Monday, December 17, 2007

Bryan Burk Interview -

Bryan Burk, producer of Cloverfield, was interviewed by

[The] intention was to make America's answer to Japan's Godzilla and that the movie was inspired by other films. "It's an entirely original story and monster," Burk, a producing partner with Lost co-creator J.J. Abrams, said in an interview in November.
"The viral stuff online was all done in conjunction with the studio," Burk said. "A woman named Amy Powell at Paramount is in charge. She's [a] genius, to say the least. The whole experience in making this movie is very reminiscent with how we did Lost. Producer Talks Cloverfield

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  1. Antyhing having to do with Lost is good to go in my book.

    oh, and first post again!

  2. this is history in the making, folks!
    /an unpatiently awating swede.

  3. I just picked up a new SciFi magazine they have a 2 page article in it about cloverfield

  4. on an unrelated note, i wanted to point out that a 7 digit number does appear during the second trailer. Ive heard ppl mention looking for randy's number, so if anyone wants to try it go for it.

    It appears just before the glimpse of the monster.
    some of the numbers are a little smudged, but im almost positive the numbers r correct.
    its a long shot, but its not 555, so u never know.

  5. Every one of these interviews seems to indiscriminately hint at the possibility of a sequel. If that pans out, do you think they'll stick with the first-person handicam motif? Or will they go the way of the Blair Witch franchise, and throw a generically-filmed big-budget reprise at us?

    It's just speculation now, I know, but it poses a fun challenge. Either option could make for some big problems.

  6. If they go the Blair Witch route, let's hope they do a better job than Blair Witch 2.

    Also, it probably wouldn't be a good idea to leave the first-person limited point of view. According to all the reviews I've read of "I Am Legend," the monsters in that look incredibly fake even though they had a huge budget. Probably better to limit how much we see the monster so as to avoid getting too good a look and losing any suspension of disbelief and/or fear.

  7. Movie Community

  8. Blair Witch 2 was the way it was because the original makers had nothing to do with it. They were busy, so the studio hired a guy who hated the original and who decided to turn #2 into a "violent media makes us killers!1!!" thing.

  9. This isn't really related to this interview, but I just saw the Cloverfield TV spot on VH1

    it has maybe a scene or two that isn't in the trailer...

  10. Yes me too bubba I logged on to post it, There was a trailer on TV so siiick.

  11. Cool, and that is my friend and neighbor Tara doing the interview!

  12. They could make an infinite number of films through handi-cam style, each film depicting a different character's
    point of view, and hey, what about
    the Monster's point of view, poor thing,
    so big and nothing to eat but humans??