Friday, December 28, 2007

Cloverfield TV Commerical #4 - We Are Not Alone

The fourth Cloverfield commercial has been recorded and put on YouTube! Finally!

Check it out on YouTube for a hi-res version:

Hawk: I think I got it. Is this on?
Hawk: What time is everybody starting to show up?
Rob: What are you doing with the video camera?
Hud: I'm filming goodbyes
Marlena: Hey Rob
$11 Guy: You owe me $11
Unknown: So how you going to...
Rob: What was that noise?
Hud: Maybe you should have left town a little earlier.
Rob: Shut up
Lily: What IS that? Is it coming this way?
Rob: OMG!
Hud: We gotta get out of here, it's not safe here.
Rob: What was that?
Hud: You don't want to know.
Rob: OMG!
Announcer: Cloverfield
$11 Guy: Tonight's going to be the best night ever
Announcer: Rated PG-13, January 18th


  1. He just caught the subway commercial as well. WOOT.

  2. Cool, sounds like he's uploading the one with the burning tanker next too.

  3. Those screenshots are not in that trailer, those are from another trailer? Are you uploading it Dennis?

  4. There's a handheld version of it here dan:

  5. Yeah but those screenshots are not in that trailer either...??
    Which TV spot are they from?

  6. Oh yeah! I'd been thinking of some pics I saw of the tanker, I see what you mean.

  7. yeah those screenies arnt from the commercial...... Also the bit about the roar instead of the clicking, remember this is a comercial not a trailer, they mix and match things. I dont think that roar is ment to be there, its just like that for the comercial.

  8. In the commercial, one of the dudes said "So how are you going to--" BOOM ROAR!! What was he gonna do. Infact, what was WHO gonna do. Suspicous things -.-

  9. That comment came right after "So I guess you shoulda left town a bit early?"
    So I'd assume whoever said that was referring to Rob Leaving Japan, and nothing else. However, this is all just conjecture.