Wednesday, December 26, 2007

JamieAndTeddy Video #6 - The Call

There is a new video on (password: jllovesth)

Uh oh. Jamie still doesn't believe Teddy's story so she's decided to call Teddy's bluff and call Tag-ga-gato herself :) Well, of course they deny that he exists and what to know who she is. Fortunately, she doesn't speak "whatever".

You can download the video directly here:

Or watch it on YouTube:

Here is the transcript:

Hey Prick. So guess what?
I'm going to play your little game and I'm going to call Tag-ga-gato.

Because, it just so happens that my friend's boyfriend found the number for me
So we're going to call and we're going to see who really stole you.

It's about a million numbers, it'll probably cost me a fortune, but guess what?
You're worth it, aren't you?

Hi, can I speak to Teddy Hanssen?
Can I speak to someone that speaks American?

Oh, OK, you speak both.
I'm looking for Teddy Hanssen.

OK, thanks, I'll hold.

[whispering] I Hate You
Hi, I'm looking for Teddy Hanssen.

This is Jamie Lascano.

I'm calling from America.
I'm not telling you my address...
Surprise, Surprise, they've never heard of you.
You know what? I'm so sick of your games.

This is the last video you are getting from me. I'm officially done
[phone rings]

Unknown number.

Hello? I don't speak "whatever".

OK, thanks Teddy, now they are calling me, prick.

* Thanks to bleachgurl256 for emailing me first!


  1. This is soo exciting, but what does it all mean?! I'm going nuts here! Is this really the last video?

  2. I just saw a new cloverfield commercial a second ago on nbc, anyone else see it? it has new footage!!!

  3. Ha, "someone who speaks American." She really is an idiot.. Makes me wonder why Teddy thought it would be a good idea to go to her, of all people, for help. He had to of known she's completely void of any kind of logic.. Considering she called Tagruato to ask if they kidnapped her boyfriend.

  4. Whoa, this certainly caught me by surprise! I mean, sure, I expected a sixth (and final) JamieAndTeddy video, but just didn't know when we'd get it, I thought the night of January 16th or 17th would be the day. But hell, sooner the better.

    Yeah, Jamie is an asshat, this video cealed my hatred for her.

    And how idiotic can she be? If the guy had really been kidnapped by the company, did she honestly expect them to jump out and say, "Yeah, Teddy, the guy we kidnapped. He said hi!," for goodness sake.

    Heh, it'd suck if they tracked down her location, sent the monster into New York as to get rid of any possible evidence. ;)

    Doubt that's how it goes down, there's a realm of possiblities and I don't think they'd take that route, but who knows.


    P.S. Hey Jamie.....since they're coming after u.....say HELL-o to your next resting place... :)

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  7. That's the last video from Jamie...but I have a sneaking suspicion that there might be another video...probably not from Jamie though...

  8. Damn, if (as mentioned) Tag sends the monster after her, that's one seriously evil corporation on par with the Legion Of Doom. I will no longer support their deep-sea-drilling ops and my board will no longer feature a ParafFUN logo.

  9. lol @ erick: "Legion of Doom" :D :D :D

    So, if this is truly the final video, when does Jamie get the call from Randy? Or does he even call her at all? Maybe he has called before she recorded this final video? Maybe he'll call her at the start of the movie, by which time it will be too late, because the monster will be bearing down on New York?

    Who knows...

  10. There will be one more video, you watch. It'll be of Jamie running into her bedroom with Randy freaked out of her mind.

    "Teddy, Randy's here, I'm so sorry I didn't believe you. There's people in my house that broke in, I think they're here for me."
    Door breaks down, Tags men come in and grab Randy and Jamie and in the process the camera gets knocked over and shuts off

    You wait... It'll happen.

  11. Hey dark, that's an interesting and original theory! I guess we'll have to wait and see what happens!

  12. there has to be another video since that seems pretty pointless for any plot. unless part of the plot is to make jamie look like a moron and us not like her. however, these clues seem to be planned too good to just throw out a random or pointless video. now that tag has her info, maybe they will do something to scare her and the next video will be her listening to the rest of the tape to get randy's number and then calling him.

    whatever happens, i think this one was just too anti-climatic to the final one.

  13. So the lives of the world hang in the balance, and Teddy hands the responsibility to this mongoloid.

    Yeah. Good work.

  14. Meh, I was hoping that this build-up would be more 'gamey', like TLE.

  15. Yeah, and with actual candy bars.

  16. lmao i love how we are treating this like a glorified soap insult to anyone, Im taking it as seriously as all of you, the thought just occurred to me...

    in response to dark's theory

    lets not forget that jamie is at rob's party in the beginning of the movie,, so its probable she will make an appearance in the movie (we see her pics on but maybe JJ put that pic on so we would know that she is in the movie? idk

    anyway, good stuff, having fun :-D

  17. Ok since it isn't Randy, I've got a new theory. Maybe someone from Tag-ga-gato :) knows that she's looking for Teddy. So he decides to give her Teddy's whereabouts but he only speaks "whatever". Making her hang up on him.

    Also, YES JAMIES GONNA BE IN THE MOVIE!!! If it shows a pictureof her in then that means she's in the movie!!! DAMN IM GOOD! :)

  18. I don't think Jamie is in the movie:

    IMDB Cloverfield Full Cast Page

    Besides, with her brainpower, it might actually lower the total IQ of the theater :)

  19. Dear Monster,

    Please kill Jamie first.


    The internet.

  20. This can't be the last video. It's completely pointless if so. However, It does show Jamie gave them her freaking name. I agree with dark, there has to be one more video showing what comes of Jamie's stupidity.

    someone who speaks "american"...good god I want to smack her.

  21. HEH, it seems the only videos that are relevant are the gift one, the opening gift one, and this one....

    all else is nonsense like the character's music interests

    i suspect a final video coming up, but not likely

    she does crack me up though

  22. What a weird video, at least we know teddy is missing or dead probably, pretty much what we thougt in the past video, so nothing is change..but the most weird thing is this:

    she called to Tagruato, they answered with a "non american language" they have her number? if when they called her she said "unknown number"?

    Tagruato owns the "Ultra-SuperPower-International Caller -ID" or what?

    is impressive how the cammera is always on the same place with her IQ i don´t know how she can take the camera´s lenscap at all!!

    In another hand there MUST be another video.."this is my last video" is kind of a matter of fact, why she did another one after the last one where she was like..."no more teddy?"

    I´m traveling from Cancun to San Diego JUST TO SEE THIS MOVIE so i´m kind of xpecting more of this..

    when in the universe will they put a damn new picture to the 1-18-08?


  23. I have to agree with Dark,

    I think that the last phone call was a trace... any one who knows anything, knows that you no longer need a time frame for a trace. Any decent software or caller ID can be set to retrieve address information as soon as the callee picks up the phone.

    Most likely they hit *69 or whatever it is in Tag-ga-gato world. (she is so dumb, which explains why she seems so

    They are coming for her and we WILL get to see it when they do. She is just stupid enough to accidently be tapeing when they come for her.

    Oh and TRAVIS... you took the words right out of the Internets maouth...
    Cheers and Namaste

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  25. There will be a new video with Jamie being discovered at her house. She has put the pieces together and starts to apologize. She says that she will get help for him. While apologizing, she gets a knock on the door. When she answers, she gets abducted. Camera off...

    She is NOT in the movie but she will be mentioned for example "Where is Jamie, I thought she would be here by now." It will be a treat for those who followed this drama. is just a reference and JJ mentioned the photos are not the correct time. It is simply just to connect the dots to know the characters.

  26. If Jamie cares about Teddy as much as one would think, you'd also think that she'd take more of an initiative to find out what's going on. I mean, one phonecall to a mysterious company won't actually do anything, right?

  27. Right. One phone call to a call centre somewhere in Tokyo is not going to help her find Teddy at all.

    But then again, either she's too dumb to realise that, or she's so pissed off with Teddy that she's making a half-arsed attempt at giving him one last chance before she gives up completely on him.

  28. If she loves him, then she should at least realize that he gave her something sweet (even if she doesn't know what it does) and try harder.

    But we all know that it's over and Teddy's as good as doomed.

  29. I agree with the NOT THE LAST VID theory. Alright so we got a bitch that has the combined IQ of a raisin, tag-ga-gato who probably wants to despose the bitch to keep their secrets, a guy that speaks "whatever", and the big theory of the guys breaking into her house. It all comes down to this. Who knows when the next vid comes. But i think itll be the best one yet!!

  30. It'll probably come some time near Cloverfield's release date, so that the events will be chronological. Like, it would have actually happened a day before 1-18-08 or something.

    But she'll probably make more vids even if she doesn't send them to Teddy.

  31. Based on what we have seen I think you all should look at the obvious. I mean this is a story and all stories follow an arc that has a climax (vid 5) a falling action (vid 6) and resolution.(a vid 7)

    I think Tagurato (is that it?) knows where Jamie is at this point. Their will probably be a final video where she turns on the camera and says that someone visits her claiming to be a friend of Teddy's (who will really be from afore mentioned company) and she handed over the box and all the stuff inside to him/her out of spite for Teddy. Then she will say she is late for a party for Rob and that will end it.

    Short and sweet, and it ties up the loose ends.

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  33. Nevermind-- they can't kill or kidnap her because she's at Rob's party.

    But, concurring with what some other people said, I hope she dies first.
    She should be all like: "Ohmahgawd Teggy ur liek so dumped lawl!1!1!1!"
    Then she's eaten by the monster.

    What if the monster is Teddy?

  34. haskeltom:" is just a reference and JJ mentioned the photos are not the correct time. It is simply just to connect the dots to know the characters."

    He's right. And Jamie is not in the movie. We haven't heard her, seen her, nor have any of the other characters mentioned her.

    The only way she is in the movie is that she's the blond girl at the party/running into the convenience store, and they for some reason hired a different actress for the viral marketing.

  35. Look at the pic on
    It has Jamie and the 11 Dollar Guy and Rob, I think. Anyway, that establishes that she's at the party.

  36. It could be from another party. Because of what JJ said we can't take the pictures as fact.

    Besides the pic, which I've already stated we can't take as proof, what evidence is there of her being in the movie?

  37. None. You, and by further extension, I, was/were right.

    She's as good as dead.


  38. I still subscribe the the theory that the "monster" will have a very real human element to it; Teddy? Some sort of mutated human-turtle-squid thing. Listen to the roar; sounds like a person gasping for air.

  39. Ty said... It could be from another party. Because of what JJ said we can't take the pictures as fact.

    That's not correct.

    It wasn't JJ that said it, it was Matt Reeves, the director. I don't think that they filmed the movie with the intention of 1-18-08 being the date in the movie, but I also don't think Reeves directed the ARG, so it's possible that the party IS taking place on 1-18-08, and that date is now canon.

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  43. whether or not jamie is at the party (and honestly the more everyone talks about it the more confused i get), i still don't think she will be kidnapped, because this is a web video, and i doubt tagruato mercenaries would take the time - or have the desire - to post the video online if they arrived while she was filming

    . . . . unless. . . . teddy escaped/got broken out (the event?), and in order to get and the evidence back, tagruato kidnaps jamie and posts a video to him of her being held hostage, demanding that he turns himself in.

    i can see it now: "teddy, i'm so sorry i never believed you! the tag-gu-gato men are here and they say they'll kill me if you don't come back! please teddy, i love you! help!"

    if i was him and that happened, i wouldn't turn myself in . . . . i'd send tagruato a thank you card

  44. Hey Ded!!! :-)

    Ditto on the sentiment from the Internet. Jamie makes Rachel Blake seem like Einstein, and it would be kinda fun to see "It" knock her bimbo block off. :-)

  45. How will she upload the video if she's abducted in the middle of making it?

  46. Maybe the Jamie/Teddy thread is a setup for the franchise as a whole, and they'll appear in the sequel(s).

  47. My bad with the whole abduction thing while filming... It wouldn't make sense.

    I'm sure we won't get video until a week out from the film.

  48. hy its become obvious to me that the have all the videos loaded in there we just have to guess what they are called so that we can knida get a jump on this

  49. There's a way for her to be abducted, it be recorded, and tagruato not take the tape.

    First either she's in the middle of an unrelated recording and there's a knock at her front door and Jamie being Jamie, doesn't bother to turn off the camera. Soon after, she runs in her room and locks the door, or perhaps the tape begins with someone pounding on the door with her obviously scared to death.

    Either way, she then begins apologizing for what a stupid, moronic (this could go on forever) person she was, and then puts the flap down on the camcorder so it's not seen when the tag goons break down the door and drag her away.

    Yes, I admit a covered camcorder could be taken, but only if they bothered to look around the room or Jamie could have stuffed the camcorder somewhere else. But even with the flap down, we could a little bit of something.

    I admit it's far from perfect, but it's a way. Regardless, I don't know if she gets kidnapped or not, but I would like someone to explain why else the last video is significant in any way except to show Jamie gave them her name, and after calling them they knew her number, and her number+Yellow book online=address.

    It's completely possible she doesn't get kidnapped, but the last video is doing nothing but setting the scenario up, in my opinion.

    The pictures really confuse the issue. Absence of JJ saying the pictures aren't canon doesn't mean it's false, but just because reeves says it doesn't make it true. Regardless of the pictures, we still don't see Jamie at the party or in any other scene in anything we've seen.

    If it turns out Jamie's hunky dorey and in the movie, I'll fell like a complete idiot, but the hypothesizing is really, really fun.

  50. What about the Seabed's Nectar? They completely dropped that plot. Unless "Tag-ga-gato" comes to Jamie and steals it back.

    And what of her notes on the back of two of the 1-18-08 pics? Postcards to Teddy?

    I still think he's the monster. It's like, Tagruato calls Jamie, and this:

    "Oh, you guys again? You know you're costing me soooo much money for this call?"
    "Hello Miss Lascano."
    "Jee, thanks for speaking american while I'm losing, like, $1000--"
    "You had previously inquired to the whereabouts of one 'Teddy Hanson', I believe?"
    "Where is he?"
    "He's safe. For now."
    "Bring him back."
    "Give us what he stole, and you can have him."
    "Don't be like this, Miss Lascano."
    "I don't know what you're talking about!"
    "Do you have a computer?"
    "What? Why?"
    "We want to show you something."
    *Jamie goes to computer, turns it on, and sees a video conference open. Teddy is chained to a wall. There is someone on a phone next to him*
    "I believe this is your Teddy."
    "Ohmagawd, Teddy, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry, this is all my fault, I'm so so sorry about this, I should have believed you--"
    "Quiet! Give us the Seabed's Nectar!"
    "The what?!"
    "Don't give it to them, Jamie!"
    "Shut up!"
    "I'm sorry, I'm so--"
    "Don't do it! Don't compromise--"
    "I have to! I can't just not--"
    "They'll kill me no matter what you do, Jamie!"
    "But they'll kill me too if I have the Nectar thingy!"
    "GIVE IT TO US!"
    "Fine. You want it. I'll give it up."
    "No, Jamie..."
    "Excellent. We have a representative outside your window. Give him the Nectar."
    *Jamie picks up the blue box and throws it out the window*
    "Thanks you, Miss Lascano. I hope you are prepared for what comes next."
    "Jamie... Jamie RUN!"
    *The man from outside the window grabs Jamie and straps her to a chair in front of the computer. She's gagged*
    "Say goodbye, Jamie."
    *The man on the phone hangs up, but leaves the visual link intact. He walks over to Teddy and injects him with something. He thrashes in the chains, and his flesh begins to change, to mutate. Jamie looks away but the man from Tagruato forces her head back to the screen. Jamie shuts her eyes tight*
    *And that is Teddy's last word as a human. The visual link goes out, and the man in Jamie's room releases her*
    "Tell anyone about this and you will die."
    You... monster...."
    "No. Not us."
    *The man climbs back out the window*
    "I.... I have to go. Rob's having some sort of party, and I... need to tell them..."
    *she turns the camera off*

    That's how I would do it.

  51. Oh nooo ! I wouldn't do it that way

    Bad action (sounds like Steven Seagal's movies)

    I'm 100 % sure JJ Abrams will do it better ! much better !!!

  52. Gee, thanks for dissing my "script"!


    Anywho, that was just what would tie in with the film. I don't actually think it's going down that way.

  53. Hey Noriko, you made a baaaaad way to make a J&T script. Why would Teddy be the monster. Oh and guess what...IT DOES SOUND LIKE A STEVEN SEAGAL MOVIE!!! :)

  54. 1. My generation doesn't even know who Steven Segal is.
    2. I don't care what you day, that script was just an idea and was not meant to be taken seriously.
    3. It's Norik, not Noriko. Noriko invented Slusho.

  55. Teddy is working with inside Tag and stole the secret sauce..

  56. is it just me dont u notice that she said my friends boyfriedn got me the number rob works for tagruato rob and beth beth and jaime hahahah rob and beth r hitting it off

  57. What an idiot. "Oh Im going to call the corporation that my bf just told me kidnapped him, and ask if its true or not" Like, what?Theyre going to be like "Yes we kidnapped him, but were way over here in Japan so theres nothing u can do about it!HA"