Monday, December 31, 2007

Cloverfield New Year's Special

ABC is teasing a Cloverfield special that will be showing "after the ball drop", so tune in to Dick Clark's New Years Rockin' Eve!


  1. woot first post

    what is this teasing Cloverfield special going to be about, i hope something cool and important

  2. Ok Dennis you see that all the i's are missing in the ratings bar in this video and all of the commercials right.

  3. you're gonna post it asap right? cause i might watch another channel lol

  4. Sweeeet. When I saw the title to this entry, I assumed it was some kind of fan made video for the New Year, haha. Hope they show some great footage. Definitely some good publicity for the film.

  5. I saw it!!! All it showed was stuff we saw before, nothing new

  6. I just saw it, it was pretty cool.
    And it certainly is one of the most anticipated films of 2008!
    XD they called jj abrams a SUPER-PRODUCER! it is true.
    it wasn't anything really new, but there was a glimpse of the re-recorded 'people are going to wanna know, you it all went down' scene.
    i think there was also one second extra for the inflation scene, and I think it kinda confirms it that Marlena or whoever is definitely screwed. D:
    Those backup dancers for Fergie's clumsy were awesome. XD
    especially that guy dancing on his hand!
    Happy New Year everybody!
    Here's to seventeen days from now. =)

  7. It showed one new scene. very short. a flaming ball, whizzed across the screen at 15 feet or so from the ground, hitting the wall. I'm pretty sure that was new.

  8. Aw man, the ball drop would be at 11:00 PM central time, right? So I missed it!

  9. Rob is going to Japan....most likley to work for Tagruato and something Tagruato related

    other then that little piece of was like the other trailer's we've seen
    (unless that piece of info was already given in other trailer and I happened to miss it)

  10. ah.
    thanks igoduki, I noticed that was new too.
    damn am i forgetful. O_o
    yeah, and that weird roar/pig squeal/dinosaur type noise played when the monster shot that fireball.
    if it's some freakin deep sea thing that can shoot fireballs, it's got to be kickass.

  11. if we didnt get the chance to watch it will you be posting it, Dennis? I didnt see this post until after midnight.

    Happy New Year!


  13. what about the zooming in of the sinking oil tanker? wasn't that new? or am i missing something...

  14. things I noticed that haven't already been mentioned:
    1) this is probably just them polishing FX like they did with the explosion and liberty head, but "exploding girl" is now expanding most drastically at the bottom towards her legs. In previous trailers she expanded most at the top towards her head.
    2) I couldn't tell since I watched it on youtube (thanks so much Dan :D) but was the "there's nothing you can do for her now" soldier's head not blurry in any scene anymore?
    3) I know it is probably a helicopter, but at the end there is a light shining on the statue of liberty. Haven't there been multiple unidentified lights in other trailers that are assumed to be a part of, or associated with, the monster?

  15. No, those lights are just choppers.


    New Movie: "Monster"

    Is a Fake Cloverfield

  17. the girl is expanding in her midsection/stomach area at first. obviously mutating. hmmm reminds me of the slusho commercial when the guy lifts his shirt.

  18. I'm so glad you're posting all this stuff on here, Dennis. Otherwise we in other countries would have no idea! We went to see AVP2 (which sucked royally, btw) and got so excited when a trailer for Cloverfield came up, seeing as how we in Australia haven't seen any on the big screen yet.

    But... it was the original first one, that you guys saw all those months ago before Transformers! Old Liberty head and, get this, NO NAME! This movie is due to come out 22 days after this trailer debuts and they're not even giving us a name?! Proof, yet again, that Hollywood cares not if other countries even watch their movies. I hope it doesn't flop here like so many other excellent, yet ill-marketed movies.

    So, thanks heaps Dennis, you've helped keep us in the loop and enthusiastic!

  19. Participem:

    Cloverfield - Monstro: O Filme - The Movie


  20. as much as i am looking forward to cloverfield, which is a hell of a lot, its no way the most anticipated film of 2008. its probably third, if that. second is the dark knight, with the first obviously being indiana jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull. im not biased or anything, but i really dont think it as anticipated as dark knight or indy.

  21. TIDOwave update... GG Chuai Station... the Cloverfield Monster is outty 5000