Saturday, December 29, 2007

Cloverfield Trivia - Round 2

Round Two of the Cloverfield Trivia has begun - 20 new question, and now you are timed, but still no leaderboard yet.

Here are the questions (and answers):
  1. What is the approximate population of New York City? - 8 million people
  2. Jessica Lucas – one of Cloverfield’s young stars – appeared opposite Channing Tatum (Step Up) in what film? - She’s the Man
  3. What New York building does KING KONG climb in the original film’s infamous final scene? - The Empire State Building
  4. Who wrote the book, JURASSIC PARK? - Michael Crichton
  5. On 1.18 1994, what did a witness in Cando, Spain claim to have seen in the sky (later known as the Cando event)? - A ball of fire
  6. What is the average amount of time a human can survive without water? - 3 days
  7. What was the name of the summer camp in the original FRIDAY THE 13th? - Camp Crystal Lake
  8. Which of the following can be an edible source of nutrients in times of great hunger? - Maggots
  9. When in college, Matt Reeves, the director of Cloverfield, wrote the script for what film? - Under Siege II: Dark Territory
  10. Which of the following WAS NOT a title for a Godzilla movie? - Godzilla vs. Imperial Army
  11. Where does New York City rank among the most energy efficient US cities with over 1 million people? - First (most efficient)
  12. What percentage of people living in Manhattan own a car? - 25%
  13. Which of the following disaster films cost the MOST to make? - King Kong
  14. What year was the original GODZILLA film released in the US? - 1955
  15. Which film used the tagline: “Love Never Dies.”? - Bram Stoker’s Dracula
  16. Which of the following Tim Burton films is NOT a re-make? - Big Fish
  17. Although New York City holds 2.5% of the United States population, it is responsible for emitting what % of total US greenhouse gasses? - 1%
  18. Under which street in New York City does an earthquake fault-line lie? - 125th St.
  19. Where did the original King Kong come from? - Skull Island
  20. Who starred in the 1998 American film, GODZILLA? - Matthew Broderick
* Thanks to Feef, Bradly, and Chris H for emailing me!


  1. Yo, I sent you the answers yesterday!
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  2. Yeah, I sent you something last night, too.

  3. i dont get it these have nothing to do with coverfield