Thursday, January 10, 2008

This Is NOT The Monster, Part 2

Here is an amazing artist rendition of a Cloverfield monster concept. The fan made artwork is NOT the Cloverfield monster, but was in fact created by Washington artist Doug Williams, for an online contest. Nice work Doug!

You can check out Doug's other artwork at

* Thanks to everyone for emailing me about this, especially Peter at /Film for origin of the artwork.
* This post was bumped from Sept 20th


  1. hmm i think this gives us a lot of insight. First off the sounds in the video do sorta sounds like a whale. Also from the last scene in the movie they say something like 'theres one of them up there' or something like that. Prehaps its a whale type monster with parasites that also are attacking people. Interesssting.

  2. Hmm the head of this one reminds me of Sin from FFX. Sin-Spawn anybody? ^.^

  3. This may already be speculation, but…
    …maybe, if there ends up being human sized creatures, we might see some form of Americanized/bastardized Kappa? It shares features with many of the animals shown on the Slusho! site. Also, when you bow to it, it’ll bow back and a magical liquid is supposed to pour out of its head (Slusho?). It’s a stretch, and there are a few holes, but there might be some form of connection.

  4. Ah, this is old news. I guess Rob's frat paddle in the trailer reads AKM (Alpha Kappa Mu), so there's another bit of a tie-in to the whole Japanese creature theory.


  5. Alan said... hmm i think this gives us a lot of insight.

    NO, it doesn't. There is no "insight" from this. This is FAN MADE art. It is a FAKE, i.e. NOT REAL. It is based on anonymous rumors, so it is just a guess.

  6. If there are monster lice in this movie it will definitely give me nightmares! :-)

  7. damn...this sets the bar pretty high for jj in my opinion

  8. meh... its cool i guess. not really big on the parasite idea though. personally, this thing doesnt really strike fear into my heart. jj said he wanted something insane. this looks big, slow and easily killed. not to say its not cool looking, and the guy who did this did a great job, i just dont think its the angle abrams is looking for.

  9. It may be fan art, but think about it.... Slsuho is about whales, the monster sounds like a whale (sort of) and what i mentioned about the last scene and the lice. It was just speculation. Sorry if i upset you by doing so.

  10. Alan,

    No need to apologize...I'm not upset. :)

    I just don't want people to be confused and think this is real. Some other sites have been reporting this as "news" or "leaked".

  11. Giant whale louse...

    I thought I had seen everything.



  12. i like it, although with the damage to the city in the poster that we are shown, the drawn monster is much to wide to be correct, but that would def. besomething i would want to see f up a town :D

  13. it looks cool, but not an insane psycho monster

  14. Call me stupid but I think this is either a remake or sequel to the godzilla franchise.
    Lets look at some of the clues. In the trailer Rob is going to Japan the birthplace of Godzilla. The movie takes place in New York where the 1998 film left off with a closing scene of a "Baby Godzilla". Scenes of people running for there lives looking backwards, reminiscant of all Godzilla movies. The roar is very Godzilla-ish. Tri-Star had the last film why not Paramount this time.

  15. firefighter4160 said... Call me stupid but I think this is either a remake or sequel to the godzilla franchise. Lets look at some of the clues. In the trailer Rob is going to Japan the birthplace of Godzilla. The movie takes place in New York where the 1998 film left off with a closing scene of a "Baby Godzilla". Scenes of people running for there lives looking backwards, reminiscant of all Godzilla movies. The roar is very Godzilla-ish. Tri-Star had the last film why not Paramount this time.

    OK, you're stupid! :) j/k

    Didn't you see JJ Abrams' speech from Comic-com?

    He basically said it is NOT Godzilla:

    I want a great monster movie ... I was in Japan over a year ago with my son ... and there were still all these Gozillas everywhere ... and I thought, we need our own monster ... not like King Kong. I love King Kong. King Kong is adorable. And Godzilla is a charming monster. We love Godzilla, but I wanted something that was just insane, and intense.

    Besides, Sony owns the movie rights to Godzilla, not Paramount, and according to Wikipedia: Toho has decided to retire the franchise for a period of 5-10 years, possibly returning with a new film in 2013 or 2014.


    It's the new teaser trailer featuring a field reporter. don't ask how i got this, people would get canned.

  17. Hey check out this poster for "the beast from 20,000 fathoms" ITS ALIVE !

    By the way the monster attacked New York, It has 4 claws, It came from the sea, and its roar is very similar, check it out for yourself if its not a remake its a rip off.

  18. The artist work is impressive, but not
    scary. I want something that will make me cry for my mommy.

  19. I am not buying the giant whale, giant crab, giant giant, thing. Overgrown bugs are too godzilla-ee.

    Alien was original, predator was orginal, that's the kind of thing I am looking for, just lots bigger.

  20. what the hell if this a whale on feet then it will suck cuz whales don't eat people what is the little 6 ft midget things on the whale trust me guys its not a whale he isn't that dumb. Its not Godzilla even though i want it to be cuz at comic con j.j. adams clearly said its not Kong and its not Godzilla . "I want our own monster" we just did a kong movie and Godzilla is a japan monster even if we did one movie its still japan's monster That drawing was done by an marine biologist that really wants a whale monster cuz no body else does besides him.

  21. hmmmmm.....i think the whale is correct but im still going with godzilla. (a whale cant be that huge)

  22. screw u hubbs....u dont even know who thoght of the idea (i got it when i went to see j.j abrams in a concert)

  23. Am i the only one who sees a major connection with that pic and the monster from 'The Host'. if this is what the monster will look like its not very original.

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  25. Whi is it the closer it gets to the movie date the less intelligent people are getting on here?

    You straight out said "This is NOT the monster" yet you still have people going "OMG THIS BETTER NOT BE THE MONSTER LOL"


  26. gotta question the trailer link. why the hell would you post something that can get people fired on youtube?

  27. I'll be glad when the movie does come out so people will stop complaining about what they haven't seen. I truly think all the fan art has been amazing, but people are so quick to think they've happened upon some miracle discovery when it's all been seen 100 times by the folks on unfiction.

  28. zurcher said... gotta question the trailer link. why the hell would you post something that can get people fired on youtube?

    Yeah that's just a spoof. BTW, I bumped this thread from September, so some of the commentes here are really out-dated. But, i just had someone email me this photo, so I though why not make this part 2?

  29. I think this design is amazing, but yeah, as matthew said, its not scary and I think/hope "Clover" will be scary to look at.

    The parasites on this just look a bit clunky on this design though, if they are actually in the movie i'm hoping for some real evil little critters!

  30. I really like this guys design. The scale is way off for the monster from what you see in the actual footage, but I like the giant louse.

    That youtube video is def fake. It's a pretty good try.

  31. Dennis, I was wondering why this was put up. I was starting to think that the anticipation of 1-18-08 was starting to get to you! :)

  32. Fake or not, I still love this monster design. It's a nice departure from the "man in rubber suit" designs Toho and the rest put together, and the fact that it's based off a whale - one of the most docile creatures portrayed in all media-dom - is just wonderful.

    That said, I've still got a problem with the giant lice thing. Why would a lice grow to such a huge size? Granted, it looks cool, but there aren't any giant whale lice in real life - they're just the size of regular lice.

    Then again, I'm arguing about realism in a movie where Clovermonster eats New York, so maybe I should keep my mouth shut.

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  34. Not "bases off," silly, "based on."

    I doubt it's whale-based- the latest stuff here like the Production stuff points to all-animated, all-new.

    I think it's going to be mad awesome, like the War of the Worlds tripods. Those things still blow me away...

    And yes, firefighter4160, you ARE stupid, lol. Try to bring something new to the speculation- and if you actually pay attention to what goes on Cloverfield-wise, basically everyone (Abrams, Reeves) and everything (monster's roar, footage of non-Godzilla monster) contradict your theory.

    As a side note, Toho reserved Godzilla into 2010- so STOP THINKING IT'S GODZILLA!!!!!!!

    Dennis, I have an idea- post a short sticky notice stating that it's not Godzilla, Cthulu, or B/L/Z.

  35. this monster looks nothing like "the host" =/

    that is a kick ass film though.

    and i feel kinda gutted that this is definitely not the monster because its such an amazing design. It should have its own movie :P Cloverfield 2 - set the day after the first film, and this whale monster comes into town, looks depressed, and just says "dammmnn, beat me to it." whilst the original cloverfield monster is just sittin' off munchin' on the last of new york.

    He'd have a voice like that donkey from winnie the pooh lol.

    in fact, there should be a spin off cartoon, Clovey and friends :D

    mannnn im way too tired to be commenting...

  36. Well, i hope that not will be any monster in the film please...

    the viral videos, can be perfectly a imagine of the things that make the humans... = destroy all

    not for the moster, yeah for the bad civilitation

  37. It's obvious when you read through the horribly depicted events in the Tagruato site headlines, and the pathetic Slusho website with both of the sites referencing the deep sea along with death, destruction and turmoil as said before in the Chaui Station, and the Slusho inventors death out at sea, and the effect of Slusho on animals, with sea life in particular as referenced in the Tagruato headlines. Lost is an annoying show, with writers feeding their egotistical deep hungers. I think the beast or animal will be whatever they decided to pick that would look the coolest when it reacted to slusho. It is more than likely that the monster will not be unveiled at all. I will just wait until opening day and read confirmation on the story and beast when someone else spends the cash to see this pathetic excuse for something new in movie making concepts.
    Ventura, CA.

  38. U know wat... I watched Cloverfield at Malaysia on 17th and this design is sumhow relevant.

    The monster has a long tail,big fore arms and few tentacles at the abdomen.It looked like a Lizard-Bug Hybrid.

    As for the parasites, It looked like spiders with claws, just like the zerglings

    NICE SHOW OMG HOW come the ending the cameraman got bitten and torn in mid-air

  39. saw the movie today., first time on this site though, i wanted just some more information on it and this site is mental and it is much bigger and there is a lot more hype than i thought.

    did some searches myself and found this page. not sure if its new or not, don't think its a clue or anything though.


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