Thursday, December 20, 2007

Cloverfield TV Commerical #3 has an exclusive look at a third TV commercial for Cloverfield. This one is straight out of the original teaser trailer, with some added special effects on the explosion.

Also, there is a high-quality version of commercial #1 on MySpace:

You can now see all of the commercials on YouTube here:

Commercial #3:
Commercial #2:
Commercial #1:

* Thanks to The Enchanted One and Jon for the hot tips!


  1. Wow 3 comercials cool,yay first post.

  2. Dennis,

    You should be nominated in some category on next year's Movie Trailer
    Awards. I watched the 2007 award show
    on ReelzChannel. Cloverfield should win in every category next year.

  3. I don't think there's any additional effects on the explosion, I think it's just the poor quality upload by

  4. It's been redone, it looks like there's a slightly smaller radius, and the buildings on the right are now behind the flames instead of in front.

  5. did any of you all also notice that the "2004 ace" is more noticable in this one?

    seems like its "--83 - 2004 ace"

  6. Thanks for posting links to the commercials. We STILL haven't seen one here in NM. And we've got Directv! *grumbles*

    The Slusho shirts for the kids and wife are wrapped and under the tree.. and I just found the paper that was put in with them, but haven't found them to be "clues."

    Ah well, can't have everything...

  7. Dewain said... Thanks for posting links to the commercials. We STILL haven't seen one here in NM. And we've got Directv! *grumbles*

    Yeah, I haven't seen any of the commercials yet either. I've been Tivoing SciFi channel every night and scanning for commercials, but nothing yet. Now that we have high-quality versions of all three, I don't think I'll bother anymore.

    The Slusho shirts for the kids and wife are wrapped and under the tree..

    Hopefully they don't pull a Jamie and just toss them aside! :)

  8. I have Directv in Georgia and
    I finally saw a commercial Tuesday night. I think it was on VH1. I was flipping back and forth between VH1 and

  9. saw all 3 of them last night numerous times during ghosthunters

  10. Has anyone seen the writing if you pause it on 0:19? It seems that a fireball illuminates the wall to the right of the door and reveals graffiti type writing. Sorry if this has been posted already...

  11. Yep, that's the "2004 Ace" thing, west. It's been seen before, but I don't thing we've found any significance from it [yet].

  12. Great commercial, i like the bite thing no matter if I already heard it in the number 2 trailer.

    yes i see that the explosion of the buildings is quite bigger this time, but i think they removed buildings from the fearst teaser in this scene (I´m at the office, can´t check both trailers side to side here since i have a nice processor here...)

    Also, there is only a few weeks before the release..i´m planning a trip to LA on the 01-18-08 but i´ll be fliyig all damn day!!

    Slusho Rules!!!

  13. Hey Dennis!!

    Why is that i see here on the page that your widget has 1773 grabs and in the cloverfield page with the lists you have only 391?

    They are so playing dirty!!!

  14. I googled YCDJ6 and got this website:

    it directs you to sites to buy monster
    equipment?? huh?

  15. I googled Ace 2004 and this is
    the first entry:

    Look, I know that this is not IG, but I am brainstorming here, and how amazing is it that it leads to stuff like
    "Vibration Control" companies.

  16. TOM:Brainstorming is great, keep searching, that is how i got to this page on the first place and share all kinds of things with everyone.

    Dennis is doing a great job, leaving us say what we think and find on the web and leading on the right way!!

    EVEN TRAVELING I check this page..always searching, always feeding back as i can.. :)

  17. Nice new explosion. They probably moved it due to the original location being practically right on top of the former WTC site when they realized that the Woolworth collapse would cause enough controversy alone.

  18. at 10 seconds of that video....a female says "it sounded like an animal" pretty sure that is new....don't remember hearing it before

  19. "It sounded like an animal" is old, it's in the old teaser.

    That new explosion is so weird...

    And the monster sounds different.

  20. at 00:20-00:21 the moan or roar of the monster (if that's what I'm hearing) definitely seems amplified in this new trailer. Or maybe I just never noticed it as much before.

    It sounds a lot more like a moan than a roar. Makes me think of a whale song, but maybe that's just me thinking about that fan concept art.

  21. It sounds less amplified, but much closer... My favorite roar is right before the headchucking in the teaser.

  22. P.S- The new explosion is also bigger, but the location has not been moved. Also changed are the fireballs, now is doesn't look like debris at all...

    But, lol, they sure as heck look like Firebomb grenades from Halo 3.

  23. is it just me, or is the soldiers face not blurred in the 2nd commercial, even though its just a quick sideshot

  24. Hey, here's a question for ya. Has any significance ever come out of the photo's on Are they just for our viewing pleasure or have they led to clues? I ask because like the rest of you, I check the website daily hoping there will be a new picture and today I found myself wondering why? Is it just for fun, or are they important messages JJ is trying to send us? Okay, thanks! Hope you all are doing well.

  25. vernon141 said... Hey, here's a question for ya. Has any significance ever come out of the photo's on

    Yes, check here:

  26. I know this is off topic, and it isn't a real breakthrough, but I think I have slightly more concrete evidence that no, they did not pull out the first actress for Jamie.

    I compared scenes from the teaser and on to look for comparisons. The photo quality on 1-18-08 is VERY low, but I gleaned several things:

    Similar eye color (dead givaway)
    Same freckles on nose
    Same hairstyle and hair shade

    Check it out for yourself. I do think now that that girl IS in fact Jamie L.

  27. I just saw the commercial during Smallville. Very nice. I'm so happy it's less than a month away now.. But January 18th is still forever away.

  28. Actually, only 28 days, 2 hours, and 57 minutes as of now.

  29. i just saw the commercial on the comedy channel during napoleon dynamite! woo hoo!!! this movie better be as good as i'm hoping it is. my wife thinks i'm stupid when i get excited from seeing some trailor on tv for the first time.

  30. it was funny cause i was thinking "im never gonna see it!" then i was watching VH1 and it came on. god i cant wait for it!!