Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Cloverfield TV Commercial #2

MovieWeb has an exclusive look at the new Cloverfield TV commercial, which is different than the commercial mentioned previously.

Rob: Seven hours ago, some thing attacked the city
Man: What's that noise?
Woman: What is it? Is it coming this way?
Matt Reeves: I saw it, it's alive! It's huge!
Rob: Hello? Beth, where are you?
Radio: This is a mandatory evacutation
Hawk: We're going to go after him. If you want to stop me, you're going to have to shoot me.
Soldier: There' nothing we can do for you
Rob: Stay here OK, I'll go
Lily: I'm coming with you.
Rob: Run Run Run!
Man: OMG! OMG!
Announcer: Cloverfield, January 18th
* Thanks to Steve from Dunwich for commenting on this!


  1. Looks Awesome, as usual. First Post:)

  2. And I was like WTF Dude :D Awesome... I want to see the movie so bad man.. can't wait... and I have to wait longer than you because I live in Germany :(
    Although.. keep up the good work!

  3. Ah, its good to see them explaining some of the scenes I had in question. See: the jet scene. It didn't seem like something Hud's camera could have got, but now I get it.

    Good commercial.

  4. One hell of a TV commercial.
    Went by kinda fast though, but just about everyone knows about it, so it's an okay preview.
    I still can't believe anyone thought this was going to be like the Blair witch...JJ wouldn't leave everyone in the dark like that. Thank god that worry's cleared up, more people should be wanting to see it now. :)
    I wonder how Beth got separated...
    it seems that there's some scenes in the previews of rob trying to fight with the military to rescue "her", which could either be Marlena or Beth.

  5. Good job on the screenshots. Why not embed the video? MovieWeb allows it.

  6. Hopefully it's not one of those annoying autostarts like the Slusho commercial. >_<

  7. Pause the video at the 7 second mark right before it hits 8 seconds. Maybe im just seeing things but it looks fairly clear...

  8. Ken, I got the impression from the interview Michael Stahl-David (Rob) gave recently that Rob and Beth maybe weren't together in the party scene to start with, and he's trying throughout the movie to get to her. Also, he seemed to imply that Marlena is actually sort of an "outsider" to their group, just a friend of a friend who happened to be at the party (and apparently explodes later on! lol!)

    Can't wait can't wait can't wait!

  9. can you post the dialogue? i'm on my school computer and it doesn't have flash...

  10. query: I don't understand where they are in picture 4 (after the jetfighters swoop past) - is it a rooftop? the angle is weird...

  11. Was one of the points at the head of the Satue of Liberty always bent - as in - was it bent in previous previews?

    Also, I love this spot. The music is great and it fills in some of the blamks we had earlier.

  12. An answer to the rooftop question that was asked by Steve from Dunwich. If you watch the trailer (not the teaser) and at about 40 seconds into the trailer you see a building leaning to the side. I believe it is that building that they are in. Now I am not sure but if you look at the old pictures on this site, the ones that are labeled "Cloverfield Promo Photos - Black Book" you will notice that in picture 7 and picture 9 they are helping some girl there with something sticking out of her cheast which I believe is a syring maybe a cure for a bite or something but if you look in those pictures the room that they are in looks tilted. I believe that it is Beth's appartment/Condo that they are trying to get to.

  13. What a great commercial....the music is incredible it trully evokes emotion about the well being of the characters...this is going to be ONE HELL of a film...

  14. the army guy's face isn't blurred out anymore?

  15. I wonder if some drama is going to unfold between Beth and Rob on Myspace between now and the release date. Why wouldn't she be at the party?

    I have to say I'm going to miss the gaming once the film comes out. This whole process since Transformers has been hella fun.

  16. Dennis,
    I think the voice over the loudspeaker says, "This is a MANDATORY evactuation." Not "massive priority evacuation."
    What do you think?

  17. Guys..this all teasers, trailers, commercials...isn´t too much of info? i mean..i feel i´ve seen the whole damn movie already hehehe!! the only thing i haven´t seen is the Monster...don´t you think?

    we already know what the movie is about watching all this!!

    "The adventures of a guy that after a monster attacks the city, goes thru the city to find a woman and in the way some other friends die" i mean!!

    the only things we don´t know is What the monster looks like and how it dies..and if it does die.. the rest is on this trailers.!!

    Too mucho informacion!! no me gusta!!

  18. Micah said... I wonder if some drama is going to unfold between Beth and Rob on Myspace between now and the release date. Why wouldn't she be at the party?

    She WAS at the party, so can see her at the party in the trailer. I gues the question is where did she go? Did she leave the party early? Maybe her and Rob had a fight?

    CameronJr9 said... Dennis, I think the voice over the loudspeaker says, "This is a MANDATORY evactuation." Not "massive priority evacuation." What do you think?

    Yeah, you are right!

    Tankobear said... Guys..this all teasers, trailers, commercials...isn´t too much of info? i mean..i feel i´ve seen the whole damn movie already hehehe!! the only thing i haven´t seen is the Monster...don´t you think?

    90% of the commercials are the same as the trailers. Of course, WE know what's going in the trailers and the commercials because we have all the background info, and have analyzed it for 6 months ;)

  19. So, Am I to assume that I we are not
    going to get any clues to slusho
    or the seabed nectar ingredients, because we've bee patient with this
    and now I am pissed off--what the hell
    is in the SBN????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  20. all i know is that i've been waiting since transformers for this and i find out i'm leaving for london on JANUARY 16TH!

    so now i'm going to have to wait even longer, and [sadly, dennis] avoid this place for a month until it hits the uk so i don't get all the spoilers!

    gahhh! this tv spot looks good. but like someone else said, army guy isn't blurred anymore? it definitely brings out a different emotion in me than the rest of the trailers did.



  21. Guys..this all teasers, trailers, commercials...isn´t too much of info?...

    I have to agree a tiny bit here. I mean, thanks to all the info you have a pretty clear indication of who dies. (Poor Marlena. The sarcastic bitchy girl never survives horror movies...)

  22. hey Katie, when is Cloverfield scheduled to hit the UK??? I really can't wait to see this mofo movie!!!

    Back on topic, two comments I have about this trailer:

    The music kicks ass, it's really emotional and evocative, I really love it. Although it does remind me of the end of Coldplay's song White Shadows.

    Secondly, I guess the army guy's face is no longer blurred because initially, the writers thought that the govt would be releasing the tape to the public after scrutinising and editing it. But as the process of making the movie developed, the story changed slightly, and govt has just found the camera, and is viewing it for the first time, unedited.

  23. hwkpride, I saw that, I thought it was a pencil :P

    Beth was alone with Rob at the US 447 (Central Park) under-the-bridge-scene, you can see her hair momentarily in the 2nd trailer.

    But since Rob has the camera, where did the rest of the gang go? Dead? "Bitten"? Stuck in the subway?

  24. But since Rob has the camera, where did the rest of the gang go? Dead? "Bitten"? Stuck in the subway?

    Like I said, Marlena's gone. We see pictures of her being hauled away by the hazmat team, blood streaming from her face, so one can, with certainty, assume she's the exploding woman.

    Hud either offs it or escapes and gives the camera to Rob. But we know he doesn't escape with Lily, so I'm not sure on him.

    If Lily's copter doesn't get taken down by "it" she's pretty much gold I would say.

    Beth and Rob's fate, like Hud's, are pretty much unknown.

  25. Crap sorry for the double, but I had to ammend something. I'm pretty sure it's Beth in the daylight copter being taken down. It doesn't really change my post a lot but we know she and Rob/Hud (whoever has the camera at that point) almost escaped.

  26. Heres the TV Spot for Cloverfield in iPod format for anyone interested:

  27. Not related to the TV commercial, but how come the leaderboard for the contest still isn't accurate? Dennis has way more grabs than what it says. He better not get screwed out of winning.

  28. Good commercial!
    Anybody knows what song is being used for this?

  29. I keep wondering something, what happened with that site of "Ethan Hass was right/wrong"...I mean, what was it's purpose? Who the heck is Ethan Hass? And what was that thing with the strange symbols?

  30. It was a paper-and-pencil rpg that got WAY overhyped from the cloverfield buzz when we bought into anything and everything.

  31. Wah, i understand now, thank you for answering my question :)

  32. i just saw it on channel 5 (fox)

  33. there's another TV spot that's only from where Hud is video taping inside the party to where the statue of liberty head comes flying in...

    I just saw it on E!

  34. Just wondering...practically in the one second mark, there is a view of New York that doesn't look like anything that can be caught on camera. How can this tie into it. Maybe they're in a helicopter.

    In other news, this was the best T.V. commercial for a movie that I've ever seen! It makes it seem scary in some ways, epic, and emotional. All that thanks to the uplifting music. Anyone know the title of the song so i can put it on my iPod!?!?!

  35. Okay ... if I may say... SOMEONE PLEASE AGREE WITH ME ON THIS... Michael David-Stahl during his interview hinted at slusho. He said something to the affect of "if my character would have drunk slusho it would have been like spinach to my popeye"... and if you read the bold futura article on a day in the life of a scientist it implies that there is some testing going on with seabed nectar that relates to mutating cells. so i think the whole slusho relation will be explained in the hospital scene after marleena blows up. Also as for HUD I think he dies in the subway.. we can see from the commercial that he falls and Rob tries to pick him up and in the Michael David-Stahl interview that he once again implies that the subway scene is a climactic scene where they are stuck in the tunnels and it gets really scary! has anyone else been actually reading all the viral marketing and interviews??? there are all kinds of clues that are hidden which relate to the story... or am I the only college student in this nation who is actually using his critical thinking skills to put the back story together as the producers wanted it to be? but I must say that I am intrigued by the opening shot of a non-destroyed New York in the opening sequence of the new commercial... ALSO does anyone else see the similarities between marleena's face when she is bleeding from the eyes and the makeup of the japanese woman's floating head in the slusho commercial? Also... if you read the distribution opportunities on the slusho message it says that US FDA is still investigating the ingredients in the drink. All of this ties in to the "bite" and the "explosion" of marleena. PLEASE PLEASE someone out there .. tell me you've been putting these pieces the right way also... the talk backers on aintitcool are sooo freagin stupid and have no clue as to what's really going on with this movie. Plus another thought.. I don't think Jamie has any part of this movie. I think she is a link for us to find out more about tidowave and the cause... But also remember that JJ and matt reeve's have hinted that everyone will be surprised at what the monster really is.. I would die if it really a human who mutated but I doubt that... SOMEONE WHO UNDERSTANDS ME PLEASE RESPOND!!!

  36. Ok i completly agree with you that Hud dies in the subway and thats how rob gets the camera,and i think the only time well see jamie is in the very beggining of the movie then shes runs off or gets killed,(or both),but the whole viral stuff..well i was there with slucho but then we found all the other sites and i got lost and couldnt follow so sry dude.

  37. The sarcastic bitchy girl never survives horror movies...

    Man, I am so screwed :(

    Less than a month to go, which pleases me immensely. I can't wait to see how the ARG culminates.

  38. "But also remember that JJ and matt reeve's have hinted that everyone will be surprised at what the monster really is.. I would die if it really a human who mutated but I doubt that..."

    hmmmm, this is interesting. what if the monster is actually an experiment in cloning gone bad? what if the rumors of little monsters jumping off the big monster are true? it would fall in line with the cloning theory?

  39. If a monster that big "bit" someone, it'd probably swallow them whole (unless its head is tiny). Maybe when they allude to "bites," they're talking about human bites. Maybe exploded-human bites.

  40. What if it bears a striking resemblance to Rosie O'Donnell?

  41. About Hud and the subway, in that scene, we see Marlena hopping a gate in the background. However, Hud films Marlena taken away and her exploding. (I say this because we see everyone else being put against the wall/Rob being chivalrous, so it has to be Hud.) How can he die in that scene in the subway?

    Please no "Well maybe Marlena survives/it's not Marlena" Everything points to that being her, and her dying there.

    Of course, it's all my conjecture, but if that is indeed where Hud dies it creates a confusing set of events.

  42. Well that still with the jets flying by definitely shows us the part where most of the set was green screen... lol. Other than that, can't wait :)

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  44. I don't watch too much TV, but we in Australia still don't seem to have any ads for Cloverfield, and there certainly wasn't a trailer before Beowulf.

    My friends and I want to go see this at Gold Class, so I really hope it plays everywhere. So many really good movies flop over here because they show it at very few cinemas. Even Pan's Labyrinth got TV ads and posters everywhere - and then only showed at one major cinema in Adelaide. I hope it doesn't do that. :(

  45. At this point with all the reports coming in from screenings it has been confirmed that there are smaller monsters... also we can figure that out from the longer trailer where they are in the subway tunnels and here a noise in the background. and we can also tell from the promo pics that there are smaller monsters with the pic of lil and rob fighting to hold the door shut and lil has slice marks on her arm. so i am assuming that the "bite" is from those little buggers. What I really want to know how does the satellite launch on tagruato site play into the movie? I really wish this movie was not a month away... I want to see it now soooo badly... Also, everyone does know that the movie does not really take place on 01-18-08... JJ and Matt already discussed that in one of their interviews. They said people will be surprised to see what day it really takes place on... Any thoughts to my earlier thoughts?

  46. I am having some shitty ass luck finding the spot's on television. Oh well, they'll start playing non-stop once it hit's late December/early January.

    Anyway, this spot was great. Like how it was more character oriented while still providing some good action here and there. And the musical score was a nice touch.

    1-18-08 is going to be a great day. Yupp.

  47. The song is from Sunshine and the score is done by John Murphy

    I was looking sooo hard for this hahaha

  48. The song is from Sunshine and the score is done by John Murphy

    Officially, the soundtrack is tied up in a legal battle, but like all good things it was leaked. For those who know how to get a hold of such things, the specific song is "The Surface of the Sun"

  49. I wonder if "Surface on the Sun was
    chosen on purpose to go along with
    pseunmoisuf.pdf since it can be unscrambled to say something like
    as the sun comes up...

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  51. I think Un Mois (one month) UnFiction is a pretty solid theory, I just don't know what the pse is about. Some have said paramount studios.