Thursday, December 13, 2007

MySpace Updates 12/14

A few small MySpace updates while we wait for the contest to officially go "live"...

Beth is still leading Rob on. Don't wait too long Beth, the monster is coming soon!

Beth - Dec 13 2007 5:28 PM - TO ROB
Rob I'm so sorry I have to cancel our plans again! I'm being whisked away this weekend for to a ski lodge in Vermont. It was a big surprise, I'll call you later tonight! I'm sorry, I promise we'll hang out soon.

Rob Hawkins - Dec 13 2007 5:31 PM - TO HUD
Let's wallow tonight, man.

Didn't notice this the first time I looked, since it was backdated. This would tie in nicely to the Jamie Video #6 Theory mentioned in the podcast (coming soon!)

Rob Hawkins - Dec 4 2007 2:57 PM - TO JAMIE
Hey that guy Gary I work with, the one you met at the bar last week, he asked me for your number. What should I tell him?

Also, there's a couple of random blog posts from Hawk and Marlena:

LenaDia - December 12, 2007 - Now joining The List

The chick from Always Sunny In Philly

Hawk - December 13, 2007 - 3 yards?! During the fantasy playoffs?!

How does that happen? The week before, Peterson rushes for 115 yards and 2TDs in 15 carries. The following week, facing an even crappier rush D, he totals 3 yards on 14 carries?! I HATE FANTASY FOOTBALL!


  1. Is there a certain time in between these updates? idk just a thought.

  2. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ok is it just me,now it might be me just not paying attention but are these blogger logo things new?

  3. it looks like as if the head of the statue of liberty has been chewed on a bit, it has like dimples all over it and the rip patterns are pretty random. I also agree with the idea that was thrown out there that the explosion is the oil tanker. I think the monster has bitten or ripped off the head of the SOL, chewed on it a bit, didnt like it so threw it into the city. It also sounds like Rob and his mates know what it is from the 'Rob i saw it, i saw it... its alive' The sentance just doesnt fit in the way he is saying it, but could be wrong of course. Seems weired either way. (the real Alan!)

  4. there must be a sxth video - 6 has been a running theme in this all along - I really want to know the fate of that "evidence"

  5. there must be a sxth video - 6 has been a running theme in this all along - I really want to know the fate of that "evidence"

  6. Hi guys!

    There is a some strange comment from Jamie in her own myspace...

    About me:
    I destroyed the dinosaurs. I'm really sorry. They just wouldn't listen!


  7. Hi Guys!!

    I saw other strange thing in Jamie's MySpace...

    If you see the last comment After Rob's i think the date is wrong...

    I mean, Rob Comment was Dec 4 2007 but...the comment from Aindriu yesterdey was Nov 17 2007 posted after Rob, but today is changed!...says Nov 16 2007...i don't know maybe i'm wrong but i'm so sure i saw other date yesterday...

    Also I believe that all the dates are in order but this comment continue being first an almost one month before that that Rob's comment.

    Someone else could see it??

  8. i didn't see it sayin the 17th, but its weird that the coment from nov 16 is above the Dec 4 one thats weird. maybe she approved them at different times? i really dont think that would matter but i dunno weird.

  9. Isn't it possible that the "it's alive" comment is just a response to the terrorism question? Earlier in the scene, while on the stairs/roof, they debate whether or not it's a terrorist attack. It would make sense that Hud would glimpse the monster, realize it's not a terrorism device, then say, "Rob, I saw it! It's alive!" As in "Rob, it's a living thing, not a weapon!"

  10. claudia, the "i destroyed the dinosaurs" comment has been there from the beginning, so it's not talking about the present she got from Teddy or anything else recent.

    alan, I thought the damage to the Statue of Liberty's head looked more like claw marks. I was thinking that the monster bashed the head off with it's paw/hand/whatever, leaving the claw marks.

    My personal feeling is that I don't think there's a link between the tanker and the monster other than it happens to be in the way when the monster is approaching the city, so it gets sunk.

  11. Also, the tanker might be the reason for the big explosion in the trailer.

    Finally, why does Hud seem to know about the monster? Because thousands of wiseass Cloverfield freaks sent messages to his MySpace telling him to watch out for one coming on 1-18-08!!!

  12. if you have comment filtering turned on you can approve them at different times and they will appear out of order

  13. Has anyone noticed in the trailer when there are three shadows behind a plastic tarp, that the middle shadow starts to expand. That screaming voice was most definitely someone who drank some slusho!

  14. According to the Tagruato website, Slusho has been sold in Japan for years, so if people were blowing up from drinking it, it would be a big problem already in Japan.