Friday, January 4, 2008

Peacock-Blocked By NBC

My YouTube account was "permanently disabled" by NBC, apparently for posting a 20 second clip of the Slusho appearance on Heroes.

This means that ALL of my Cloverfield videos are gone, until I have a chance to re-upload them.

Boo to NBC and YouTube!


  1. I hate that your account got canceled, but I have to say....."Peacock blocked" is probably the funniest thing, I have ever heard!! Classic stuff!!

  2. That is disgusting. Nevermind how much publicity you've given this film, and how many people visit this site up to four times a day *blush* The big-wigs always decide to keep a man down. A 20 second clip eh? Why didn't you get 20 years? Fight the power I say.

  3. What-the-hell? Ignoring the fact that your giving them free publicity, why would they feel the need to take down your ENTIRE account?

    The least they could do is nicely warn you to take that individual video down, but not erase every video you had. I mean, that's what they used to do before turning into self absorbed assholes.



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  5. youtube has been fucking up a lot lately.

    i doubt any of you check the celeb gossip site,, but they shut down his account too, with over 100 videos on it because he posted footage of a liza minelli show, where she passed out on stage, that he was e-mailed from a reader.

    no warning, no explanation, no nothing.

    you'd think some of the people that bring them the most hits would be some of the people they'd consider being a little nicer to.

    just goes to show what a big corporation can do.

    youtube=tagruato! ha.

    sorry dennis! we still love your site though! :)


  6. Awww that really sux big time. It's not like you put up something that millions hadn't already seen. Booooooo to them. Keep up the good work man don'y let them get you down.

  7. i would love to see the internet rights being introduced. this would not only prevent big companys to do this but would prevent dumb asses hackers and crackers ( i am talking about the dumb ones not the good social kind) from ruining the internet.

    Free the internet.

  8. Hi Dennis,

    They also deleted the video I made for you about one of the Heroes episode with the Slusho! drink. :(

  9. oh well shit happens this just means you are now popular enough for the big guys to take notice. next time try something like stage6 or dailymotion they have better quality encoding anyways peace.

    P.S. keep up the good work i check your site like 5 times a day at least

  10. You should be able to get your account back (sans offending video), but you'll have to fight for it.

    The corps usually hire someone to go through and find unauthorized material. They then send a takedown request to YouTube, who -SHOULD- remove the offending video and notify you. Taking out your whole account is asinine, especially when you help drive traffic to their site.

    YouTube is getting close to irrelevance anyway. The more times they do stupid stuff like this, the more likely it is someone will come along with a better service. Pretty soon, YouTube will be a dumping ground that no one seriously goes to.

    Anyway, good luck getting your account back (and I mean that)!

  11. NBC pulled its product from iTunes, too. They've got their heads up their collective asses on digital media.

    "Peacock-blocked" is a truly excellent term. Good use!

  12. About the falling satellite, it reminded me of Night of the Living Dead where a space probe causes the dead to rise. Do you think that they are making a reference to that movie?

  13. do u think this is legit?

  14. Dennis, there's an even bigger story here.

    By shutting you down, and forcing that specific clip off of YouTube, ostensibly to protect their copyright of Heroes... haven't they effectively interfered with Abrams / Bad Robot / PARAMOUNT by hindering the cooperative cross promotion of the movie in the episode? In other words, not only was that clip a little free publicity for Heroes, but it was also intentionally part of the ad hoc viral marketing of Paramount's movie. This is roughly the equivalent (though at this point a lot less significant) of NBC going around and tearing down Cloverfield billboards.

    I wonder how the bean counters at the other studios might regard this heavy handed interference.

  15. my first comment(yay) but nbc is full of monkey crap for pulling that mess

  16. mike a: That audio in the link is ridiculously fake. Someone with a library of sound effects mp3s could make that.

  17. Mike A said... do u think this is legit?


    Teddy Hanssen has a YouTube page here:

    It was created before Jamie mentioned Teddy on her MySpace. If he was going to use YouTube to post something, it would have been here.

  18. Uh, Scrib, I have a copyright on that saying...for future reference...;)

  19. So what can we do? This can't go unpunished. How do we campaign, who do we write to? These people are crippling a fanbase. If we all write in as reformed followers, claiming we will no longer watch Heroes because of their blatant insensitivity to online fans, their ears will have to at least prick up. Let's do something about it.

    This act directly contradicts the spirit of the ARG. Let's not tolerate it! Like Scrib said, damn the Man.

  20. That's another good analyzer shot down from YouTube, counting Nightowl. He was shot down for posting a clip of some cartoons.