Thursday, January 17, 2008

Cloverfield Selling Out Midnight Shows

Harry at Fandango is reporting many midnight showings of Cloverfield are already sold out, so get your tickets soon!
Hello friends - just FYI: a number of tonight’s midnight shows of CLOVERFIELD are already sold out (mostly in Manhattan ). It’s clearly the most anticipated film of the season, according to thousands of moviegoers voting in our online poll (see below). Best wishes for a thrilling weekend, Harry
Fandango Five – Ticket Sales (as of 1/17/08 3:00 p.m. PT)*
Movie / Fandango User Rating / % Fandango Sales
  • Cloverfield / “Go” / 60%
  • 27 Dresses / “Go” / 6%
  • The Bucket List / “Must Go” / 4%
  • Juno / “Must Go” / 4%
  • There Will Be Blood / “Go” / 2%
Fandango Weekly Poll (as of 1/17/08 3:00 p.m. PT)
Which new film are you most looking forward to seeing this season?
  • Cloverfield 52%
  • 27 Dresses 20%
  • Jumper 10%
  • The Spiderwick Chronicles 5%
  • Be Kind Rewind 3%
  • Other 10%


  1. Cool, I knew Cloverfield would be a blockbuster!!!!!!

    Dennis, does the monster still sound sweet, with that resonance behind the roar? I hope so. anyone who's seen the movie, please answer! Those don't count as spoilers, right?

  2. I just bought my ticket a couple of minutes ago, i cant wait. 3hours 59mins till i get to see it finally!

  3. Quick question, whats DLP-Digital Projection? Im trying to buy my ticktes at AMC and theres 2 showings and one has DLP-Digital Projection listed under it.

    Is there a difference if I see the movie with it or without it? Any suggestions>

  4. Does anyone have any movie reviews. I mean actual ones, not just the ratings?
    it would help me in deciding if i should go see it... a second time :D

  5. I just bought my midnight showing ticket's a few hours ago, I'm pumped! It's 5:30 PM, 11:59 PM need's to get here now!

  6. Lame, mo midnight showings in Calgary...

  7. I have my 11:59 tix... i'm ready to go... t-minus 3 hours!!!

  8. I wish i could go to the midnight showing... but alas its a school night :/ I'm going to see it at 7:50 tomorrow though :]

  9. there's a Midnight showing like 30 miles away but no online ticketing... so I didn't want to risk going and then being rejected.

    this is all very good news for Cloverfield.

    hopefully there will be an economically positive response and it might encourage other producers and corporations that Viral Marketing is the way to go.

    Enjoy everyone!! I see it tomorrow at Noon and I am extremely excited.

  10. Tickets still available in Washington as of 8:57pm, I am going to be at the Federal Way cinema seeing it. Mmm... Buildings.

  11. Hey, it's

    I'll just say this, I'll probably see it again. And this time look for more of the clues and teasing that are all over the websites in the movie. If you follow all the blogs on this site, you will get it most of them.

  12. Oh and thank you Dennis for following and posting everything you could find.

  13. damn i couldnt stay until the end credits but i knew i smelled something comming any one wanna fill me in??

  14. Just got back from a midnight showing -- a bit of advice for those of you who haven't seen it yet, take some motion sickness pills before you go. The film style didn't bother me, but all four of my friends got nauseous =S

  15. I cannot AMAZING this film was. It was just, fantastic. I can't even put it into words. The entire time, I, and is such a cliche (but oh so true) response - I felt like I was actually THERE. I can't count how many times my legs shook, how many times I clenched my fist and bit my knuckles. Every single death shocked me to no end, and I actually felt terrible when each character died. I felt like I really knew them.

    One of the best theatre experiences I've ever had.

    And for those worried about the acting, well, kudos to the actors, because Michael, Jessica, Lizzy, Mike, Odette, and T.J., they were all FANTASTIC. I myself was skeptical about there acting skills from the footage we had seen from the theatrical trailer/tv spots. But no, they were wonderful and I hope to see more from each of them.

    As for the monster, I was not dissapointed at all. As a matter of fact, you see an extremely intimate shot (as the director had previously stated we would) and it was just breathtaking, everyone in the audience was silent.

    Go see the movie now, not later, NOW. I have to give this film a strong ass 10/10. Worth all the hype and more.

  16. Holy crap. I just got home from the theater, and I must say, that was the most intense thing I've seen all year.

    They did an AMAZING job, with CG'ing the monster with all of those camera angles!

    I do admit though, drinking water, and eating terrible theater popcorn before the show was a HORRIBLE idea. I almost threw up on my girl sitting next to me halfway through. x(

  17. You should make a poll about peoples opinions on the movie.


    What did you think from Cloverfield?

    -Loved it
    -Hated it
    -Good, but dissapointing

    Maybe a bit better, but just the idea.

  18. This sucks. No game updates for those of us who can't go to midnight shows or premiers or who are overseas and can't see it until later... Maybe the folks who did all the game stuff are recovering from premier parties?

    On top of it, woke up today and the wife has a 101+ degree fever, sore throat, whole nine yards. It really sucks. She's the one who is REALLY into this movie and she wakes up sick. She says she doesn't care, she's going tonight anyhow, fever be damned! LOL

    Dennis, are you gonna post non-spoiler and spoiler reviews somewhere? It'd be really cool to see what you all think since you've seen the film.

  19. So. When do we get to start sharing our thoughts about the movie? I've posted a review on my site that doesn't give *much* away that hasn't already been figured out here. But I'd like to get into the meat-and-potatoes with others who've shared my obsession these past few months.

  20. There is a new pic on
    It looks like bitten whales.

  21. Well - since I wasn't able to go see it at midnight, I'm a little behind pretty much everyone. However, there IS a pretty awesome new picture up on 1-18-08. So excited to see it later!

  22. Oh. And new photo on

  23. Other than enjoying the fact that we will have seen the movie... What will all of us who have spent a LOT of our time researching the Cloverfield Project do now? Am I actually going to have to spend time with my Girlfriend and my family, or, $deity forbid, actually WORK when I'm on the clock? lol

    Great job keeping us informed throughout these months.

    Semper Service
    Rick "Cy" Martin II

  24. Dennis, it's Gustavo Caperutto here - I sent an email, we have a new pic on! It shows what seems to be one of the claws the monster has, being dragged out of the sea after the attack on the monster - I assume that considering the most recent pics seem to show the battle with the monster and its aftermath.

  25. New Picture up on

    its a picture of a HUGE DEAD....Something....

    -Dan from Media Darling

  26. Not sure if anyone has discovered this yet, but there is a new photo up on like something was washed up onto shore.


    BTW, great job on the site Dennis!

  27. Hey man. First of all I just want to say thank you for keeping this site up. It's been a bunch of help.
    Secondly, I saw the movie last night and stayed after the credits like you said. There was only a small sound bite that sounded like nothing. Was there anything else? Did I miss something?
    shoot me an e-mail when you get the chance.


  28. New Photo is up. Looks like some sea creature corpses, but they kind of remind me of skinned whale, personally. Didn't see this elsewhere.

  29. I was so excited for this movie ever since the original trailer before Transformers on July 4th
    I would rather take a bullet through the head then watch this..
    love story wrapped around a monster attacking.. too much stuff not needed, I understand it's a survivor's eye of the movie.. but seriously there was like 4 good parts.. 6/10 for me... what a rip off.