Friday, December 7, 2007

Visual Effects by Double Negative

The Visual Effects for Cloverfield have been done by a company in London called Double Negative. Their Currently in Production list shows Cloverfield, Dark Knight, Harry Potter, among others. Some of their past work includes Stardust, Bourne Ultimatum, DaVinci Code, and Casino Royal. You can see a video of their past work on their Showreel page.

* Thanks to Foomandoonian from the podcast for finding this.

** Speaking of the podcast, I wasn't able to finish editing it last night, so look for it sometime tomorrow!


  1. thank god, cloverfield is in good hands! :D

  2. I have been a fan of Double Negative since PITCH BLACK!

    At a time when good, original monster movies were at an all time low ... Double Neg's work actually put a few scares into me!

    This is GREAT news!!!

  3. That's awesome news :)

    On another note. I thought I'd go through the Tagruato Corp site and see if I could find anything and I found a particulary interesting piece on their "history" page which says:

    "A machinery works factory was opened in Nagasaki in 1962, specializing in exports of engines for large construction vehicles to the Western world. This expanded upon with the introduction of the National Space Development Agency in 1969."

    Now I looked up the NSDA and found this website...

    But it looks absolutely legit and OOG; anyone reckon anything of it?

    /Reaches even further


  4. ...Search Google for Jaxa and then search Tagruato or Slusho.

  5. Keich... I said in that post that I was led to the Jaxa page via the history of Tagruato, in which I quoted.

    It's the URL for the NSDA (National Space Development Agency)

    Only it looks very legit; therefore OOG?

  6. "JAXA" *is* a real space agency. It is the Japanese equivalent of NASA. That website is about real life space research the Japanese are doing right now.

  7. So, why would Tagruato plug it?

    Little off base don't you think?

  8. Just checking through the Slusho! Website and noticed on the quotes the duck says

    "How do I know there was a toothbrush for the door"

    It seems more of a statement than a question; but it's quite bizarre and seems nothing to do w/ Slusho! - Am I reaching again?

  9. the Happy talk is usually Fan submitted

    and yes, your reaching, JAXA, as said is real, but for Tag to use it isn't a cause for concern. movies always use real world things/companies for fictional activities

  10. I was thinking, does anybody think that maybe the internet "hunt" for clues on Cloverfield will continue after the movie is released? What if the movie ends abbrubtly without a clear explanation of the monster. It just seems that since there a so many internet "things" affiliated with the movie, it doesn't seem like movie could include all of them into the story line. The MySpace pages makes you believe that the story is taking place in real-time. So how could everything about the monster be solved during a movie that takes place over 1 day. Maybe some of you guys could elaberate on this.