Monday, December 10, 2007

Cloverfield Wrap Party Gifts

At the Cloverfield wrap party on August 18th, some unique gift bags were handed out. Thanks to the magic of eBay, we can now see what we missed out on, since my invitation was lost in the mail...

Crew gift from JJ Abrams upcoming film Cloverfield, aka Slusho!, Chocolate Outrage, Cheese, etc. Perfect for the JJ Abrams / Matt Reeves fan. The shoulder bag is chocolate brown canvas with the titles of the film in its various forms printed on it, an aged crew baseball hat with the Slusho! logo, and a matching insulated mug too. Plus an invite to the wrap party (long since gone) and a humorous confidentiality agreement with some wacky inside jokes from filming. Great for the fan /collector. Will ship worldwide, with a tracking number. A generous portion of this sale will help feed the hungry this holiday season. Cheers.

It's interesting to note that as of August, the name Cloverfield was crossed out as a potential name for the movie, and Monstrous was not on the list.

This auction sold for only $34, what a deal! Hopefully more will show up soon... I really want one of those brown hats!

Just a reminder, my birthday is tomorrow (hint, hint!)


  1. anybody else think it's strange that the flyer is Rob AND Beth's going away party?

  2. Dennis, on the title change thing... My personal hunch (based on nothing) is that they orignally were going to think of another name because "Cloverfield" doesn't sound very "scary," but that by the time it came time to make a decision they decided that it had been referred to as "Cloverfield" for so long that it would be too confusing and defeat some of the marketing efforts that had already been made if they came up with a completely different title.

  3. Corpus Delicti said... anybody else think it's strange that the flyer is Rob AND Beth's going away party?

    Maybe Rob and Beth finally hook up after all...

  4. That invitation seems like a fake prop inviting people to the wrap up party (in August). Don't think it really hint's at the fate of our characters from the movie (though that'd be kind of tight, have Rob and Beth survive, make new friends by August of 2008 and have a new going away party!...:D).

    Though I do love how it say's "Bon Voyage Rob...AGAIN! The 2nd attempt - Rob and Beth Going Away PARTY" then below; "Let's forget the past that the monster..." and I can't read the rest.

    Place: Rob and Beth's Loft.

  5. Gabriel,

    The party already happened. It was August 18, 2007

  6. Oh, I know Dennis. I was just kiddin' around when I spoke of August 2008 and all that jazz.

    Anyway, as obsessed as I seem to be with this film, I don't think I'd dish the cash for these items...*has credit card between fingers*

  7. Gabriel, the flyer says, "Let's Finish The Party That The Monster Started!"...Just though I would clarify in case anyone else was wondering....That comment is rather provacative, don't you think? ;o)

  8. hey is laney cheese part of the game... i'll check them out.
    I just thought because of them being on the hat that they might be made up

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  10. todd you have the flyer statement wrong it says "lets finish the party the monster smashed"

    look closey.

  11. He's right! Also...I'm just wondering...I think that 1-18-08 is actually a better title! It sounds so...nysterious -.-