Tuesday, January 15, 2008

1-18-08 - Photo # 9 - Night Vision

There is a new photo on 1-18-08.com. It looks like this might be what happened before picture #8, since it is still at night.

Of course this would mean that they knew about the monster BEFORE it made it to NY.

UPDATE: the link above is to our mirror of the original 1-18-08 site. DO NOT go to the original 1-18-08 website anymore. The domain expired and is no longer controlled by Paramount, and someone else snatched it up to run ads with malware.

* Thanks to Pete, Nathan, Epochdemic, and Tamara for emailing me!


  1. WOW...yup i guess the governmet does know about the monster before it hits New York

  2. Army is coming...cause army knew! Let's wait for tomorrow to look for Jamie's madness...

  3. Very cool. Best shot on 1-18-08 so far. Can anyone clean up the pic. I think I see details of the monster.

  4. Hey Dennis!
    I was JUST on this site this morning and saw nothing. See what happens when I go to lunch? You still rock!

    P.S. - I read the article in the Star Ledger (I'm a subscriber) that mentioned you. How exciting - you are THE voice of the Cloverfield fans! Thanks for all you do!

  5. I think the 1-18-08 designers have thrown down the gauntlet to us--here are two photos, one right after the other, appearing to cover the same scene. Maybe we should be trawling YouTube for information on this, assuming it isn't stills from an event that has yet to occur.

  6. It could be AFTER. Maybe if it survives and goes back into the water and they chase it.

    I know you may be thinking how could the picture be afterward because it has happened yet, but neither has 1-18-08 and pictures are up of that date

  7. maybe the reason why its a secret is because Tag paid the U.S. goverment to keep it a secret....

    i still dont get it.... what is the space fragment and did Tag make the monster?
    if not... where did it come from?

    any ideas?

  8. It could be AFTER, maybe it went back out to sea and is being chased!
    Pictures of 1-18-08 are up and that dates not here.

  9. Hmmm... That pic yesterday showed a damaged ship... So maybe Last night they destroyed that ship being evidence. Tis whole thing maybe how the Govt and or Tag covered this all up?!

  10. How could they not know about a gigantic sea creature that possibly tore the crap out of a sea platform?

    Is the monster impervious to rockets? I would think that any moster would get shredded pretty nicely with a few strafing runs from a Warthog.

    I can't wait to see this movie.

  11. Yet more blacking out below the explosion. Presumibly the date, time, and nomenclature of the aircraft it was taken from.

  12. Hey, no need to jump to conclusions about the government knowing anything...after all, they could just be chasing it out to sea after the attack. Or maybe Tagruato, being the evil corporation that they are, feel the need to have a private military. Or it's Blackwater.

  13. Wooohoooo!! Ever since the Chuai videos I believed that the government knew something was rotten in the North Atlantic. I'm not saying the gov't knew it was a monster, just that something was seriously wrong.

    I posted that theory on unFiction, and now feel vindicated!

  14. I played with the picture and ther is not much more then you see. There is a few black boxes that I think portray bad camera quality...

    Just so you know, Tagruato has updated and Ganu is coming to NYC today through friday!

  15. Hey peeps, (as in the little yellow marshmallow suger coated greatness)

    So we know that a tanker of some kind explodes in the bay, just before the Head comes flying down the street. Now we know that the Army may have known the monster was coming. What if the Army put the tanker there in the bay. and they are shooting at it to blow it up, because the monster is under the water. This grabs the monsters attention, it surfaces, and thats when it attacks the statue, possibly thinking it is what attacked it.

  16. again theres that blur just like the previous picture. before and after.... so awesome

  17. If this is prior to the NYC arrival of the monster it certainly speaks to the idea of how quickly the military was in Manhattan during the attack, they knew it was coming. It also says the monster was at the surface of the water, not swimming under or in deep water. Thats also a huge military presence making that attack, so that says there was some time and preparation before it. We dont just have battlegroups ready like that.

  18. Is it just me or do the boats on the left look like they're firing UP at something?

  19. maybe there is more than one monster

  20. The Goverment know about the monster before it hits NY because it attacked the Chuai Station first! Just put it all together.
    1) the footage is not real, its computer. So that means it was made for the movie!
    2)Tagruato is realated to Slusho, and Robert was going to go Japan for his job at Slusho!
    3)Slusho is also a painting which is translated to: The Beasts of the Sea".
    4)Noriko Yoshida had the childhood nickname "The Smallest Whale"
    5)The "roar" you hear on 1-18-08.com sounds like a monster whale.
    Just look into this stuff and put it all together! I wonder who made up these searies of clues? It's very creative and I love myteries like this! This kind of stuff make me want to become a reporter or a detective. Thank you so much Dennis for creating this web stie!

  21. remember everybody... jj said there will be explanation as to why and where this monster came from... we will always only have our own interpretations of where it came from. all we know is that it came from the deep and that it is in jj's words a baby who is scared because all of these little creatures keep trying to attack it. so it's not attacking becuase it wants to, it's attacking because it's scared. as for this picture something is definitely going down in the atlantic. and has anyone else read the new tagruato post? are we gonna get to see Ganu in the movie since he's visiting new york this week? Exciting stuff... I can't wait to see why Jamie's not gonna be at the party... and what's this no new myspace posts for this week.. sucks!

  22. In obsessing on the issue of prior military awareness of MGP, one of the definitions I found of "designate" involves a point at which crisis management forces rendezvous to establish control capability before initiating a tactical reaction.

    Maybe that's all that the name
    "Cloverfield" is: it's just the mumbo-jumbo name the military gave the place (i.e. Central Park) where it tried to make its stand against MGP.

  23. Don't forget Fort Dix is a major point for Army Reserve and National Guard and it is only 90 minutes away from NYC.

    Hey, Ganu is coming to NYC so may be "clover" is after him!!!

  24. Matthew said... "Is it just me or do the boats on the left look like they're firing UP at something?" you are so right Matthew!! It looks like the are shooting at the jets above. Why would they do that? Or maybe they're homing missles and they go up before they come down.

  25. @matthew - That's how you fire missles from a ship. They'll eventually come back down. @rick I think the winning theory is this is AFTER NYC attack because 1. It's clear in the teaser trailer that the initial strike on the statue of Liberty is a surprise and 2. In this photograph and like everyone is saying - it's clear that the military is aware! So I think this is either after the monster attempts to leave NYC *OR* they aren't attacking the monster at all; they are attacking something else. Maybe another monster? Oooh

  26. Forgive me for saying, but it looks like the photos are out of order. Yesterday's shot appears to be an aftermath of what the night shot is showing.
    In the right I count two destroyers, both apparently firing. On the left, at least two more. The day shot appears to be about 1/4 of a destroyer smoldering and slowly heading into the depths.

  27. Guys this photo has little to do with the identity of the monster. This picture has almost nothing to do with the monster. THIS PICTURE HOLDS ALOT OF IMPORTANCE 1st off look at the fighter jets, they are dropping bombs on something in the water. now look at the boat on the left it is attacking the jet. And last look at the fighter jet on the right he is dropping bombs on the boat. Seems that Tagruato and the military are having a war.

  28. I must agree, that is an awful huge amout of military fire power. At least 5 ships, an A-10 and two f-18s (or maybe f-22 Raptors, I'm not sure) If our monster survives this attack to make it to New York, there would be no way the military would think that shoulder launched rockets would do any damage.

    I think this has to be a shot from after the attack. I also feel that the previous photo was after the attack as well. If that is the statue of liberty, it would be a great reason to blur it out, she has no head!

    We're going to love this monster, we've been obsessed with it for months, what's our reward? It gets away!

  29. @matthew: I thought the same thing about the boats firing up. They don't really look far enough away to be arcing those rockets/missiles/whatever down at the central explosion...

  30. matthew - good point! And the jets are dropping flares - not bombs - to spoof whatever the guys on the left are shooting at them. Also, check the second maverick coming off of the A-10 on the right (top) might be going toward the ships on the left. This is definitely a three way fight.

  31. no the reason they atacked it was because when the millitary se somthing that is unfamilar to it somthing un american that can be a pottential threat they have to get rid of it so it destroyed ti ships so attomaticly it has to be a enemy (some what like a terriost but its just a monster not teriost) but so they decide to try to destroy it

    i guess they made this one to be funny about the whole terriost thing

  32. This, I presume, is from the night before the last picture.

    Dare I speculate that we think we've already killed it come friday?

    Or chased it away?

    Or perhaps this is from the end of the movie.

    If our military had prior knowledge before it hit land, maybe so did Rob.

    I'll bet Tagruato greases our government's pockets.

  33. They're definitely going to continue this story much after this film, probably throwing more pics about it or things like that. I don't think they're going to throw much light about the whole story right after the movie is released in world cinemas. It's going to be pretty slow I guess ... the delivery of more and more info to the audiences thru internet and other media.

  34. I believe it is after the movie, or at least in the movie. Some of the pics on that site are shots from the movie. The latest pics of the tanker and of this may well be like that as well. Not everything has to be part of the game. JJ may just want to show off some of the visual effects/action shots that were finished up na ddidn't want to put them out before. Doing so now build excitement, etc which is part of the hyp-machinehe has built.

  35. Sorry for multiple posts, but I just went back and watched the trailers. During the party, right after the "earthquake", everyone gathers around the tv. The newsstation reports the possible earthquake as well as an oil tanker exploding in the bay near the statue of liberty. I think the night vision pic and the pic of the tanker posted on the site are both related to that story. It may not be after the movie, but indeed in the movie- but a shot you won't see as everything is pretty much from Rob and co.'s point of view. So these pics may be to add detail to what you see at the beginning of the movie.

  36. I inverted the colors of the picture, but I still couldn't make much out, here it is so you can check it out:


  37. Forgive me for saying, but it looks like the photos are out of order. Yesterday's shot appears to be an aftermath of what the night shot is showing.

    I agree. But also kinda torn by the fact these pics are real too, in War. but thats the meeting tomorrow at the docks..
    This seems much like a dampener to those who claim (or) have; seen/imagined, this movie.. People say, The panic ridden mass says "the mosters never explained?!"
    TPTB say "Well, lets release this pic, internet buzz gets me; high/rich/holy/cursed.. anyone get it? Or am i just thinking even the 'early' screenings are marketing? *rhetorically said*
    "E-ither or Ei-ther" Its a con/masterpiece/groundbreaking/ film.. *wish i could type by thought with built in spell check*

  38. So yeah, definitely a bunch of aircrafts attacking a bunch of ships.
    Who these two teams are... no one knows yet. We'll have to wait for the next development in the plot.

  39. This is an amaazing picture - possibly the best so far.

    I think the military would have alreday been freaked out, and on high alert after what happened to the Chuai station. As someone already posted here before, the US govt/military aren't going to take any chances after 9/11.

    That is, of course, assuming it *is* the US military, and not Ganu's own personal Amry, lol.

  40. There isnt a three way fight.
    Boat missles arc before they hit a target, and unless someone here worked on one of these boats, lets Not assume that the boat is to close to fire.
    The planes the boat may be firing at r closer to the camera than the boat.
    The boat infront of the ship firing the missles in question appears to be an aircraft carrier. therefore, its even less likely that the boat is firing on the planes.
    I dont think flares r used to distract missles, chafe is. If im wrong let me know, but i think its best we just assume those r strange looking bombs.

    anyway, i guess the pic is from a helicopter or one of those huge ass gunship planes right? that looks like a minigun in the corner.
    and since theres smoke and a huge fireball, those projectiles must be hitting something?
    noone else brought it up, thought i would.

  41. First post ^_^

    It could be something INSIDE the ship. Maybe it contained the parasites (which may have been found at Chuai) and then it all went wrong.

  42. Just a note, The Plane on the top right is an A-10. A-10s are only used by the Air Force, not the Navy. So it's either close to land, leaving or they knew about it ahead of time (Or JJ has made a blooper). They are also only used on surface targets.(and are absolute beasts by the way) The A-10 is firing AGM-65 Mavericks, which use infrared to lock on to thier target. There also may be atleast one more A-10 off screen, as I see another Maverick coming in, but F16s use them too.
    As someone mentioned before, the planes up top (F-16s?)are dropping flares, not bombs or missiles. This most likely means they are either taking fire or about to go in for a surface attack (although I doubt they'd use flares on a monster for this purpose).

    So what the heck's going on? I'm starting to think that Taruagto is using the monster for its own purposes. I'm almost certain the top planes are being shot at by the ships on the left. I'm no Navy expert, but it also seems that the battleships on the right are firing thier cannons as well. There also seems to be 6 planes flying in formation in the backround. This whole photo is confusing the hell out of me. The right ships seem to be attacking the monster, yet aren't attacking the planes which are being attacked by the boats on the left.(one of which is way too small to be Navy IMO) More questions than answers.

    Anyways, a picture of the A-10 in attack, fireing what appears to be the same missles (AGM-65 Maverick): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:A-10_firing_AGM-65.JPEG

  43. "There is a few black boxes that I think portray bad camera quality..."

    Yeah, I was also wondering if that isn't intentional blurring in those last two pictures, but just some random digital image corruption.

  44. i see why ppl think the planes r being fired on, but i find that really hard to believe. Its to much and to complicated this close to release.
    But who knows, hopefully something awsome will happen and ill be proven wrong.

  45. I'm just going to say that the last two photos on 1-18-08.com were some of the worst Photoshops I've seen. Ugh, dimensions and everything are so screwed up.

  46. All you guys kinda right except for the ones thinking that its a 3 way war and Tag has their own army/airforce/navy and they're fighting us. The ships are definitely NOT shooting at the planes, its just a funny angle in the picture. Those planes dropping bombs (or flares) are OVER the target, and the ships that look like they're shooting up at the planes are launching arcing missiles toward the target, which happen to LOOK like they're shooting the planes. All the ships and planes are targeting the center (monster). In the distance are 6 planes in military formation ready for another volley.

    This is a COORDINATED ATTACK from the military, and is probably the first strike off the coast of New York (or could be in the harbor because of the tugboat in picture 8 and tugboats don't leave the harbor)

    I suspect that the picture 8 is at SUNSET (not sunrise), and that one ship was destroyed (most likely the capsized tanker ship in New York Harbor, causing the military to investigate with choppers and more ships. I take it that the survivors radioed for help, like "help there's a huge ass thing sinking the ship! send the military!

    Now, it could be that picture 8 could be AFTER picture 9 (aftermath picture theory), and that picture 8 could be at SUNRISE. But that makes little sense, because the helicopters and battleships in picture 8 are NOT SHOOTING AT ANYTHING and LOOK LIKE THEY'RE WAITING. I suspect they are INVESTIGATING AT SUNSET because a report of a sinking ship. Then when the monster appears at night and attacks again, they SHOOT which is in picture 9.

    Which leads us to picture 9, shot at night, where the investigative fleet finds out what attacked the tanker is a huge ass monster and they all bomb it to hell. This huge explosion caused by all the bombs converging to one point, could be the explosion we see in the teaser trailer (or it could be the monster tossing ships into the city). Then the monster, pissed off, seeing lights in the city, makes a run towards land to escape, attacks the Statue of Liberty (thinking it tastes good), and rampages through the city (because idiots keep shooting it).

    The Chuai incident had Coast Guard there. Perhaps the Coast Guard told the Army, Navy, Air Force to get ready, because they tracked the monster or something to that effect. So the tanker capsizing/attack in New York brought the military in, and this is what we are seeing in picture 8 and 9.

    Of course, I could be wrong and the timeline is totally different. One thing is for sure, THE SHIPS ARE NOT SHOOTING AT THE PLANES. ALSO, they have FIVE BLURS on the NIGHT PHOTO. Two (horizontal rectangles) on the center bottom, one (Horizontal rectangle) on the left, one on the right (vert. Rectangle), and one on the top left corner(horizontal). (sorry if someone mentioned this already).

  47. Smokey671 made a lot of good points.

    1) he said that photo #8 is at "SUNSET (not sunrise)"

    2) he also said that photo #8 "could be AFTER picture 9 (aftermath picture theory)"
    -Both theories make sences, but which one is right?

    3) And he did point out that the ships are NOT attacking each other. They're all shotting at one thing, the monster.

    4)On photo #9 there's five blurs.
    -If you invert the colors you can see them better.

    I believe that the blured boxes could be hiding the date stamp and other stamps that you see when you video tape. I totaly support all these theories. Great work

  48. This entire post assumes a decent knowledge of the military by the film makers.
    As Kckid said with A-10's being involved its not a mid ocean fight but something happening close to shore.
    As for missiles arching up before they hit their targets. One major problem with that. Assuming they did at least a little bit of homework what you're seeing (on the right of the photo) are missiles launched from a vertical launch system (VLS). As of my typing only 2 active classes of US ships have them (Ticonderoga cruisers and Arleigh Burke class destroyers), not to mention 2 Japanese classes (Kongo and Atago) just like the one pictured in the magna article (hexagonal panel on the ship gives it away). Thing is this type of launcher fires most missiles (surface to air or SAM, tomahawk cruise missiles and anti sub rockets), EXCEPT surface to surface missiles which in the US and I think Japan is the Harpoon missiles. Those are fired from tubed launchers set at an angle. Hence they would come out at an angle, not straight up. So your possibilities are either the ships on the right are firing at aircraft or a sub surface target (though the same ships have torpedoes as well for subs, rockets are used for further away engagements).
    The black boxes are on purpose and not the result of bad picture. The point of view is not a ship but an aircraft of some sort and we're seeing a replay of the aircraft's heads up display (maybe another A-10) which in the past has always had parts blacked out when released to public.
    Aircraft at the top are dropping flares (possibilities are F-15s, F-18's or F-22's. I guess one of the first 2) . Is it to confuse SAM's, don't know. They could be trying to illuminate a target since there are only 4 where jets would normally pump out flare, after flare, after flare, etc.
    This is all happening very, very, very closer then any naval engagement in real life. So why missiles which I wonder could even lock on that close instead of guns (the only gun being fired is from our POV aircraft and its likely a rotary cannon)? I'm not sure what the ships to the left are firing or firing at. Its salvos of something (rockets most likely) but nothing I know of in the US inventory fires like that.
    The rest depends on how far out the camera is. I do not see any part of a ship in or around the explosion so I dont think its the tanker (or more likely cargo carrier) in #8 as that ship only has other tanker/cargo ships around it (with 2 army or marine blackhawks). Not to mention it appears the spray of water is much higher then the fire which would seem odd if it were causes by the explosions (wouldn't the fireball evaporate the water?).
    Thats it for me

  49. The previous picture looked like a painting... and this picture was way out of proportion but we take what we can get.
    Still not sure why everyone assumes that this picture has to be related to someone knowing about the monster before 1-18-08. Aren't there other pictures on that same page that occur after the attack occurred?

    Playing devil's advocate but this could be and immediate pre-NYC attack photo or a post NYC attack photo. I doubt it is a "many days before NYC" photo.

  50. WAIT, look at the Japanese manga update. It confirms that TAGRUATO has their own ships.....


    It also confirms that TAG/Ganu knows about the monster before the attack.

    Very interesting! I'm blown away.

  51. ZAGGS,
    You make some interesting points. But one thing is strange is that why on earth would Tagruato ships fire at planes which are targeting the central target? That makes no sense. Why would Tagruato fire against the US Military? If the monster belongs to Tag, they would just tell the military not to fire. They wouldnt try to shoot them down. Thats stupid.

    The ships on the left appear to be firing from a VLS like system, the rockets/missiles seem to be launched from an angle. Tomahawk missiles can launch vertically (I dont know if they can fire on sea targets, but they could also be heat seeking missiles (reason for flares). One point you make rings true, why the heck did they not shoot TORPEDOS????? and WHY DIDNT they send out SUBS? Weird.

    All I get from the image, is that EVERYONE IS FIRING AT SOMETHING IN THE CENTER and it is NIGHT.

    I agree with LINDVQUIST, Those are bad photoshop images. I dont think the weapons/ships will follow current technology/reality. After all this is a monster movie, not a war movie. I dont think they're worrying about being consistent with current military technology. They could just say its "NEW" tech. Just like slusho, deep sea drilling, etc. This is after all, Fiction. However it would be nice for things to be logical.

  52. something that hasent been adressed in a while... does anyone remember those sonar photos of "something" in the water. They were released over a month ago, so just curious if the releases of these photos and updates are following a time line leading up to thursday night, that means the monster was noticed a while ago. just food for thought...

    Also who ever pointed out the A-10's nailed something big. Arent those land based aircraft's? So this cant be more than a 100 miles or so off the coast right?

  53. Awesome pic. So how do explosions are happening everywhere. We still dont know what this creature is capable of so this could mean something

  54. SMOKEY
    I never said the Tang ships were firing at aircraft. I said assuming the film makers spent any time researching they're firing at something in the air OR below the surface. The ones of the left are firing something which reminds me of the anti sub rockets Russia uses. Though yes they could have just taken pics of ships firing and shopped them in there just for the pure hell of it.
    But I don't believe that this is a case of Tang "creating" something and taking it to new york. its more likely they found something they thought wasn't alive. Say like an egg at the bottom of the ocean that more resembles a rock which they try to tow (as seen in the magna comic). but the egg hatches or something else. Perhaps they found this egg near the Chaui station before the attack, the Tang ships start to tow it (in one cell of the comic it appears 3 ships are towing) while trying to keep close to shore the egg hatches or mama catches up to them (last or 2nd to last cell there are eyes below the water). The Tang ships call for support from the US military which responds with land based aircraft (yes MIKEP A-10's are strictly land based) which need to visually target the creature (hence the flares). All the while the Tang ships are completely freaked out and fire everything they have. That would at least be a plausible explanation as to why the ships are so close to each other.

  55. I, personally, think this takes place post-attack on NYC, mostly considering that the news shown at the party, from what I have seen, doesn't mention military activity in the harbor, only a capsized tanker. The only way I can think of this taking place anywhere NEAR pre-attack is if it happened a ways off shore immediately before and it couldn't get to the news and evacuation was impossible and the monster just moved too damn fast.

    As for the boats firing at planes theory, I don't think so. Tagruato, regardless of whether or not they have a "Private Army" consisting of navy-class ships, they wouldn't openly fire at the UNITED STATED MILITARY and possibly run the risk of war or their company losing their shit or something. I personally think they are all US craft and are all firing at the monster, who is engulfed in the fireball at the middle of the pic.

  56. hey, everyone new pic on 01-18-08, its a boat with someone in, it looks like if he was picking something up

  57. There's a new picture up on http://www.1-18-08.com/
    Looks like a fisherman is about to encounter some trouble.

    My question is do you think the last three pictures are in reverse chronological order?

  58. OK, now I'd just like to add to smokey's point - 9 comes after 8.

    The SOL may have a head, but is blurred to hide the location. Not a breakthrough, but an addition to an idea.

    And there's a new image up - looks like a fishermans about to be come as red as the water.

  59. does any one remember he says I saw it it's alive??!! Maybe he says that because they thought it was dead after this attack??

  60. is anyone else thinking A-Bomb? like these last 2-3 pics show us what the end of the movie doesnt
    -so basically the govt said they were going to "take out all of manhattan", so they did with the a-bomb..and thats where the "it's still alive" comes from at the end of the movie

  61. i think it´s before.
    it useless make someething that is "after" if they´re thinking in a secuel. it´s a battle on the sea, so it would be just before chiuan station get destroyed, they seeked tehe mosnter, they shoot him to die...

    but it just doesn´t die, and they lost it (or think he is dead...)

    an some days beofre it appears in NY

    everyone think it is a surpirse, but...

    isn´t the army SO fast in position, like they were ready or in alert?

    ...or maybe it was it´s mother, who gets killed.

  62. That cannot be a nuclear weapon. The ships (I count four) and aircraft (1 A-10 Thunderbolt and what appear to be two F-18 Hornets) are far too close to the explosion. You can also see that the A-10 (upper right of the screen) has just dropped its payload of five bombs. Also, there are quite a few missles homing in on whatever is in the center of the shot. No one would fire missles at or drop bombs on a nuclear explosion; no reason to do so.