Tuesday, December 4, 2007

MySpace Update - Rob, Beth, and Lily

After over two months, the MySpace pages have been updated again. Everyone has been updated, except for Jamie.

In the last update, Rob and Beth had a lunch date planned. It looks like their relationship may have not made much progress.

Rob Hawkins - Dec 4 2007 2:55 PM - TO BETH
Hey what are you doing this Friday? Hud and I were gonna go see Golden Compass and we'd feel a lot less lame if you came.

Beth - Dec 4 2007 3:04 PM - TO ROB
Ohhhh, I'm sorry babe. I'd love to go but I've already got plans Friday night. What are you up to the rest of the weekend?

Rob Hawkins - Dec 4 2007 3:36 PM - TO BETH
What could possibly be preferred over nerdy epics with myself and hud?

Beth - Dec 4 2007 3:37 PM - TO ROB
I'm going out with a friend. Sorry! I'd love to hang out with you guys later in the weekend!

Well it looks like Beth is still playing hard to get, or is she already taken?

Beth - Dec 4 2007 3:22 PM - TO MARLENA
Project Runway at my place tonight! Let's hope that skinny guy in the conductor hat who cries every episode gets das boot from Heidi!

Lil - Dec 4 2007 3:25 PM - TO BETH
I want to hear about last night! What does the future hold?

Beth - Dec 4 2007 3:29 PM - TO LIL
Oh my god call me tomorrow for all the juicy deats. We'll see what the future holds Friday at Le Bernadin! Ahhh!

Le Bernardin is a four-star restaurant in New York. Sounds like Beth has an important date, with possibly an engagement pending? Poor Rob.

Rob left a few other random comments.

Rob Hawkins - Dec 4 2007 2:53 PM - TO HAWK
Hey so now mom wants us home for by the 22nd cuz we're having an early christmas at aunt anne marie's on the 23rd

Rob Hawkins -
Dec 4 2007 2:59 PM - TO HUD
Next year, we're having Slapsgiving.

Rob Hawkins - Dec 4 2007 3:00 PM
Have I ever told you how much I hate your myspace page? I need sunglasses just to be in the same room.

* Thanks to Howard for emailing me about this!


  1. Wow, this is totally irrelevant, and any attention paid to this is borderline obsessive.

  2. if you go on the first blog on tido wave.com, some of the posters names are hilighted. if you click on "appe", it will take you to a website thats hardly running. if you click on "slushofan22" it takes you to slusho.jp. if you then click on "amnesia" it takes you to a brittish rock bands myspace, amnesias myspace looks normal apart from the fact that they are due to play a gig on 01-18-08 at the carling acadamy in liverpool. fake or part of the game? check the links out innit!!! im in uk,you lot get to see this film before me you buggers!

  3. sorry to go on but i checked out the date that that band are meant to be playing (18/01/08 in uk date) on the carling acadamy website and they are not listed. mmmmmmmmmm!

  4. Hmm indeed.
    Thanks for the info peet, I think it's unfair that we get to see it beforehand.
    As hypocritic as it sounds, I really do hate that the UK ends up getting cool stuff late. :(

    Kevin, obviously it's irrelevant, but the fact that there's been no activity on the MySpace pages in two months makes these first comments at least INTERESTING.
    You know, knowing there's activity now. And it eases, at least quite a bit, the minds of anyone that was worried about the writer's strike affecting this.

  5. "... the minds of anyone that was worried about the writer's strike affecting this."

    Wasn't there a tentative agreement reached this morning?

  6. the myspaces won't have clues on them. They are just meant to be the actual character's pages and as none of them are psychic they obviously don't know what will happen on a certain date in January. Its just added character development so that you might care who survives or not once you see the movie... Am I wrong?

  7. "Wasn't there a tentative agreement reached this morning?"

    Even if there was, that doesn't change the fact the strike might have affected the game..

  8. the UK gets stuff first, they totaly got new eps. of Avatar season 3 first. that sucked. srry jus a mini rant

  9. Rob Hawkins - Dec 4 2007 2:59 PM - TO HUD
    Next year, we're having Slapsgiving.

    Too funny, this is a reference to the Thanksgiving 2007 "How I met your Mother" episode.

  10. While everyone else is reaching for an
    answer, ever consider JJ has seen
    Soylent Green one-too-may times?

  11. http://blog.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendID=201294483&blogID=313703180

    go to see that : behemoth references
    Hud makes a comic history. One of his characters is behemoth ... so weird ...

  12. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v113/swarez/cloverfield_monster_outline.jpg

    someone on twitch.com thinks it's a bat

  13. anyone find it strange how we still haven't found out why Rob is moving to Japan?

  14. perhaps he works on the chuay platform recently and he must go in asia ...

  15. I don't think the updates are totally irrelevant. I think it's important for the plot development of the movie--there's no way in hell that we're going to get a complete backstory in the movie for where the monster came from; that's what the game is for. So we're left to focus on the characters involved. Whether or not the date at Le Bernadin is with Rob is somewhat unimportant, it's the fact that he's desperately trying to find out where she is in the trailer that counts. It's obvious he cares alot about her. I'm willing to bet that the date ISN'T with Rob, though--I can hear Rob say it now: "Sorry your fiancee got crushed by a giant monster, Beth, but hey, I'm single!"

  16. "someone on twitch.com thinks it's a bat."

    Not unless it's a backwards flying bat. The motion of the monster is clearly left to right. You can see its "knee" knocking over a building.

  17. OMG guys it completely slipped my mine in 4 more days on December the 9th Jamie will open up her present. What will it be?

  18. Jesus. You're right man... It's got to be something to do with "the cause," or a Slusho!. I swear, if he's made her keep a freaking teddy bear in a box this long...

  19. hey i JUST heard someone on duelboard.com that they saw a cloverfield tv spot on TNN during some kind of wresting show.
    i find that hard to believe but maybe...

  20. Why jamie's blog isn't updated ? Perhaps the fifth vid on jamieandteddy exist ...

  21. Why i don't see Jamie in the trailer??? just in the photo (1-18-08.com)....

  22. I doubt we'll get any jamie and teddy's between now and the 9th.
    i'd check...but i can never remember that stupid password.

  23. The 'Stupid Password' is : jamie lascano loves teddy hanssen

    jl loves th


    still 4 vid available ;-) !

  24. Maybe the box just contains Slusho store products for
    Jamie to sell on the street during the Cloverfield movie premiere...

  25. This is totally unrelated, but the shooter in Omaha who started shooting in the mall. His name is Robert Hawkins. WEIRD!

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. Have you seen the TV spot for slusho "contest"?

    Maybe this is old, sorry!

  28. The french are not allowed? This is a provocation? I agree "warriors of Earth" immediately.
    "Tagruato détruit nos océans".

    Wyl, Nice, France

  29. I've been casually following the Batman ARG, and apparently people went to a bakery and were given a cake with further instructions to move the game along. Point being has anyone thought about going to Le Bernadin on Friday and asking for Beth?

  30. The mistake of this viral marketing is the unbelievability.

    Hardly anyone ever uses correct capitalization and spelling on the interwebs.

  31. What I see first when looking at this is a not-too-subtle hint to go see Golden Compass.

    The first trailer showed up before Transformers, the second before Beowulf... anyone else sensing another trailer?

    ((Also, I'm a different Chris from above))

  32. I am more interested in getting
    the trailer on tv. like I Am Legend has been on tv for a while now. If it comes on tv, then it will be exposed to everyone, not just us on the web.