Friday, December 14, 2007

Cloverfield in Maxim

The January issue of Maxim magazine (with mmm-mmm-Mischa Barton on the cover) has a small article about Cloverfield.

Here is the text from the article, which should be on newsstands December 18th:

Lost mind-tripper J.J. Abrams talks about his big-screen beast.

The best thing about Transformers wasn't Megan Fox's washboard abs, but a preview that screened beforehand. The jumpy camcorder footage of a monster attacking Manhattan was far scarier than the 'bots--even though the monster was never shown. So began one of the sneakiest marketing campaigns since the Blair Witch started rustling around in the woods. (At press time the movie's official title was allegedly Cloverfield.) "The idea is to surprise people," says producer Abrams, no stranger to pulling fast ones over on crowds. "This is a monster movie, but you've definitely never seen it done this way." In other words, the entire movie, like the preview, is shot as if the characters were holding the camera themselves. "The scope is massive, but it's always very human--and more intense and scary because of that perspective." The real question: Can the flick live up to the insane Internet hype? Yes, says Abrams: "The creature is as shocking and unexpected as the preview." -- Robert Levine
* Thanks to InAFieldOfClover from Unfiction


  1. Wow. That last statement is one hefty promise. I think we can start exercising a little faith, now. If he says it, he means it. The man's going to satisfy us all.

  2. Yup I think this moview will be one word AWESUM!!! I just hope it aint like National Lampoons Vacation at the end the park's closed y'know. We all end up punching JJ for making alotta folks take the trip lol. But it'll be great I love a good monster flick.....can't wait till international versions finally come out and we're the ones with the dubbed voices pointing to "Godzilla" (I know it's not Godzilla).

  3. I'll read it when my magazine arrives. I have a subscription... because of the articles

  4. It looks like they're trying to push a door to keep it shut...maybe from something trying to push its way in?