Wednesday, January 9, 2008

More TV Commercials On YouTube

My new YouTube account is up and running, mostly. I have all the TV commercials, Trailers, and Chuai News videos posted, but I still need to get to the JamieAndTeddy videos and some miscellaneous items.

I also have a handful of new commercials, including a better version of the "rats" commercial (now called "tunnel rats"), and some 15 second commercials.
Plus, all of the commercials are now grouped into a Cloverfield TV Commercial channel.

Check the YouTube side bar for a complete list of my videos and "channels"!


  1. OMG! Jameandteddy video #9 is up!!!!!!


    vid 9

  3. I saw the video...i almost lose my ear!!!...she scream twice...the secret ingredient is affecting her very much...

    I remember the red crab in slusho page....Changing his emotions....

  4. Jamie sounds like she hateses the dirty little hobbitses.