wow, this is exciting. I thought it would start to slow down now.

  2. How is it exciting? It's a made up business put up by someone for the movie to create a side story for people to follow and has nothing significant to do with the movie. It's just there to add something extra because they new the viral marketing would get stale fast if they didn't add something new.

  3. I start liking Tagruato more than TIDOwave. They seem to be nice hard-working guys, actually ;)

  4. Participem:

    Cloverfield - Monstro: O Filme - The Movie


  5. New claim that Tagruato is bad?

    ParafFun is similar to ParafFin no?

    ParafFin is made from a chemical that in burning candles the fumes are toxic, and one of ParafFun's products are candles.

    could this be important?

  6. theos - don't fall for their tricks! D:

  7. C LOVER F IELD (a new age) said... New claim that Tagruato is bad? ParafFun is similar to ParafFin no? ParafFin is made from a chemical that in burning candles the fumes are toxic, and one of ParafFun's products are candles. could this be important?

    Paraffin is NOT poisonous. It is used in candles, and added to food. Generally, the only thing that is poisonous in candles is the wicks.

  8. umm it says that they trew a fish into the slusho and it started flopping like crazy somthing like that umm could it be slusho can bring back the recently dead im confused

  9. hey check out this poster..... is it new or is it fan made???? even though its pretty f*ckin awesome =D



    (copy and paste both together)

  10. ninja muffin - it's fan made. it's from deviantart.

  11. I think someone mentioned Cloverfield on an episode of Law3 & Order on NBC riht now. I wasnt really paying attention though. Can anyone confirm?

  12. Corpus: Yea i know its from Deviantart but still they couldve taken it from a site or somewhere as most artists on deviant art that i know do xD LOL

    Anywayz im pretty sure its fan art but its pretty goddamn cool xD

  13. I think it's a bunch of hype for a new take on an old flick (go figure, is Hollywood running out of ideas). My guess is Godzilla!

  14. My comment has nothing to do with post but...

    Anyone by any chance know if 01-18-08 is the world premiere??

    Let's say on Mexico it will be showed 'till February. On 01-19-08 I can check on the internet for reviews, pics of the monster etc. Then it doesn't make any sense having all these drama trying to keep the movie as mysterious as possible

  15. Yup, some senile old guy kept saying cloverfield over and over again. I was actually catching up on this site for the past 4 hours having not checked since October---so it was really kind of sureal for me.

  16. Did anyone notice this from the "Smilers! At the Fish Market" post?

    "After passing out 6 Slusho! drinks to all, they quickly emptied out Mishima's largest fish tank and filled it with Banana Anime."

    You can't drink just six!!!

  17. I just bought my midnight showing tickets for CLOVERFIELD!!! Anyone else get their tix yet?

  18. Corpus: I knew I wasnt hearing things, I was in a different room and heard it on the tv.

    Me: I didnt know they were selling tickets yet, damn Im gonna have to go order them tomorrow.

  19. not related to this post but im sure most of you have seen the "official" artwork of the monster thats been floating around. i just stumbled on a blog of a guy whose passing that off as his. and it appears hes even stated that its just fan art. so why this picture has started circulating as "official" i dont understand.

    my friend actually sent me that picture like 2 weeks ago saying its the real official monster art...course this is the same friend of mine who swears its godzilla still. (hes a fucknut)

  20. I am beginning to feel a $70M+ weekend. It just has that rare feeling of buzz that has not existed with a flick for ages.

  21. hey zurcher, that fanart has been doing the rounds for the last few months. It's not official.

  22. First time posting, been lurking since October.

    Myspace is starting to run the Cloverfield ads on the login page now.

    On Law and Order they mentioned Slusho! as well.

  23. i knew the fanart wasnt official i just didnt know if anyone had actually found the blog of the author. and the fact he said it was fanart yet its been circulating as real made me giggle. a lot. and its only that drawing. not the other 2 he did

  24. Erick, while I do think this movie will be great, I just don't think that it will do anywhere near a $70M+ opening weekend. My main deterrent in thinking that is the January release date. If you knew about box office figures and how release dates are set then you'd know about January releases. It's a widely known fact amongst studios and critics that January is referred to/known as the month where bad films go to die. I think Cloverfield kinda slipped into January because the studio really didn’t know what to expect given its low budget. None the less, in general people statistically go to the movies less in January which will limit its pull no matter how good it is.