Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Cloverfield Wins Biggest Tease Award - Reelz Channel

Reelz Channel's "The Big Tease" show awarded Cloverfield with the "Biggest Tease" award for the original teaser trailer.

I'm sure that J.J. will put that award right next to his two Emmys :)


  1. It is a pretty big tease. worthy award. First post!

    Also, do you think we'll get another video on or is that over?

  2. Is this award good or bad? LOL!

    There MUST be another video from her...eating the plastic bag contents and explodign!! LOL!

    that will be fun!

  3. from unfiction

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    Google Search
    those things?

    When i was doing a google search for Cloverfield a sponsored link from would come up and give different quotes everytime I pressed search, such as...

    "Those Things Came Out of Nowhere! See It First. 01.18.08"
    "Did you guys see that?,See It First. 01.18.08" and so on..

    Try it out

    Thought i post that

  4. I wish it would come out so I could go back to having a normal life and not checking every hour to see if a new clue has been released. My wife now makes fun of me and rightfully so, I guess.

  5. Does anyone know what the song is playing in the background?

    Or is it just the movie orchestra (as if there was one)?

  6. Eddie said... Dennis, what is your source for this? Did you read about it someplace or catch it on TV? Thanks.

    I have a "cloverfield" wish list on my Tivo.

  7. A reward well deserved, JJ! ;)


    And awe man, how I miss my TiVo and the wishlist feature. *sigh*

  8. By the way Dennis, you accidentally inserted the second TV spot for Cloverfield instead of the award footage. Unless it was intentional? Anyway, just giving a head's up.

  9. In response to vukcevichindustries, the music from the trailer is from the movie Sunshine starring Cillian Murphy. There's a post somewhere else on this site (I think it was a comment that someone left after Dennis posted one of the TV spots) that has the full details of who the composer is and what the track is called. I'm just too lazy to go dig it out right now, lol

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