Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Odette Yustman in GQ Magazine

GQ Magazine has an interview with Odette Yustman (and sexy photos!), who plays Beth in Cloverfield. She reveals yet another codename for the movie - Monkey.

Cloverfield Beth Odette Yustman Photo 1J.J.'s New Thriller - Sexy photos of 22-year-old actress Odette Yustman

Though Odette Yustman stars in J. J. Abrams’s new top-secret screamer, for a while there, even she didn’t know the movie’s title. Abrams printed call sheets tagging the film Cheese, Slusho, Monkey, even Chocolate Outrage. All smoke screens. “I was sworn to secrecy,” says Yustman, “but things kept getting leaked on the Internet. I think there was a mole. It’s called Cloverfield now.” Not exactly bone-chilling. “It’s the name of the street off the freeway where you exit for J.J.’s office.” The 22-year-old Cuban- Californian can’t say much else about the project, except that it features “intimate, terrifying footage of an attack on New York City” and “a monster” or “monsters” she’s never seen. (But she promises the film is scary.) This woman knows gore on an experiential level—and loves it. “I grew up on a farm,” she says. “I’d watch my grandfather shoot our pigs in the head. It was horrifying—until we’d eat them.”

Cloverfield Beth Odette Yustman Photo 2Cloverfield Beth Odette Yustman Photo 2Cloverfield Beth Odette Yustman Photo 3

* Thanks to Nick and Eddie for finding this!


  1. Somebody get this woman some food.

  2. Hey, I have never posted here before but I was just reading a while back about the listing on craigslist. It was in regards to the job promoting a monster movie. Well today I was at the mall and some lady came up to me and gave me a bunch of free Cloverfield swag. There was a small poster, a postcard, and a sticker. I could see she was holding plastic cups too..but she didn't give me any of those.

    A little bit off topic I know, but I just thought I would mention it in case anyone was wondering about it.

  3. Brief article for sure; other than "monkey", thanks for nothing Odette. As if we'd expect the gal to mention the monster is a mutated human being in combination with a mutated turtle. (Hypothesis)

  4. good...
    I was starting to thing that the only eye-candy in this movie would be Jessica... but Odette's really attractive, too.

    At least Rob's eye isnt bad!


    Blueberry Blast?

    Editorial Review for The Chocolate Monkey – by Lisa Marie Rovito
    The Scene
    From the people behind Muddy Waters Tea & Espresso in Prospect Heights comes a minimalist espresso bar and lounge with a bit of Flatbush Avenue flavor. The name comes from the milkshake-like signature drink of bananas and Italian mocha, just one of a list that includes a Blueberry Blast and Breakfast Shake with fruit, juice and organic granola. An all-glass storefront with lively yellow walls makes the tall room feel sunny and spacious.

  6. Tom, please don't post political stuff here. You can post the rest of the story, if you want. Thank you

  7. ok, there is a folk story about
    the clever monkey...if anyone
    wants to read about it.

    For what it's worth.

  8. Ok, I know its sorta off topic here, but I've been watching this site and the final video that was posted not too long ago has the initials 1-18-08 at the end. They've been talking about a cause since the first video, which was filmed a long while back, just about the time that the trailers appeared. Take a look at the video's and tell me what ya think.

  9. there was talk about that site a few weeks back. general thought is its a game jack

  10. New posting on Tagruato Corp...

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  11. Hey Dennis,
    I got some slusho merchandise for christmas, and along with the tagruato memo other found, I also found something interesting in the newspaper, which is different from the horseracing paper others found.

    anyway, heres a link to the photobucket. check it out and see what u think.
    Id appreciate it if u tried to get some unfiction ppl interested enough to trasnlate it.

  12. forgot the link, sry:

  13. anyone seen the "we are not alone"
    tv trailer? can someone post it here?

    I can't sit on the 'net all the damn time. i can't access youtube, myspace,
    facebook blah blah blah

  14. is related to I Am Legend as far as I know.

  15. I've been following for a while...never heard about I looked into it and it might be connected to Ethan Haas and the ARG for a video game called Alpha Omega (which has already been confirmed to not be related to Cloverfield)...but is directly connected to Christian Group called Generation Surge, promoting a soon to take place conference in February called the Immersed Conference. If you go to there is a direct link to the everthingisgoingtochange website.

    Cool Marketing scheme similar to Cloverfield...yet slightly cultish and unimportant. And definately not related to I Am Legend, weak guess being that the movie has already been out for quiet some time.

  16. More importantly to me are the alternate names for the movie. We have seen the cheese in the slusho commercial on the flag. How does cheese matter to the movie so much that they were thinking about naming it "Cheese"? If it was in contention with Slusho it must be important. As well Monkey? and Chocolate Outrage? Granted this is speculation but could the Monkey with the Cheese flag from the slusho commercial be a new flavor logo for a flavor only introduced in the U.S.?? Maybe this is what causes the internal explosions??

  17. Ummm, I Am Legend wasn't my guess...I remember that site being discussed weeks ago and someone noting it was related to that movie. I have a feeling the alternate names were just for secrecy when shooting and have nothing to do with the plot.

  18. Odette is one beautiful woman, but I do have to agree with Kevin, she should add on a little weight, she's too much on the thin side for my taste.

    Well, maybe it's her natural body type, some stay skinny regardless of what they do (lucky bastards).

    Regardless, she's beautiful and I can't wait to see what happen's to her in the movie. From the promotional shot's I've seen, it won't be pretty.

  19. I know its not related to "I am legend". I saw the movie the day it came out. Plus, the viral ad's on is still going on. As for the christian thing, I was kinda thinking the same thing, but I thought it was rather interesting that they've been talking about a certain "cause", and the date at the end of the newest video being 1-18-08. It's not related to Alpha Omega either, due to that's a pencil and paper RPG, which I am getting the books for. As for the christian thing, that's the closest possibility I've heard anyone say so far, because I've looked a little more into it. Thanks for the looking into it for me everyone, and take care.

  20. Two words about her pics: Sex-y :)

    2 more words!!: Very nice!

  21. I'm thinking that "Cheese" And "Monkey" were definitely fake titles, and they play on these titles on the Slusho website. There's the thought bubbles with the cheese, and then there's that random monkey, and I think they were just poking fun at it, the same way they made the bag with all of the crossed out names, and the same way they made fun of the stupid people who thought that he said "It's a lion" I think we over think stupid stuff and they make fun of us BECAUSE we over think it.

    That, my friends, is hilarious