Thursday, December 20, 2007

Slusho! Contest Update - Happy Sample

The Slusho! contest page has begun posting contest entries. Click the contest link, then "view contest details".

The first entry is from EAN_MC! Congratulations!!!!

You can see his entry on YouTube here:


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  2. thanks dennis! it would be super swell if you guys could lemme know what you think..

    i've been keeping up with the ARG through THIS website, so i wouldn't even have known about this contest if it weren't for dennis!

    oooo i do hope i win

  3. ean_mc...

    its two thumbs up from me dude. great work! i thought it had a good mix of in-yer-face bizarre and being really funny at the same time. it was very slusho! you have definately set the bar high for everyone else. i saw ure commercial the other day when you first mentioned it but i didnt get around to telling you what i thought. sorry about that. were you the tree punching heroe in the vid?

    best of luck chap.

  4. Ean_mc..

    Bro thats teh second time ive seen it, and its pretty funny!
    What program did you edit with? How did you do the spinning Slusho! icon? That was great!

  5. to john:
    thanks, lol no that was my co-worker mike.. the only part i'm in is the end.. it's me yelling "slusho! you can't drink just six"

    to dan:
    thanks also.
    i used final cut pro, which is the same program i made the spinning cup (creating an animation script) the slogan bouncing in was made in livetype.

    thanks for the positive feedback!!! making films is my something i'm passionate about, and i'm glad people are enjoying it!

  6. Notice that in the Slusho site on the contest page...the Blueberry Zoom robot was holding a skull.

    Anyways, funny commercial idea. Ppl keep on with the Slusho commercials they're hilarious.