Monday, December 10, 2007

Randy works for TidoWave

It looks like the "Randy" mentioned in Jamie's last video works for TidoWave.

Although you can't see it directly on the TidoWave site, if you look at the RSS feed for TidoWave, it shows that the creator of the two most recent posts is Randy.

I think this probably confirms that Teddy was working for Tidowave as well.

BTW, if you use IE to look at the RSS feed, it shows name of the creator. However, if you use Firefox, you'll have to look in the source code to see it. Look for:
* Thanks to Smartmart at Unfiction for discovering this!


  1. First post!
    thx for letting us know dennis, every little bit of info we can get is going to help now, since things r finally speeding up.
    we're only missing one or two good pieces of info now!

  2. Teddy MUST be the "friend in the field" intercepting MEMOS...

    Ahem.. whistleblower?

  3. yeah great piece of information now!!! can't wait for the next !!
    so randy works for tidowave, but if the tagruato company was linked to the death of the biologist, then it means they can't be "good one" like someone had said ealier on the comments below, if they are linked , it is in a bad way , i mean they must have kiled him or something , so they want to hide something , it would then be obvious why teddy wants to remain secret and dont want jamie to call the police...if they are so powerful , they dont care about the police , they kill him as well , or it could be also that if police gets into this , they'll throw what they've discovered and police cant do anything against them....what do u think??

  4. This is completely random but-

    I hope there's a Lost tie-in. I don't care what the majority is saying.

  5. I dont belive Teddy is his real name try Theodore, most parents dont name there kid Teddy. Look for any posts by a guy named Theodore.


    I read a Cloverfield outline or what ever you want to call it.
    I found it at one of the not so good sites. But the owner of the site "Brad" got the e-mail from a guy on youtube so i think its fake all ready.

    O yea he put alot of spoiler alert stuff up. So just in the slim chance it is real.

  6. Totally off topic (nice find, by the way!),

    I was snooping around YouTube and found this video of Jessica Lucas (Lily Ford) talking about Cloverfield. Some have probably seen it as it's from September, but thought I'd show it anyway.

  7. and my dumbass didn't even provide a link...ahem...

    My bad.

  8. vukcevichindustries, that would be annoying for the people watching the movie because they like it when monsters destroy everything, rather than being a fan of JJ due to Lost. Not that I would feel like that or anything :P

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  10. teddy isnt whistleblower. The note is addressed to American, sint teddy american? (no im not saying he is the one to recieve the memo either). Being addressed that way makes me think its an asian person writting on the memo, not an american.

  11. i agree wit alan...those were my impressions as well... so there are warriors all around the world

  12. anyone else think that tagruato pretty much owns the police?

  13. off topic, but earlier, i was trying to get to cloverfield clues, and i forgot the "s" in blogspot. i ended up at this site:

    i just thought that it was funny that it redirected me to a bible studies site!

  14. i read the "spoiler" and it sounds good to me. I think I am done--now
    just waiting to see how accurate the
    spoiler is when the movie comes out. definitely room for sequels.

  15. anyone else think that Teddy is friend in the field?