Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Slusho Happy Commercial Contest Of Joy!!

The Slusho! Contest has begun! Create your own Slusho! commercial to win! Good Luck!!

It is Superfantastic happy time!!! The first ever Slusho! commercial contest for users like yourselves! Now you can share your happiness with all of us by making your OWN advertisement commercial for Slusho! brand happy drink!!!!! The top five entries, chosen by a small panel of decision people, will receive Slusho!-branded laptop computers designed by Alienware masters, each valued at $3,000 American dollars!!! This is very phenomenal and true!!!!!!! And even if you are not a winner, we may show your commercial!!!

The winners will have kept in mind that Slusho! is NOT scary and bad, or related to anything scary and bad. Slusho! is FUN and HAPPY! The winners will make 30-second (but no longer than a minute) commercials that show the super joy of Slusho! and how much people love it! Slusho! should be shown to be good and fun to drink!!! And amazingly great for you as additions!!!

You can be winning! Make the happy Slusho! commercial for us! Do it right now! BUT FIRST, YOU MUST READ ALL THE OFFICIAL RULES VERY CAREFULLY! Or you will be disqualified and bring great shame on us. Do it right now!!!!!

* Thanks to everyone for emailing me about this, and to Teap for emailing me first!


  1. Its kind of unfair that its American-only competition.
    Have a Slusho shirt and fake Slusho cup and all, even speak Japanese and have an awesome idea for an ad but cant make it. Bloody Slusho!

  2. I'm sure you could find someone here to submit it for you.

  3. I've made a transcription of the ad here:
    Also, check out the Force Majeure clause in the Official Rules. Very revealing.

  4. What's going on in that weird flash of images at the end of the ad when the voice says "you can't drink just six?" There is no pause button, so it's hard to tell. As far as I can gather there is a picture of a smiling monkey holding a flag of some sort.

  5. The Force Majeure clause in the contest is a standard clause in any competition. There's nothing "Very Revealing" about it.

  6. The contest page is the only page on the website that doesn't have music. Also, and this is probably grasping at straws, but under the contest details, they show a fish with a sheriff's hat which could mean the monster is getting justice. Blueberry Zoom is wearing a mortar and seems to be reenacting Hamlet.
    Maybe something in Hamlet is a clue?

    These are the things that one thinks of in the midst of studying for finals and writing two french compositions.

  7. This commercial screams FORESHADOWING!

    Super human strength, going crazy, hallucinating...

    Yay, 1 Month 12 Days!

    *Sits and waits patiently.*

  8. If you keep Replaying it to were he says "you cant drink just six"
    Keep replaying the SIX part
    THe Mooses Nose looks very similar to a monster which is wierd and it looks like the slusho Characters such as the monkey and the flavors get seperated by a FIre Wall... also its a Monkey Holding a blue Flag with the Cheese on it


  10. Austin, to the best of my knowledge, companies can alter the Force Majeure clause to suite their own needs, i.e., a mining company might add "geological risk", or a governmental organization might add "official election", etc. Obviously, all of the cases you'd expect in a Force Majeure clause are there, but there's definitely a few unconventional ones that Slusho! decided would suit their needs...

  11. P.S. The "eli" 3 posts up is not me... just clearing that up. lol

  12. What happened to the cute little video?

  13. Considering an Alienware Laptop is exactly what I want for Christmas, I might force myself to come up with something.. It's worth a try.

  14. anyone else find it interesting that "man-made epidemic of health of other means" is listed in there?

  15. Craig (a few posts up) had a good idea - screen capping the video right at the end. The problem is that the provided (embedded) video is not a good enough source.

    I tried it with the biggest available video on the Slusho! website (the HD one is currently NOT working / unavailable).

    As seen on screen:

    Rotated 90 degrees clockwise:

    Original ("as seen on screen"), color inversion:

    90-degree clockwise rotation, color inversion:

    The "monster" looking snout of the moose in the back ground wasn't the first thing that caught my eye - it was the red "claw marks" that slowly begin to appear as you go from the rocks up towards where the Slusho! flavor robots are. They are red in the original, or a blue-teal in the inversion.

    I don't know what to make of any of it (the video, I mean). The talking moose, the cheese flag, the guy losing it (maybe he drank 7 instead of just 6?).

    Cheers to Dennis. I've E-mailed you a few times and finally decided to make an actual post on your fine blog about "Cloverfield".

  16. They look like bloody Duck prints MIcheal ^ but also it just looks like there tracks leading over to the Flavor robots

  17. There's another contest where you can win money, T-shirt, recognition and bragging rights at Contest starts Dec 7th

  18. Got an email today back from Slusho, and for any international competitors....


    Our staff is currently looking into this matter and will get back to you soon. Thank you for your interest in the Slusho! Happy Commercial Contest of Joy!

    The Slusho! Contest Committee

    This was from by the way.

  19. The winners who get the lap tops will have a program on the harddrive with cloverfield info and or pictures.

  20. Hey Dan...let us know if they give you any news about international competitors...because I am definately keen to make a commercial too...but theres no point if they won't accept it.

    My brothers girlfriend is studying i'm sure she could help me a little too