Friday, January 11, 2008

JJ Abrams On Radio - KROQ, WMMR, DC101, Alice

JJ Abrams was on the Kevin & Bean Show on the World Famous KROQ 106.7 FM in Southern California, the Preston & Steve Show on WMMR 93.3 FM in Philadelphia, the Sarah & No Name Show on Alice 97.3 (KLLC) in the San Fransisco bay area, and Elliot in The Morning on DC101 FM in the DC area today.

Podcasts from KROQ and WMMR are available now.
BTW, in the first two interviews, JJ Abrams mentions that the movie is two hours long. I think he probably means "about two hours", since the film was only one hour and 24 minutes long when it was submitted for ratings approval.

UPDATE: I have added another JJ interview with Elliot in The Morning on DC101 FM in the DC area. Still no word from Alice...

* Thanks to KROQ listener Josh E, and to KLLC listener Joe S, and WMMR listener Mark T!


  1. First post, yay! i hope he reveals something NEW! perferably about jamie!

  2. speaking of podcast dennis whatever happened to yours? just wondering

  3. damn that's going to awful early to be up to listen to that. /sigh

    the woes of being a fanboy.

  4. Preston and Steve release a podcast shortly after their show ends each day, you can check either iTunes or to see if they post the interview (they probably will).

    JJ said he'd either a)put Preston, Steve and Casey in an episode of LOST, or b)put them in the Cloverfield sequel. Joking? You decide.


  5. Podcast from the WMMR show here:

    Not sure if he revealed anything new, but still cool.


  6. Whoa, Keith. Did he really say "It's a two hour movie"? It was never confirmed to be 84 minutes like that website said, all they had gotten was a "scoop" from a reliable source.

    I would give this a listen myself, but I must head for bed due because of school tomorrow, etc.

    Anyway, if it's two hours, then kick.ass.

  7. It's definitely 84 minutes. The movie was 84 minutes when it was submitted for it's rating.

    I think he means "about two hours", and just said 2 hours because it sounds better then 1 hour and 24 minutes.