Monday, January 7, 2008

Rob's Surprise Party in New York!

The Cloverfield MySpace issued the following bulletin, with intro by Odette Yustman (aka Beth):

Come to Rob's Surprise Party in New York next week!

Join us next Thursday night, January 17th for a send off for our buddy Rob, he's moving to Japan! There will be drinking, dancing, and tons of cool people. It will be a party to remember!

We're randomly picking 200 people who RSVP to join us for a big Cloverfield celebration in the Lower East Side. It is going to be a blast!

RSVP to - make sure to include your FULL NAME and a PHONE NUMBER that we can reach you at. We will let you know if you have been chosen via telephone.

RSVP before Thursday night January 10th at midnight- we're picking winners this Friday!


Of course, if you go to this, there’s a good chance you’ll get killed by the monster ;)


Winners will be contacted today by phone:
The RSVP submission period has now ended and the list is closed. We will be contacting the 200 people that have been selected to attend TODAY via the phone number that you provided us. Keep those phones powered up and near by, you will be getting a call very soon!

If you don't receive a call from us today, you unfortunately were not one of our randomly selected guests and you won't be on the list to attend the party.
* Thanks to Patrick and Garrett for emailing me this info!


  1. yaay i was right the event of the attack on new york doesnt happen on the 18th the movie the day after the attack when the government is watching the tape is on the 18th

  2. Speaking of cloverfield parties Dave and Busters in NYC is throwing a Cloverfield happy hour!!!

    When: Thursday January 10th, 2008
    4:30pm - 7:30pm
    2 for 1 Drink Specials ACROSS THE BAR!
    Treat your friends to a round of

    U have to be 21 to enter, and it says to RSVP. The first 100 people with something cool (forgot what it is though-its like something for D and Bs tho, not cloverfield related if I remember correctly.) and the first 200 win mini posters.

    I think ill be there--ill be the one in the jeans.

  3. sorry for the double post----i meant that the first 100 people get something cool--not with.

  4. BranJ dijo...

    yaay i was right the event of the attack on new york doesnt happen on the 18th the movie the day after the attack when the government is watching the tape is on the 18th

    The party is at 10 pm, in 2 hours it will be 18th so...

    I really think the attack happens on the 18th, remember the pics on the site ;)

  5. Too bad the official rules state that the apprx value of this prize is $5.00, and they don't provide airfare and hotel for those of us who don't live around the block in Manhattan... waah waaah.

  6. Damn, I live in California, unfortunately. =P

    I wanted to say bye to my man Rob! Not that he's really going anywhere if you know what I mean. ;)

    I hope someone snaps a shit load of photos from the event, I know I would if I had the oppurtunity to attend.

  7. varo very nice you proved me wrong. So does this mean that Matt reeves isnt a good source of info?He said many things that i think have been proven false.

  8. Awesome.
    Just awesome.
    I hope that someone there films the whole party, Hud style, and posts it on YouTube for Dennis.
    They better serve some Slusho there! O_o

    But I'm double killed inside because I'm:
    a) a Floridian, and
    b) I'm damn FOURTEEN. ~_~

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  10. NOO i'm only 15 -.- btw, tomorrow is my bday :D but 16 still isn't old enough...

  11. So dont drink the water in mexico and dont drink the slusho in NYC....

  12. I live in new york, and I just entered the contest. Hopefully I get an invite, though I'm sure that hundreds already applied. I want to meet the cast again. I'd tape the event if I win. ahhh!

  13. i'd rather meet james brown again.

  14. Check out my Flip Video I just shot of Cloverfield Trailer #5 on the NYC Subway Station TV's. This is getting exciting! Oh, and I better win the pre-party.


  16. Okay, so I live in Jersey and if I get into the party I'm gonna have my camera. I can't wait for the movie. I could jump out of my skin I'm so excited. I don't think I've ever been this excited for a movie.

    If I don't get into this I'm gonna go to dave and busters then see it at midnight.

  17. tubba you met James Brown? You win everything ever.

  18. im only 17 for a few more months. but i wouldn't enter anyways even if i was 18. cause i aint paying my way to nyc for a party in a bar where i cant drink and miss the midnite showing with my friends

  19. I'm pretty sure there will be a way to see the movie at midnight. Why would they throw a party and you not be able to see it at midnight. plus all my friends don't understand, they think I'm nuts.So I'd be going almost solo, except whoever I'm dragging with me. lol. I keep talking about all the updates. Like today I was going off about how dumb she was for eating the evidence. It didn't even look like food, lol.

  20. This is taking place at Ludlow Bar, right by Max Fish Bar, off of Stanton & Ludlow.

    Hot Bartender...she is


  21. This is now listed on Facebook too, it doesn't have the bit about myspacers listed on the pic there either.

  22. Dunno know if this is true or not, but someone on the IMDB boards just got an email from Sarah at TIDOwave

    "We have deep sea divers who have taken pictures of what has been causing extreme seizmic activity underneath what used to be the Chuai station.
    Do not be fooled by Tagruato. They know more than what they let on. In fact, my associates and myself have been ordered to be silent during these troubles, but i cannot silence myself. Because the fate of our entire planet lie in the hands of a very few. Because of corporations like Tagruato, who are willing to let us all burn just so they might turn a profit off of it, we are all going to have to make some very rash desicions in the near future. Our own government does not even know what they are up against. Even they are victims of media spin on the current situation. But fortunately, i am not. I cannot share with you the information that i have, but i can tell you where to look for it. Follow the secret ingredient and you will find out what it is that they are all hiding. And once you do, there will be press releases from all of us here, preparing the world for what Tagruato has done to us all. I have seen it. Sonar pictures of it, Actual pictures of it. Like nothing you have ever seen before. We had Deep sea divers go down below the Chuai station and use a high resolution deep sea camera to capture a photo of what was causing these extreme seizmic occurances over the last months, and i can say this much,

    .....I have seen its eyes.

    Please, do not share any of this information with the public yet. They are not ready for it, and to be completely honest, i just value my own life and the life of the people that i love.

    Thank you for respecting that.
    i will be in touch."

  23. not bad house....

    on another note....just for kicks i anagrammed all the names of the missing people from the chuai station incident; and when i did the name Francois Nouvelle i found 'Cloverleaf Unions'....i don't think it leads anywhere though, but what a coincidence

  24. matt, my granddaddy used to drive his tour bus many moons ago. -tubby

  25. Attention:

    I will be leaving the event with Odette. Or at least wishing I was, Ouch!!! What am I saying , I have a girlfriend...and I live on the west coast, wish I could be there too. "Beth I hear you calling, but I can't come home right now..."

  26. damn she is fine aint she? i wasn't gonna enter the contest but that short video of her just made me change my mind. lol

  27. Does anybody want to know why Michigan State University is the best college ever?

    Because through them, I am seeing Cloverfield for free...... THIS THURSDAY!


    I'll make sure to tell you all what happens. Just kidding. Unless you want me to tell you.

  28. Ah, why do i live in the Netherlands!
    I wish they did something cloverfield related here. ):

  29. Maybe Cloverfield will gain a following like Rocky Horror Picture Show. People can have 'Surprise Parties for Rob' and get dressed up like their favourite characters from the film.

    I would go as Jamie and carry a teddy bear with me.