Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Cloverfield Chinese Theater Photos

Here are some of my pictures from the midnight premier of Cloverfield at the historic Grauman's Chinese Theater.

It was a huge event, and the 1100 seat theater was packed! Check out some of the CloverfieldClues super fans below, and Travis Oscarson of Reelz Channel as he documents the fan reactions after the show.

BTW, if you have pictures from the premiere, send them to me and I'll post them here!


  1. ok so who won the Widget Grab contest for the early hometown screening? Never heard anything about that. If it wasn't you Dennis then how many grabs did they have? You had a few thousand.

  2. I saw Cloverfield at the Chinese on Saturday. Next to Arclight Hollywood (in the CineramaDome) it's the best place in LA to see a movie.

  3. Was there a review by Dennis? I remember him saying he was going to do it, but haven't seen it yet. Since my theater had a whopping 30 or 40 people, it would be kind of cool to hear what it was like to see it with a big group of people excited about the movie. Plus I'd be interested to hear what he thought, after all the time spent on the site and keeping us up on the clues.

  4. HAHA!!! I was lucky enough to sit next to Dennis during the movie... I feel bad though because I was talking his ear off in line...

  5. arclight hollywood is the best ever.
    it was playing at the sherman oaks arclight so i went to check it out. IT SUCKED(the theatre). the sound was no where near as good and the picture was awful..

  6. oh man and if that picture that depicts the whole crowd is the multi million dollar national guard commercial with crappy cookie monster band #57, that is the grossest thing ive ever seen. i cannot believe they played that before the movie (if that picture is even what it is) imagine how many 16-17 year olds thought that was the sweetest thing theyve ever seen and now are going to sign their lives away. thats why i love arclight, nothing but trailers. no brainwashing propaganda and cell phone commercials. please tell me someone else has seen this commercial and was as bothered by it as me.

  7. Hubby and I went to see the first Calgary showing...a 12:10pm matinee. There was about 20 people in the theatre, and only about 6 of us stayed till the end whisper.

  8. *holds a mic up to his hand and gets hardcore

    "Citizen Soooldier, Holding the light for the people in fear, ILL BE RIGHT THERE!!!"

    That million dollar cookie monster band mind numbing brain washing piece of shit commercial?
    I hate it too man, but for some reason my theatre has finally stopped playing it. Still, me and my friends all left the theatre singing it after cloverfield, wishing it goodbye i guess.

  9. HUD rules...TJ Miller is one of the best comedians ive seen in a loong time..check out his stand up act