Thursday, January 10, 2008

Cloverfield Roundtable - Misfits of Sci-Fi

The new "Misfits of Sci-Fi" blog, at, has an interesting SIX-part Cloverfield roundtable discussion, with Andy Grieser, Ryan McGee, and Tamara Brooks. Since it is broken into SIX parts, start at the beginning here:

Zap2It: Cloverfield Roundtable day one

* Thanks Andy!


  1. first post! after this many hours?

    whose on this roundtable anyway?

    oh, its really difficult to avoid that spoiler post a few ones down. but i'm not even gonna read the comments until after the movie, just in case. but again, REALLY difficulty to not do so

  2. I honstely got nothing out of this roundtable. Seems like they were using Cloverfield as a crutch to grab more readers to their own blog.

    Poor taste if you ask me!