Friday, January 11, 2008

Cloverfield Trivia - Round 4

Round Four of the Cloverfield Widget Trivia has begun- 20 new questions, now with a timer and a leaderboard.

* Thanks to Norik for emailing me the new questions!

Here are the questions (and the answers):

1. What is the name of the killer in the original FRIDAY THE 13th? - Mrs. Voorhees
2. Who created the original Godzilla? - Tomoyuki Tankaka
3. What creates the zombies in the original NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD? - Radiation from a fallen satellite
4. What percent of New Yorkers would only have access to public transportation if they needed to be evacuated? - 60%
5. Approximately how many people would New York be able to shelter if a 7.0 earthquake hit the city? - 15,000
6. Why does Freddy Krueger stalk the kids in NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET? - Their parents were part of a mob that lynched him
7. From which film comes the tagline: “Be afraid. Be very afraid.”? - The Fly
8. What percent of New York fire stations would remain open to combat the estimated 170 fires caused by a 7.0 earthquake? - 7%
9. Which of the following disaster films has a monster attack? - 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
10. Which of the following household items can be used to disinfect water? - Chlorine bleach
11. What modern disaster film shares a title with a classic Tom Waits song? - The Day After Tomorrow
12. Which of the following WAS NOT the name of a monster in a Godzilla movie? - Tekatsu
13. In a disaster scenario, New York City has enough food stockpiled for approximately how many refugees? - 15,000
14. What is the longest amount of time the average human can survive without food? - 3 weeks
15. Approximately how many fallout shelters exist under New York City buildings? - 230,000
16. Who was the star of the 1958 film, THE BLOB? - Steve McQueen
17. Which of the following is NOT a vampire film? - 28 Days Later
18. In which of the following years did New York City have the LOWEST crime rate? - 2006
19. HOLLOW MAN was a re-make of what classic film? - The Invisible Man
20. What 1950’s monster film was loosely based on William Shakespeare’s “The Tempest?” - Forbidden Planet

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