Sunday, January 27, 2008

Cloverfield Radio Interviews

Here is an assortment of Cloverfield related radio interviews from across the country. If you know of anything I am missing, let me know and I'll add it to the list.

Matt Reeves - Adam Carolla Show on FREE FM
Matt Reeves - Kevin & Bean Show on KROQ
Mike Vogel - The Preston & Steve Show on WMMR
TJ Miller & JJ Abrams - Opie & Anthony Show on K-ROCK
JJ Abrams - Howard Stern Show on SIRIUS
JJ Abrams - Lex & Terry on 97.1 The Eagle
JJ Abrams - Bob & Tom on Q95 (You need to be a Bob & Tom member. If you are, please send the MP3 to me!)

Mentioned in the interviews:
Cloverfield Cast on Fox 5 News
LA Times Article on Cloverfield


  1. Thank you very much for posting the Howard Stern interview... It was awesome!

  2. Hi everyone, this may be pretty random, but has anyone taken a look at the movie poster again after watching the movie? Before we had all thought it had claws but if you've seen the monster I dont think it would've chucked the SoL's head with it's arms.

    Could it have bitten it off and spit it a couple miles?? I know it's not that important but i'd like to clear things up from the past.

    Another thing, what part of the monster are we seeing in the trailers? I know the monster pretty well now but I still can't figure out what part of it body that passes between the buildings....

  3. Wow. Howard is a complete hack. BOOO

    O&A xm 202

  4. lol... I am under the impression Cloverfield and the ARG are part of a conspiracy to distract us from the tu24 asteroid hitting Earth in two days.

  5. Wow...I didn't even know about that. How's THAT not been on the news???

    Personally, I blame Britney WAY more than I blame Cloverfield.

  6. Great stuff! Hud is the star, he's the only one who gets eatin! I just wish they would talk about the internet stuff a little bit, right now its like none of it mattered much. Wouldn't it be nice to here something about Slusho, Tagruato, the mommy monster, anything? Hopefully it connects to a larger, cool story.