Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Cloverfield Rated PG-13 / Updated Film Credits

The CloverfieldMovie.com website has been updated with the movie's rating - PG-13.

Also, the film credits (aka "billing") have been added to the site, and have been updated with additional info. I have highlighted the changes in bold. Notably, in addition to Double Negative, Tippett Studio is listed under Visual Effects.

A BAD ROBOT production
Costumes Designed By ELLEN MIROJNICK
Edited By KEVIN STITT, ace
Production Designer MARTIN WHIST
Director Of Photography MICHAEL BONVILLAIN, asc


  1. hey. at Cinematical.com, they have this article saying that Slahfilm.com says that at the early screenings of Cloverfield, Slusho! wasn't in the movie at all (other then a shirt and cup). They say that Slusho! is for another project J.J Abrams is working on and that it somehow is getting confused to be part of Cloverfield....

    I doubt this is ture though...
    read it for yourself


  2. Not true. Jamie is in Cloverfield, her latest video features Tagruato, and they make Slusho.

  3. Not to mention the fact that Teddy sends her a Slusho! hat, which she prominently displays to the camera.

  4. no no no I read that article the other day and it's just his theory based on information that HE has been able to gather (at that point) Meaning he's missing major pieces of the viral marketing campaign, interviews, etc. etc.

    quite frankly though, it doesn't matter if it doesn't make a major appearance because currently it's giving us the backstory. I'm amost positive it's only serving the purpose of the why and the how of the monster. While they're running through the city fleeing from the monster I doubt they'll stop to buy a cup of slusho. People will be able to jump in and enjoy the movie without having followed the viral marketing campaign but at the same time it's like a SUPER bonus for those of us who have followed it.

  5. This is way late and all, but it just occurred to me: why were there Slusho! product placements in "Heroes" when J.J. Abrams does not produce that show? The only connection is that his friend Greg Grunberg is an actor the show, as far as I know... Seems like a lot of trouble for them to go to in order to promote a movie that's not connected to the show.

  6. Maybe its just me, but does anyone else think that we are gonna get another trailer in front of Sweeny Todd? When one of the actors, I believe it was Odette Yustman, was being interviewed, she claimed that there were going to be trailers, plural. Seeing as Sweeny Todd is the last major Paramount movie, I would think that they would release one more trailer before the movie comes out. Just my two cents though.

  7. i'm in agreement with Patrick..

    also, i think slusho! could play a part in some other movie..like, it could be in the same universe

  8. yup. I agree with you guys.

    juts thought I should post it if anyone wanted to read it

  9. Bubba8193 said... hey. at Cinematical.com, they have this article saying that Slahfilm.com .... I doubt this is true though... read it for yourself

    If you read the original article at SlashFilm (instead of someone else's account), he has updated his post to read:

    ADDED CLARIFICATION*: Please treat the following as a rumor, not fact. I do not have any factual evidence of another Slusho! project.

  10. I told you guys we were looking at a PG-13 movie, there isnt really that much money to be made off a R movie expecially a monster movie maybe a scary movie like saw but not a monster movie

  11. eh...im kinda upset, but at the same time happy that they made the movie PG-13...I was hoping this movie would be ridiculously scary, but it seems like it won't be if it is PG-13...but then again, there are a bunch of under 17 people (even who visit this site regularly and help find clues) who would be angry if they werent able to see it...

    and its interesting they are making a monster movie with the skyscraper tall monster crushing people with the statue of liberty's head while there are people exploding all over the place...

  12. pinkhamster: the LOST and Heroes creative teams are good friends, and bounce things off of each other often. Damon Lindelof (no association to Cloverfield, but still close to Abrams) worked with Tim Kring on "Crossing Jordan". Little side deals like Slusho have crossed back and forth between the two shows for a while now. It's an "open" inside joke.

  13. Woot its PG-13 i was waried i would have to go see it w/ my parents lol

  14. I usually don't care what a movie is rated, unless it's rated G. I don't feel it makes the movie any less awesome if it's rated PG-13 instead of R.

    And since I'm sixteen, I'm glad I won't need to see it with my parents, or sneak in (which I've never done, and never plan to do).

    I still need someone to take me though, so it doesn't really matter in the end. =/


  16. Does anyone care to speculate on the extra hole in the Statue of Liberty?

  17. Maybe Slusho! wasn't in the early screening of the movie because they didn't want to give everything away. So, it might be in the movie when its officially released because they wouldn't need to hide anything anymore.

  18. learnlovegrow if you are talking about the extra scratch then it could be many different things but i htink its from the monsters thumb or pinky.

  19. The question still remains, if Slusho isnt in the movie then why are people exploding(getting sick)?

  20. I really think it's safe to assume that Slusho! figures prominently into the movie, given Jamie's last video. We know that seabed nectar is the prime ingredient. Obviously the substance in the "evidence" baggie is just that. By sending a Slusho! hat along with it, I believe Teddy is insinuating that Slusho! is directly related to the "something" that Tagruato has found or made. We wouldn't be getting all these deliberate clues if it wasn't referenced in the film.

  21. I wonder if the monster tries to mate with the statue and then rips her head off afterward. I thought the hole might be from an extra digit too.

  22. I doubt Slusho is going to be a prominent part of the film. They're not going to spend a lot of time showing people sitting around drinking slurpees and then exploding. It wouldn't make sense in the context of the main monster attack, since they're not going go have time or motivation in the context of first-person camera footage to explain the Tagruato connection between Slusho and the monster (if there is one).

  23. yay that means i can go see it with my friends :D

  24. Well, ive got 18 year old friends so it wouldnt have mattered anyway (plus my theatre is run by 17 year olds who dont care.)
    I agree that ratings dont matter to much, unless its a Die Hard movie.
    The greatest dissapoint of my life: That Die Hard 4 was rated PG-13, and only had one incoherent f-bomb.
    I was hoping this movie would be more realistic, and have alot of cursing, but eh, what can u do.

  25. Im so glad that the movie has a PG-13 rating but also dissapointed. Im under 17, but my parents would still let me see it because they know how much research ive bin doin and ive bin following this site since the teaser trailer. Even if they didnt let me see it i would sneak in......lol

  26. Maybe the move only is of the account of the one night, and the only way to understand where and why the monster exists, is by knowing all that we know, and to all the people going to watch this movie, will have to do the same!

  27. I feel so damn old around all these people worried about getting adults to take them to see the movie. I'm glad, though, that it's going to be accessable to teenagers, as I feel that that will end up being the major fan base.

  28. hey someone stole my name! lol. ill have to sign my posts now. PG-13 is kinda disapointing i was expecting at least M15+ - Oh well, wont effect my excitment of wanting to see the movie! This also proberly means we proberbly wont see a great deal of the monster. The REAL Alan :P

  29. I bet that halfway through the movie, Jamie will stop and say, "Hmm, maybe this was what Teddy was talking about. I guess I shouldn't have ignored him and assumed it was all one big, strange lie."

  30. This kind of movie has to come in at PG. You are going to lose a lot of older people who would never go to see a "Giant monster crushes city" movie, no matter how good the buzz was around it. A big part of the audience will be younger, so you have to keep it to them. It's still very possible to make a movie suspenseful, just without excessive language or sexuality (which would seem to be pointless in this anyway). Jurassic Park was done superbly and holds up to this day without going the adult route. If we're going to get more of these movies in the future (hopefully good ones), they need to be profitable.

  31. As if people exploding and getting all "chewed up" hasn't been awarded a PG-13 rating before. (READ: War Of The Worlds). No shock on the rating at all.

  32. Violence, Terror and Disturbing Images?

    -Koolaid Man Voice-
    Oh yeah!

  33. i had an idea: what if the person exploding is jamie, from drinking the seabed nectar directly?

    just a thought...

  34. Ummmm mayb slusho is gonna b in da movie do 2 da fact dat its a cure remember da effects whoeva drinks Slusho well it gonna b a cure 4 "suppose" da people blowin up or da people infected so dats my theory

  35. PG-13 means nothing. Jaws was PG when it came out. Star Wars was PG... The only reason for an R rating these days is severe profanity or nudity. I don't see many chances for nudity, and the profanity will be pretty realistic,... Although I personally would use alot more profanity if it were me in that situation.

    Either way, try not to read to much into it. It's gonna be hella-fun.

    And yes, Jamie can come across as bitchy, but I don't blame her. She has no idea what's going on, and she is reacting like a forgotten girlfriend. Just don't eat it......

  36. I don't think the rating matters... in my opinion the "scariest" horror movies are the PG-13 mind trip ones like The Grudge

  37. I agree with the general sentiment, Patrick, but one of the scariest horror movies of all time (in my opinion) is SUSPIRIA by the Italian director Dario Argento, and that one is definitely not PG13 material. Check it out some time if you want to see something frightening.

  38. Does anyone remember the marketing for Blair Witch Project? Maybe we are in for a TV production concerning the rape of the Earth by Tagruato, the connection to Slusho, Bold Futura space exploration, etc. How exciting it was to get caught up in that SciFi channel Blair Witch show. People were totally believing it all! Just a thought...give the public a tasty treat and they will eat the movie up!

  39. Again, PG-13 means NADA in this case; sorry "Saw" fans, there will be no "torture porn" scenes in the film.

  40. Of course this would be a film teenage kids can see. We need our own monster! The peoples monster. Just an old school care free player/hater with mad skills dropping it hot in NYC.

  41. I've always thought that the viral marketing campaign for this film (ie Slusho/Tagruato/myspace pages)served to be backstory only and not reveal anything about the actual content of the film, seeing as 1-18-08 hasn't happened yet. Cloverfield will probably be all monster film and not go into the hows or whys of whats happening. Which is why I think all the "what is the monster" discussions are pointless, it's not like it's going to lean down to Rob and say "hey, my names..."

  42. I've read at firstshowing.net that the release date in the US is actually 2/8/08. Anyone else heard this? Any additional info? Has this already been discussed and beaten to death?

  43. Cowpattbill, you didn't provide a link, so I couldn't find anything about that.

    Their 2008 Movie Schedule shows Cloverfield on 1-18-08.

    However, that is not a worldwide release date... see: http://cloverfieldclues.blogspot.com/2007/10/international-release-dates.html

  44. Well, I think its retarded that a Pg-13 can not have more than one eff bomb, without becoming r-rated. Of course, im happy its pg-13 because myself and others dont have to worry about it anymore...but it is sacrificing the realism of the movie.
    Lets face it, full grown adults, WHO LIVE IN NEW YORK of all places, are not going to refrain their language when they see a giant monster bearing down on them.
    so no, the dialogue isnt going to be real, but atleast its not a die hard movie, a pg-13 die hard movie, that ruined my life and ruined action movies for me forever.
    Pg-13 version: you just killed a helicopter with a car!
    :I ran out of bullets
    R version: You just killed a helicopter with a car!
    : Shut the fuck up!

  45. From Unfiction Forums:


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    [PRESS] Paramount to Advertise Cloverfield on Mobile Phones
    Exclusive Film Clip?

    Here's a link to an article about some new Microsoft "technology" that's being used to push ads out to cell phones. Apparently, Paramount will use this to promote Cloverfield via a contest to be the first person to get to see it.


    EDIT: Here's another link with some related, but different info mentioning that the promotion involves an "exclusive film clip":


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    Posted: Mon Dec 10, 2007 2:19 pm

  46. Another thing rated R movies dont make more money then PG-13 movies its a fact i know people that wont let there kids play a rated T video game let alone watch a rated R movie, no matter how much they want to see it. My point is when JJ thought about this movie he didnt want to make a movie that adults would say was good he wanted a movie that the whole world would say was good(of all age).

    I think he really wanted the movie to be seen by teens because when they have kids they can tell there kids about the best movie of the 20th century, CloverField. My parents told me about little shop of horror and war of worlds. So JJ didnt want a movie for ratings he wanted a movie that would be remember (he wanted a American Godzilla and you cant make it happen with a rated R movie).

  47. FYI, You can delete your own posts by clicking the little trash icon, underneath the timestamp.

  48. Sorry Dennis, here you go. It was originally mentioned by H.P. who's girlfriend is the manager of a theater. The first post that talks about the "scoreboard" (the board that shows what movies are coming up and when) is post #1836. There is a partial photo of the scoreboard in post #1857 and a full shot of the board on #1996.
    H.P. is a trusted source on that message board. He wouldn't make this up.

    This requires more investigation.

  49. Ooops, still forgot the link. Here it is:


  50. The difference between an R and PG-13 rating isn't just sex scenes. Expect really toned down lines in what would otherwise be a high-stress situation that would cause at least more than one F-bomb to pop out of me.

    Also for a film that is going to have a gigantic monster killing thousands of people, and perhaps even people exploding...there isn't going to be much gore at all. When people get a giant statue head launched at them or stomped on from a giant foot...flowers and puppy-dogs don't come pouring out of them.

    I'm expecting a very watered down film now, all for the sake of getting kids into the theater. But that is the norm these days and JJ has to get paid. Oh well. As with most films that should have been R but dropped to PG-13, the dvd release might right the wrongs.

  51. nickel i agree some what with you, but i have only seen one person "explode" so you cant say that this movie will have exploding "people" in it. And another thing grand theft auto is rated AO but there arent any kids walking around in the game. So no matter what the rating of this movie is it will NEVER BE REAL.

    And no kids will be running around being killed by the monsters.

  52. How shallow do you have to be to judge the movie on its rating? You can have great movies without massive amounts of gore. A LOT of R movies even GROSSLY exhaggerate the use of gore to the point it isn't even realistic anymore.

    Like people said above, Jurassic Park and War of the Worlds were great examples of pg-13 movies that were still realistic.

    The only real gripe I have about it is really the immature 13 year-olds I have to share the theater with.

  53. I can't believe anyone cares at all that this movie isn't rated R. I'd rather a PG-13 movie with no curses than an over-the-top gore fest with a curse every other word. I hate Superbad for that reason. I live in New Jersey and I never hear people curse THAT much.

    And anyone going to see Superbad for good dialog, well.. They're weird.

  54. Anyone who wants to learn more about how crazy the film ratings system is should watch the recent documentary "This Film Has Not Yet Been Rated," which shows how all American films are rated by a secret group of people whose names are not revealed to the public, and whose decisions cannot be appealed. Their ratings are often arbitrary (with exactly the same types of violence or profanity rated differently in different films based on favoritism to certain film studios and other factors). It also discusses how the NC-17 rating is the kiss of death for a film because no theaters will show such movies and the big movie rental chains won't rent them either. Which means if your movie is rated NC-17 that you have to change your movie exactly the way this anonymous group of people tell you to or your movie will not get released.

  55. to the people complaining about how there won't be swears because it'll be toned down, you do of course that there is about a 99.9% chance that the DVD will be unrated. It was the same with Live Free or Die Hard. People were complaining about the lack of swearing but then you pop in the DVD and it reappears.

  56. Obviously Slusho plays a role. Tagruato drills, at their newest site off the coast of NY, to get more secret Slusho ingredient and something goes horribly wrong and results in the monster. Possibly the "cherry whale" that is a new mention in the happy talk section of their website.

  57. oh my,

    the trailer has said 1-18-08
    from the beginning. what is
    there to talk about?

  58. In regards to the rating: Well, I'm not 17 so I'm obviously going to be biased in the PG-13 direction, but the rating people have been ridiculously light-handed in their ratings these days.

    Anyone seen Beowulf? Guys get ripped in half, their heads are crushed like melons, cut off their own arms (lol) and don't forget the Angelina Jolie scene, which Cloverfield will certainly not have. And they gave it... PG-13.

    For those who argue that they gave it the rating due to it being animated- all gore is always animated.

    And I'll be happy that they won't be cussing everything out the whole movie, too.

  59. Patrick said...

    "to the people complaining about how there won't be swears because it'll be toned down, you do of course that there is about a 99.9% chance that the DVD will be unrated. It was the same with Live Free or Die Hard. People were complaining about the lack of swearing but then you pop in the DVD and it reappears."

    I've noticed they do this with a lot of movies these days. It seems like it's more of a marketing tool now, because they tack on the "unrated version" tag in the title and people automatically want it because they think boobs and cussing automatically make a movie better. Ah, media.

  60. Well, I guess we'll see tom.
    Remember, you heard it from me first.

  61. Stuves: Al Gore isn't always animated. He's kind of a boring speaker if you ask me.

  62. if the movie doesn't open until february that's fine with me, just know
    that having to wait an extra month
    totally kills any interest i had
    in seeing it.

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    as obsessed as I am, this is
    a fun read. It's about Vostok

  64. Cowpattybill said... Well, I guess we'll see tom. Remember, you heard it from me first.

    No offense, but this is a pretty silly rumor.

    If you go to Paramount.com, it says right on the website "IN THEATERS 01-18-08"

    I'm not sure how much more clear that can be.

  65. Oh...trashcan, good.
    thx dennis, sry i got upset on ur website.
    The unrated version of die hard has the cursing? good! then the series hasnt been ruined for me.
    im fine with this movies rating dont get me wrong.

  66. See now isn't anyone the least bit surprised it's PG-13? I mean how much more liflike violent can a movie get, it's shot like a documentary y'know. Blair Witch was R rated and that was a crap, coulda been PG13. This has some pretty good effects and profanity so why not R? Is it such a stigma anyways, lol I saw 5 year olds at Freddy Vs Jason lines in theaters get in, add some more gore JJ let's get them 5 year olds what they want!