Friday, December 28, 2007

MySpace Update - Rob's Interview

A small MySpace update today. Beth left a message for Rob wishing him luck on his interview. Is he interviewing for Tagruato, and is that how Jamie got Tagruato's phone number?

Beth - Dec 28 2007 11:48 AM - TO ROB

Hey Rob. Good luck this afternoon at the interview! I'm sure they'll love you.

* Thanks to Eli for emailing me about this!


  1. i love the myspace pages. it makes so much more real! can't wait


    lets keep this one argument free!

  2. NEVER!!!


    This might be for Slusho! instead of Tagruato... or even TIDOWave, maybe....

  3. And so the plot slowlyyy thickens.

  4. Not to start an arguement but I soooo broke this story on the last board haha

  5. o and something i noticed about the myspace...Robs occupation is marketing...maybe this is a clue that hes tryin to work for slusho being that they're marketing campaign is so steller these days haha

  6. doesnt this mean that JJ was wrong and the events of the film are occurring in Real Time.

  7. Danny said... doesnt this mean that JJ was wrong and the events of the film are occurring in Real Time.

    JJ Abrams DID NOT say that!

    It was Matt Reeves, the director, and IMO he may be worng.

  8. Yes, the timeline with this film always confused me. With everything involving this viral marketing, it all points toward the 18th of January, but then you have Matt saying, "No, it doesn't take place on the 18th."

    I have to go with the viral marketing over the director, for once.

  9. Over the holiday, I was explaining this ARG to my family and showed them the various websites like the MySpace pages, and we looked at TIDOWave also. Something's been bugging me ever since: has anyone "solved" anything related to the "survival kit" post? These items just don't belong together, and there are too many little anomalies, such as:

    1. The use of the word "array" where it should be "awry." In the absence of any other mispellings, this strikes me as being deliberate.
    2. "Warm towel" in quotations. Is something else supposed to be assumed instead? Crossword puzzles use quotations like this when the answer is a synonym or substitution for what's in them.
    3. Swiss Army Knife is a hyperlink (which goes nowhere).
    4. "Compass" immediately follows the dead link... ".com?"
    4. The use of the word "address" seems rather forced... could we be looking for an address (either real or on the web)?
    5. The author wants people to contact him on his cell.

    Just playing around with the words, I found some interesting things. Taking every second letter of "Dried fruit," every third letter of "small comb" etc., the words REFUTE, and BACK can be made as an anagram, along with some spare letters (I ignored "warm towel").

    I'm probably way off. But nothing surprises me at this point, so I thought I'd ask (and apologize for the longish and slightly off-topic post) whether anyone cleverer than me has also assumed this to be an important piece of the game, and if anything has been uncovered as a result?

  10. Yes, there are def. new television spots.

    What I posted elsewhere:


    JUST saw a new tv spot, my favorite one yet! It played on MTV during 'A Shot At Love With Tila Tequila'

    I recorded it, but the quality just sucks ass, It caught me off guard and the camera was kind of shaky. God, how I miss my DVR.

    Basically, everyone is saying goodbye to Rob (not like that of the teaser, these are new, more fresh, shots of the characters). Then it cuts to the scene on the roof and with the SOL head falling. You then see "We Are Not Alone", the soldiers firing in the air. You see Jason and Marlena, someone's pulling Marlena along with her (think it's Lily). Jason says, "We've got to get out of here" as Marlena looks back, a large crowd is surrounding them. As we see more shots from the other television spots, you hear "What was that?" with a response of "You don't want to know". A new far away shot of the headless SOL (kick ass image, by the way), and then "Oh my god!" Cut to CLOVERFIELD. Then the 11 dollar guy, 'This is going to be the best night ever!.'

  11. i highly dout that TIDOwave would be in the business of hiring people and doing interviews and all that through the public sector. They are like greenpeace, a resistance cell. The interview would be for slusho since rob is into marketing and slusho have been advertising for someone to join their marketing team.