Saturday, January 5, 2008

TidoWave - Tagruato Raid

TidoWave has a new blog post, and things have gone from bad to worse:
Do NOT return to The Farm. It’s crawling with agents on Tagruato’s payroll.

It’s a set up!!! All of our members know our goals and motivations are preservation of Mother Earth - NOT mass murder!!! Granted, we’re not upset that Tagruato has one fewer “death station”, but we would NEVER kill to accomplish our goals. This is yet another crime on humanity that Tagruato is trying to push off on the innocent.

And let me be clear: we will not stop until we find our missing brothers and sisters. We can’t give up hope.

Wait for Janice’s picture. Then you’ll know where to meet us. Tagruato’s lies will not go unpunished this time. Something happened to our comrades – and that station - and we’re going to find out - even if we have to go all the way to the top!!!

BTW, didn't Jamie mention something about a "moo cow who lives on a farm"

* Thanks to Tom H. who emailed me about this first!


  1. What is the Farm? Things are really getting interesting around here...

  2. I have a feeling that things are really going to speed up now!!! And thanks for keeping us informed Dennis, awesome site!!!

  3. the farm?

    sounds like another link to the "milking" theory

    ...Janice's picture, who is janice? anyone know? someone from tidowave?

  4. I think the farm is T.I.D.O.s headquaters. Probably an actual farm.

  5. Jamie: "moo cow who lives on a farm"... Coincidince, I think.

  6. So would the picture he talks about show up on

  7. Remember where the slusho site says where slusho makers grew up .. on a farm

  8. is it hoenstly necessary to flame?

  9. Oh synn, you know how they are. Gotta show their smarts so everyone knows how cool they are. Feh.

    Darn, the wife tried to send this link in today but wasn't fast enough. Oh well. :)

    I hope we start getting more information now. It's getting close enough we oughta.

  10. Now things are getting very mysterious. Now here are the facts about this post:

    1) Biggest clue: "The Farm". And as we all know, Jamie mentioned a moo cow on a farm. So somethings up with the milking theory.

    2) Next clue: "Janice's Picture". Now we all also know that pictures come up in so im pretty certain that the picture will come up there. If not, than probably on TidoWave. We also dont know who the hell Janice is so we have one more mysterious name here

    3) Mysterious Hint?: "Death Station". Why did they call it "one fewer 'death station'". I'm guessing some lives are lost there.

    4) Statement for fun =): Double posting is one thing BUT TRIPLE POSTING!?!?!....YOU HAVE CROSSED THE LINE!

  11. jamie mentioned a moo cow on a farm but seeing as how she doesnt thing any of teddy's note was true it seems more like that would be a bash at the woman she thinks he left her for. but thats just my thought on that.

  12. or... like a parasite...

    synn syxx will you marry me?

  13. cloverfield i would be more than willing to watch the trailer so i could 100% say that your seeing something that isnt there. but until you give me a time span to look at instead of a description of whats going on i dont give a damn. the green circle was around a blur. your telling people that your seeing something in the blur in an effort to get us to agree with you.

  14. hey cloverfield a new age i saw the trailer again frame by frame and i did see what you were talking about but as for the green circle it is just a part of the womans outfit

  15. I found it pretty strange that the texts says The Farm instead of the Farm or even the farm. so i looked up farm on wiki

    The Farm (Canada), a residence in Canada.
    The Farm (Tennessee), a community in Tennessee.
    The Farm (recording studio), a UK recording studio founded by the band Genesis.
    The Farm (San Francisco), a community center in San Francisco, California
    The Farm (band), a British band
    The Farm (television), a reality television show format started in Sweden
    The Farm (UK TV series), UK television channel five's version of the format
    The Farm (Battlestar Galactica), an episode of the reimagined Battlestar Galactica television series
    "The Farm" as a reference to Camp Peary, a CIA training facility near Williamsburg, Virginia
    "The Farm", a slang term for Area 51
    "The Farm", a nickname for Stanford University
    "The Farm", a nickname for State Farm Insurance Companies
    "The Farm", a nickname for the Louisiana State Penitentiary in Angola, Louisiana

    i know some dont make sense but the one about area 51 or the cia got my attention.

  16. dont know how capitalization on it would be but dont sterotyped tv cults often have farms they send people to? ticket to heaven sticks out in my mind. also a scanner darkly ends with him being sent to a farm. maybe tido is just based off a farm somewhere?

  17. So that's what happened to Teddy...

  18. Yo, i'm Tom H. Im the one Dennis gave credit to for this find. just wanted to let people know, haha. im strangely proud of it.

  19. I think the idea of milking something is absurd.

    Jamie's drunk-dial-dialog (LOL) may have been an intentional double entendre when they wrote it. Teddie might have maybe mentioned something about a "farm" in a careless moment (he's part of the shadowy T.I.D.O.Wave "cause" he obviously didn't clue her in on, since she doesn't believe a word of his message about Tagruato), and since she's drunk she's putting things together in her head and reaching conclusions with ironically half-true sarcasm.

    I'm also beginning to think that the Cloverfield team is just dropping all kinds of different possibilities, none of which they may ever actually confirm, to leave us debating this long after the movie. Did Tag find the monster? Did Tag make the monster? Is Seabed Nectar monster eggs? Is it monster milk? Did a falling satelite irradiate something small and make it huge? Did TIDO release the monster? Did Tag release the monster? Did the monster destroy the station? Did Tag destroy the station? Was the station ever really there? Etc. etc.

    Can't wait for the picture from Janice to show up on TIDO. That little cliffhanger is very intriguing!

  20. "Death Station". Why did they call it "one fewer 'death station'". I'm guessing some lives are lost there.

    Wasn't it because of how they destroyed the ecosystems around them?

    And I agree with adam, I think the moo cow on the farm was because they knew how far some (ok a lot :P) of us go with theories, and wanted to give us something additional to talk about.

  21. Guys, i've just had a strangest idea.

    What if JANICE is TheWhistleBlower? That keeps sending us PICTURES?

  22. sry if we have covered this but...ign has an interview with micheal stahl-david..

    its dated yesterdya so its new.

  23. This should be my cred for the obvious reason that I posted it in the thread about the triva quiz and vernon "tom h"? was also in that thread he took my cred jerk, i left that when it first came on too, 5 in the frickin morning

  24. uh, chain solo man, sorry but i e-mailed dennis at 4:08 am. You didn't post until 5:04. so, yea, its my credit. you can even ask dennis to confirm when my e-mail was sent against when your post went up. I was first. so you can apologize for calling me a jerk whenever your want

  25. this update definately coincides with the post on the tag site about the altercation and how they sent out 'investigators' to resolve the problem shortly,...tag agents must have found some kind of evidence to lead them to The Farm

  26. I'm enjoying all the clues, thank you for the great site Dennis!

    Is it wrong that 90% of me wants this monster to be a big, almost cartoon like character who squirts an acid-like Slusho substance or something equally as silly. There has been so much hype and anticipation I'm not sure any big bad gross monster will deliver and the only way I will be shocked is if it is not an evil, scary thing but a puffy colorful character. That sings.

  27. willow: i'm flattered :) drop me a line some time ;) hahaha

    to those fighting over who got the post in first: who cares! yea, it's cool if ya did, but the only thing that matters is that it's here now.

    i swear to god, if it's a parasite it's spreading cloverfield disease and everyone is going crazy from all the anticipation from the film that they're turning into jerks lol

    come one, let's keep everything fun, please?

  28. "I found it pretty strange that the texts says The Farm instead of the Farm or even the farm so i looked up farm on wiki."

    Now all of these farm searches u found are ridiculous....EXCEPT for the fact that "The Farm" was a slang term to Area 51. Sorta interesting.

    "What if JANICE is TheWhistleBlower? That keeps sending us PICTURES?"

    Now i agree with you theos. They say that Janice has been sending pictures and what not and so has this "WhistleBlower". There is some coincidencial stuff here and it all seems to go back to "TheWhistleBlower"

  29. im not clearly seeing anything in her hand. in my opinion it looks like shes trying to grab ahold of his shirt to keep from being pulled away. not dropping something down his shirt. it wouldnt even make sense to drop something down his shirt because its going to end up on the floor and from the looks of things theres a bit of movement so even if he feels it without knowing what hes supposed to be looking for he probably wont find it on the ground. still think your just seeing what you want to. just like the people who heard "its a lion".

  30. Ahh, c loser f ield, the name caller. Here is a copy of the previous post I was referring too yesterday, when you called everyone on here names for looking at WHAT YOU SAID TOO. I wasnt talking about the video. This is what YOU posted and YOU copied a link to a picture of and YOU circled something in and YOU stated THERE IS THE OBJECT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT. I blew that picture up and its her dress. I love when people burn themselves with thier own posts.

    Here is your first mention of the item I looked at

    C LOVER F IELD (a new age) said...
    Guys i believe i have something new a clue if you will in the 4th picture on there is a lady on the right side and a man behind her if you look down by her mid section you can see what appears to be a bullet coming form the mans hand.

    Here is your next.

    C LOVER F IELD (a new age) said...
    guesstime i need to get you guys some pictures of this i will be working on it.

    But im talking about the picure with 4 people on it a soldier, 2 woman and 1 other unknown spectator.

    Here is the third mention of the picture.

    C LOVER F IELD (a new age) said...
    Ok guys here goes 2 pictures

    the first is a drawing of my view of the Cloverfield monster:

    The second is the object i was talking about in the 4th picture:

  31. The object she puts down his shirt is of course the vial of fairy dust they retrieved from inside Jamie's closet, which they need to bring Marlena back to life after she was killed by a giant lion that is made out of smoke and which also shoots fireballs that turn into aliens that can fire laser beams.

    Jeeez, people. Try to keep up.

  32. as much fun as ive been having telling this guy hes wrong i see this going into flame war territory soon. perhaps it should just be dropped by all parties?

  33. agreed zurcher. there's just no talking to some people. but i must say first, adam - that may be the funniest thing i have ever read. lol

  34. firstly good going vernon141 because i saw it too and its a bit hard to get in it first when u live in Australia. and because Jamie said cow doesn't mean it has anything to do with milking you make the connection farm cow and the term farming could come in place they might be farming the nectar or the monster

    ooooh and CLOVER FIELD (a new age)i don't see it either so you might want to shut up now.

    ooh and living in austalia cloverfield comes out on the 17th for us lol

  35. At first I assumed "The Farm" was your typical hippie environmentalist hangout/commune...A place where TIDO could save the world by plotting Tag's destruction and growing organic beets. But then I thought, "Why would Tag agents prevent members from returning?"

    If its a real farm do they think that Tag agents might kidnap or otherwise harm them? Do they think that Tag has hired some local rednecks to spy on them? That seems sort of silly given The Farm is probably stateside. I may be underestimating Tag's power, but the wavers could always call the police if they were trespassing on their property, right?

    So I thought The Farm is most likely a euphemism for the place, whether physical or in cyberspace where TIDO meets. If it is a physical place then I would suspect that it is actually a public one where Tag's mere presence is enough to disrupt them.

    But given the format of the viral game here I would imagine it is the former. Some more secretive TIDO communication website where they conduct their business. But of course my less than stellar sleuthing abilities left me high and dry on new clues...any thoughts?

  36. Rob is moving to Japan.
    I wonder if they're gonna organize a surprise going away party for him...

  37. Teddy told Jamie to look out for contact from Randy. What if she did get in touch with him? Maybe she knows everything and there are secret messages hidden in her supposed drunk dial. If you look closely, it doesn't look like she even drinks from the bottle when she lifts it to her mouth (or maybe the actress, whoever it is, is just bad at acting, they DID cast nobodies). I think it's definitely a possibility though that she knows what's going on now and is trying to act stupid so that Tagruato doesn't catch on to her, and possibly conveying some message to Tidowave? Thus, maybe Jamie's "moo cow on a farm" line isn't such a coincidence after all. I might be way overanalyzing this...

  38. Flame that Lamer!
    I Loooooove flamin lamers.
    ok, that sounds plausible alex.
    Unfortunatly, i was actually thinking that Jamie has done the best acting ive seen so far, other than Marlena, but eh, one mans trash is anothers treasure.
    i dont think her drunkness is quite fake enough to make ur theory worthy of further review, but others may think differently.

    last thing, i think the simplest theory to all of this, is that tido accidently disrupted the monster while at chuai, there-by putting both parties at fault.

  39. What does this MEAN??????

    あなたは一時的なロックダウンにいます。 本部が問題が再び生じるのを防ぐ方法〔道〕に決めるまで、誰も新しい場所からの駅を去らないかあるいは入ることができます。 もし問題が再び生じて、接触〔連絡〕が可能な避難のために直ちに本部を設ければ、従業員からの全てのコミュニケーションが止められました。
    この状況が本部を去らないことを確認してください。 そのecoテロセル〔細胞〕は私たちに対する使用に弾薬を捜しています。


  40. @Jayson,
    I got this free translation:
    : [An/the institution] you is in temporary lock down. 《主語なし》Until I fix it at [a/the way] the method that the headquarters prevent that a/the problem happens once again even who it does not leave the station from a new place or it can enter. If the problem results once again and the contact [the communication] establish the headquarters right away for a possible refuge all the communication from the employee were stopped.
    Please confirm that this situation does not leave the headquarters. The eco テロセル [a/the cell] is searching an/the ammunition to the use to us.

  41. Wow....still illegible.
    What is The Farm? It sounds like a codename thingie...
    Do you think Janice is a codename for someone else?
    or Something else?

  42. @Jayson, where did you get that?

  43. Has anyine noticed in the 5 min. clip when someone asks Marlena if shy was ok she gave him a weird look and didnt answer then walked away kinda quickly...almost like she knew something was up?..well what if she is part of the tidowave group and they did unleash the monste and she just thought that might be it......hey u know what..idk o well just a thought.Aint it weird how we notice 1 thing and we assume sooooo much?

  44. Sorry for the double..
    Um Bryan? I compared the txt u posted to Jayson's...
    and it's missing text....

    Is it addressed to Chuai?

  45. @ Jayson.
    I think that it means:
    You are in lockdown. Until I can find a way that this does not happen at headquarters, no one can leave or enter. If problem occurs once again,establish communications with headquarters right away for a possible refuge, and stop all employee communication. Please make sure this communication does not leave headquarters. The ecoterror cell is looking for ammunition against us.

  46. Has anyone else noticed that if you pick a different language on the splash page it takes you no where? English is the only language that takes you into the Tag site.. *sigh* At least that's the way it is on my system. If it's not for ya'll, tell me what you're doing,,

  47. yeah there's no object in Lily's hand and she's not putting anything down Rob's shirt. Rob is wearing a button up shirt and a darker t shirt under that and that's all I see. She just seems to be I think holding Rob back. Rob is yelling at a soldier or whoever in that clip and I think she's just trying to keep Rob back so he doesn't go all ape shit and make a scene at the soldiers.

    Oh and adam, that is seriously the funniest plot right there. But seriously, I say they make a new movie off of adam's plot, combining all the ridiculous theories and speculations and what people "think" they see all into one massive movie. That way if someone says "you know, in that trailer I think I saw the guy...etc." others can say "yes, that is true. There really is a talking microwave sent from the aliens on Pluto to Earth to attack the fairy crabs living in the Canadian sewers" and not be sarcastic. :)

  48. Um...guys?
    It's addressed to the Chuai Station

  49. @Will, I just copied and pasted it and used

  50. Personally, I just think the Farm is a Tido wave HQ of some sorts, for meetings and stuff, if you know what I mean? I think Jamie's comment was just a random insult, not sure if we're meant to read to much into it. Might be the whole "It's a Lion" again.

    It's voltron the movie anyway

    bad joke? meh.

  51. Then what's this?

  52. So I missed something... [sarcasm] I'm sorry... [/sarcasm]

  53. Hey, it's all right!
    No problem!
    Speaking of Problem...
    What is the letter referring to when it says

    "If problem happens again..."

  54. could be referring to the event

  55. could be...
    Where the hell did you find this?

  56. Oh wow....




  57. Sorry for the double..
    on the back of one of the photos at the 1-18-08 website, the one where Rob is drinking from a cup,
    Theres a note on the back that says

    "Don't forget who takes care of you...-J"
    What is this?

  58. Jayson, it means: The connection (relationship) which is hidden by the American between Slusho and Tagruato. Please do not believe the lie of Tagruato.

    Go here next time:

  59. Thanks Matt
    Hidden Message?

  60. good point....
    there's a few notes from ppl on the backs of the fotos..

  61. Someone already briefly mentioned this up above, but I just wanted to post it again because I thought it was cool; if you haven't already done so - check it out: On Rob's MySpace blog he comes right out and states that he got a job a Slusho:

  62. I want a job at Slusho!...
    Slusho! r00ls!!

  63. Perhaps there will never be any physical picture because "Janice's picture" is the clue. By this I mean that "Janice's picture" is a code word that the people at TIDO understand to mean a set location that was predetermined in the case of an emergency.

  64. i think i missed something. what letter are you guys translating?

  65. C loser F ield, the reason Adam says he sees what you are talking about in his joke post is because that is what it is ....a joke post. Highlighting all the things people THINK they saw, so he is making fun of you there Sparky.

  66. c loverfield. calm down dear, it's just a movie.

    Can't wait for 1st Feb >_< Whyyyyyy not a world release lol.

    I really want the ending to just go completely off the wall. killed? captured? evicts new yorkers and uses their city as it's new house to raise the little ones??

    what do people reckon could happen to the monster?

  67. One of the ideas still in the back of my mind is that in the end we will find there is more then one BIG monster, hence the multiple case sightings and area designation numbers. Abrams is not just giving us our own monster but an entire franchise and story to build off of. The movie may end with the destruction of this movies big monster only to have the appearance of another or we are taken to another case designation too see a different attack. I just think that if an entire area becomes contaminated or some ingrediant is ingested by a surrounding ecosystem or people, that more then one host is going to have a reaction. Just one of the many theories I have floating around the noggin.

  68. think "multiple sightings of case designate cloverfield" just means that the video contains a few different situations with the one monster. it would be more realistic i suppose if there wasnt just the one in new york and there were like 5 or 6 monsters goin their own way.

    it would be really cool, like war of the worlds (2005), if they had shots of a tv showing news reports. remember when they showed the tripods attacking different cities? just a little something like that would add to the grand scale of things in a more subtle and plausible way :p

  69. You know, it wouldn't really be a big surprise if it actually IS a farm...some broken down, forgotten farm in the middle of nowhere since TIDOwave is all eco friendly and what not. >.<

  70. I always felt the "Multiple sightings of case designate "Cloverfield" ...."

    was nothing more than showing what grid the camera was found. The monster destroyed most of NY, there is now way they would group everything under 1 area. To help figure out things later the area was probably laid out in a grid. Each section would be something like a block in size, maybe smaller.

    Think about it, if you are trying to piece things together later wouldn't you want to know this item was at a location that was small (size of a block or less) verses an area the size of New York City!

  71. Unless these other monsters attacked NYC during or after our monster's attack, I doubt it.

  72. what
    the hell
    the japanese text
    has posted?
    where did he get it???

  73. Nah, I think they want to build up anticipation before you see the monster, not see it on a tiny TV screen.

  74. Yea, I'm getting curious, Jayson, where'd that come from????

  75. The Farm is probably just a reference to their "base" of operations. It's a commonly used term for stuff like that because it's the nickname for the covert CIA training area where they train "NOCs" (Non-official cover) Ever see mission impossible 1? Ethan says go ahead boot it up and in anywhere from 3-10 minutes you'll have Virginia Farm Boys swarming all over.

    Or that movie The Recruit with Pachino and Colin Farrell. They're on the farm for about half of the movie.

  76. Hi - new here. Someone at the top brought up a good point about the Slusho website. In the "history" of Slusho, it talks about how the maker grew up on a farm. I googled the name and found - my guess is that the Japanese text being translated here is from either that site or one of the links on that site? Just a thought.

  77. On the site, The Effect posts a VERY INTERESTING comment about the attack on Tagruato.

    "But back to T.I.D.O. Wave's blog entries. It is possible, even likely, that getting Ganu Yoshida wet was not the goal of the operation? Perhaps the liquid element of the ambush was nothing more than a diversion while T.I.D.O. spirited off with something of Ganu Yoshida's, something he was carrying/keeping on his person. We all know Tagruato is keeping damning secrets. Perhaps T.I.D.O. Wave finally discovered where they are hiding them."

    I don't know if you read the Manga, but in it, a cult is trying to control the monster with this spherical object that can control it. Perhaps the manga is not a backstory, but is only made for clues. Maybe TIDOWAVE is the cult. Maybe Ganu had the sphere and they stole it from him with this attack (maybe he found it after the Chuai Station attack or Alyse Hanssen did). Then TIDOWAVE took control of the monster and were trying to destroy Ganu along with New York. This cult is supposed to believe in purifying the world of the humans who destroy it, by using this monster.

    And I'm sure you guys know about the whole Alpha Kappa Mu clue from Ganu's myspace and what a kappa is and what Mu is (I just got into this "game" after the dvd came out). This is scary to me because Mu is near Los Angeles. Maybe the mother of the monster will attack LA or Japan (the other side of Mu is near Japan) since her baby got killed. And perhaps the father creature is on the other sunken continent (Lemuria - which would also be where that sunda anemone is supposed to originate). Sorry for the long first-time post. I have theories about the parasites too, but I'm sure it's been covered by now.

  78. heatherliis,

    FYI, the Ganu myspace is a FAKE.

  79. But someone on youtube found the Alpha Kappa Mu site (from that myspace) and called the number. They got a bunch of Cloverfield info from it. I'll find the video for you later today.

  80. Okay, I was mistaken, he got the Alpha Kappa Mu from the site from the phone number on the man's arm (he called it). He found some interesting info out about AKM. There is a clue in the trailer about AKM too. The info he got is that the story of Cloverfield is supposedly based on a "secret" book that only the AKM know about from 1972. I found this out a couple of weeks ago before I went on vacation and associated it with the myspace of ganu because Alpha Kappa Mu is listed on there too. Here is mrblue34's videos of his discoveries about AKM from

    Don't know if that has been covered. I'm still new to this since the movie came out on dvd.