Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Cloverfield TV Commercial

The first commercial for Cloverfield has begun appearing on TV, and it looks like the tag line might be "Some Thing Has Found Us..."

Announcer: Some Thing Has Found Us
What is that?
Announcer: January 18th
Hawk: You don't know what we saw! The point is, it's still here.
Announcer: Once you've seen it, nothing will be the same
Lily: Do you know what that thing is?
Soldier: Whatever it is, it's winning
Announcer: From producer JJ Abrams
Woman: Bite! We have a bite!
Rob: Where are you taking her?

There are a couple of new scenes and dialog in the spot, but it's very hard to make out because the quality of the clip is so bad (it looks like someone videotaped their TV).

You can see it on YouTube here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O17IRHHOaes

BTW, I Tivo'd the last 4 hours of SciFi channel and VH1, where it is rumored to have been shown, but no luck. If anyone can find a better copy, please let me know!

*Thanks to Lon and ChumpForce1 for emailing me about this, and to The Enchanted One for posting the video!


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  2. Oh geez... a bite?

    I think this speaks to the little creatures & big creature theory?

    Maybe Jamie got some bugs in the mail?

    How about a giant cockroach or some other New Yorkian thing?

  3. Bite we have a bite!

    Holy crap. This is driving me nuts. WHAT IS THIS THING?!!!

  4. omg i saw the commercial when i was watching I Love New York (with my girlfriend) and i saw it and went crazy!!

  5. (last comment didnt show up, screen crashed)

    Man this is what happens when I go Christmas shopping. I miss the commercial and I Love New York. Hopefully I see it again.

  6. I Love New York is a terrible show. Shame on you people (and your girlfriend).

  7. Rob: Where are you taking her?
    Announcer: CLOVERFIELD

    I hope that dialog was just by chance...

  8. AICN posted up a review from someone who's seen the movie. He drops some hints about the monster!

  9. http://youtube.com/watch?v=P3Xa9tD1cTQ

    please lemme know what you think

  10. I saw it on the SciFi channel Friday or Saturday night.

  11. I don't think you could spoil this
    movie, it's just gonna be
    so worth seeing, the more info
    comes out the more i want to see it.

  12. Just read the AICN "Neil saw it" review and laughed my butt off. I wonder if this is a real review or one just based on whatever.. either way it's kinda funny. Neil is one pissed off dude.. *snickering*

    Seriously, though. If it's correct, he does let some "spoilery" info out so you might not want to read it:


    It's VERY interesting and if half of what he discusses is true, man this could be a great film!

    P.S. Does anyone else here have problems with motion sickness? I'm really bummed/worried/stressed trying to figure out a way to beat my problem so I can enjoy this film. Any suggestions?

  13. Ok, what about the TidoWave
    event that was supposed to
    happen around the 14th??

  14. Huh. The more stuff that comes out for this movie, the less interested I am in it. I really, really hope the monster/horror/bug/whatever scenes are pure unadulterated amazing, because the acting's starting to get on my nerves.

  15. "it's a bite!" seems to indicate mini-monsters pretty clearly

  16. seeing as how they've only had a total of 2 internal screenings in a highly secretive company I don't know how credible this review is... not to mention if you read it (the review) the description is more on track with a rated R movie

    Dewain, I don't have motion sickness but there are medicines made specifically for that stuff. Like for before someone is going to ride on a boat. (ever see that movie US Marshals with Whesley Snipes and Tommy Lee Jones? they really make pills like that) also a little trick that I learned from Men's Health magazine is if you start to feel disoriented and spinney place both feet flat on the floor and one of your hands on the floor as well (ONLY one hand) the 3 points of contact do something within your brain to make you realize that you're not really moving and helps to stabilize yourself

  17. In regards to the line "bite, we got a bite". I think its a RN saying that they have someone who has been biten (had direct contact) by the monster. Then Rob asks "where are you taking her?" Im guessing that the bite victim is the chick we see blowing up behind the screen.

  18. Dewain... i have the same problem. Take some Dramamine before like 30 mins before... make sure its the non drowsy formula and you're all set!

  19. I wanna see an HD version! Bad!

    Also, I think I'm going to write to JJ Abrams...

  20. ean_mc i liked your video. good luck in the contest!

  21. it's so weird hearing an announcer actually say "CLOVERFIELD."

  22. I think the creature is a monster with many creatures along for the ride. From the viral marketing campaign -- if it is at all connected to the plot of the film -- makes it seem like this is a deep sea creature that is unearthed somehow. Something large like that would have all manner of creatures attached to it.

    I'm interested in how realistic vs. goofy the plot will be, but it seems like with the various related websites, they are trying pretty hard to establish why the monster exists and attacks NYC.

    But what immediately makes no sense is how something that large could go undetected . . . and shouldn't there be more than one and also the remains of others?

  23. i think its:

    ONCE youve seen it, nothing will be the same.

    you missed the "C"

  24. Did anyone else get a Final Fantasy X Sin feeling when they read the Aintitcool thing?

  25. at the end of godzilla it ends with the eggs but i can't remember if the eggs where in the sewers or under the water - anyone remember??

    either way they could have hatched/mutated from the sewage or something and come out the water.

    though i have a feeling it might be all the previous manhattan based disaster movies in one, doesn't one of the explosions in the HD trailer bear reminiscent of volcano?

  26. Seems like Cloverfield is one of the sites of the monster attack. This would make room for hundreds of sequels,
    like the attack in L.A., the attack
    on Chicago....on and on.

  27. http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&VideoID=24300714

    better version of this tv spot

  28. Thanks for the advice re the motion sickness, let's hope I can get something to work.

    As far as the Neil review, I agree. I'm not completely convinced it's a "real" review, but I enjoyed his "blue" description of stuff. He reminds me of my wife.. she's so fired up about this movie she keeps swearing every time she checks cloverfieldclues.com and finds something new. The kids hear her and come running so THEY can see what's up. I think we're all addicted. *thanks Dennis*

    As for the "we've got a bite" in the commercial: Did anyone else notice the reaction that statement gets from those in the medical area? THAT gave me the willies!

    That said, do we have an idea how much the government knows about the creature/monster and its effects on humans? What about Slusho?

    Any idears?

  29. It seems like no one is interested in
    slusho anymore, we know from
    the interviews that it does play a role. Is there anybody out there
    interested in searching for more
    clues? I haven't read any good posts about slusho here or in unfiction in
    a long time. Any chance the sun has something to do with the movie, or am I chasing my own tale? (misspelling intended)

  30. I'd be interested to see some more info on the Slusho smilers. That whole thing creeped me OUT. And I just betcha they're taking those animals for testing because drinking a bunch of Slusho changes them into something unpleasant.

    I read a comment on tidowave about unpleasant side effects on these animals, but couldn't find anything else about it.

    Anybody know any more?

  31. Oh and while we're at it:

    Does anyone else think the whole "sending flowers care of Margaret" could be related to the "problems" Tidowave had at the earlier "event?"

    Can't wait for new updates from that site!

  32. TOTTALY NEW SPOILER:if you have not bein to photo bucket in a while do so and type in CloverField you will see a gigantic disgusting mutated whale thing that has lice and the lice are bigger than a 6ft tall human male btw cloverfeild is much bigger than the statue of liberty

  33. CloverClueman said... TOTTALY OLD NOT SPOILER:if you have not bein to photo bucket in a while do so and type in CloverField you will see a gigantic disgusting mutated whale thing that has lice and the lice are bigger than a 6ft tall human male btw cloverfeild is much bigger than the statue of liberty

    Are you referring to this? http://cloverfieldclues.blogspot.com/2007/09/fan-made-cloverfield-monster-art.html

    P.S. I think the bite part of this is like some girl leading these mutating human mini monsters hence the splitting girl in the other trailer. I think the splitting girl is the mini monster inside the girl hatching from her slusho and taking her mind for KFC meals.

  35. I missed out that the girl was mutated too!
    2ND POST OF 2008 XD