Monday, January 14, 2008

CloverfieldClues in NJ Star-Ledger

The Star-Ledger newspaper has a story on Cloverfield, and there's a mention of CloverfieldClues! Innovative marketing could turn 'Cloverfield' into a monstrous hit

* I know this isn't as exiting for you as it is for me :)
** Thanks to Lisa Rose!


  1. Awesome.

    You know, you should really update the blog's header. You're behind by 2 days....

  2. Hell yeah man. Very cool.

    I've never posted on here before today, but I've been checking this site EVERY day like a mad man for months now. Once this is all over, and football season is over, I will have nothing to fill the void in my life. Keep up the kick-ass work as long as this viral stuff keeps coming.

  3. dennis one thing for sure about this movie it has praticly made u famous

    Dont forget the little people when they ask u to help film cloverfield 2

  4. Actually, any mention of CloverfieldClues in the press is exciting (or even exiting) to me - maybe not as "exiting" as it is for you..., but still very "exiting" :) Seriously though, CloverfieldClues is and has always been the crack dealer to my Cloverfield crack addiction. How could I not be jazzed when my dealer gets some kind of mention?