Saturday, December 22, 2007

Slusho Commercial Contest Ads

Ads for the Slusho Happy Commercial Contest of Joy have started showing up online.

The strange thing is, there is no mention of Cloverfield. Maybe there haven't been enough submissions yet?

Speaking of contests... don't forget about the Cloverfield Widget contest, where you can help CloverfieldClues and it's readers win a hometown screening of Cloverfield, before it premiers!

* Thanks to OnlyDudeWhoKnows from unFiction for finding this at!


  1. Does anyone know if you get a reply from Slusho after you've submitted the video (directing it mainly at Ean_Mc :P)
    Because I entered mine, but I didnt get a reply or anything, so I'm wondering if it didn't go through?

    If you want to check it out...

    And, about the ads online, maybe they are trying to steer Slusho away from Cloverfield? Maybe they want to surprise the audience in the cinema when Slusho makes an appearence or something?
    Not too sure...I'm pretty confused lol

  2. no.. i didn't get a confirmation e-mail.. i checked my youtube account, and someone had commented that i was linked to the slusho site. i e-mailed them afterward to ask how they notify the winners, cause i wasn't too sure (i think they call/email the winners 24 hrs after the contest has ended)

    also, i don't think they have enough submissions


  3. Dennis, the rules specifically state that Slusho! has nothing to do with anything "scary or bad," so I have a feeling if anyone mentions 1-18-08 or Cloverfield, then their submission will be disqualified.
    Just a thought.

  4. Oh ok cool, thanks for that bro. Was getting worried. If you get an email back from them (Youll probably get one back after Christmas, all of the viral marketing team are probably on holiday right now) post it here, I'd be interested to see it, thanks!

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  6. so..which websites have these been on?

  7. I sure hope this contest is not canceled due to lack of submission!!

    I have been diligently working on my AD!! (I even tossed a Slusho! Party! -
    Click on 'pics' to view

    As I work two jobs, I have to sneak this work into the remaining few minutes of each day.

  8. I am beginning to feel slusho has
    less and less to do with Cloverfield. Pissing me off because of the last 6 months trying to put it together.

  9. They will contact within 2 weeks of the contest ending, not 24 hours.