Tuesday, January 8, 2008

This Is NOT The Monster, Part 1

This is part one in a series I am calling "This Is NOT the Monster".

I have received countless emails over the past few days with various links to websites claiming to have a photo of the Cloverfield monster (or MGP as it is known as at UnFiction).

That photo actually comes from Peter Konig's gallery of "concept" art, at the appropriately named ConceptArt.org. The gallery is full of things that could be the monster, but are not.

Also on that page, it mentions that visual effects company Tippett Studio's Peter Konig ... is [the] art director for the upcoming, top secret JJ Abrams production "Cloverfield".

And if you don't believe me, Harry Knowles of AICN summed it up in one word: BUNK.

More evidence here: http://www.2snaps.tv/9813767
"The image shows models ... for potential creatures to be used in a video game production back in 2003, which was being done by Massive Black... Which just happens to be Konig's company."


  1. So Dennis what ya think the real monster going to be better then this? So is this the same artist who designed CIM(Cloverfield Insane Monster) if so i think that the real monster will be so crazy awesomeness.

    Sorry if you guys dont like my Nickname for the monster but Cloverfieldclues needs its own nickname for him.

  2. MPG? What does that stand for?

    Thanks for clearing that up, though.

    So would parts 2,3,etc be other Monster pics that you'll be proving fake?

  3. Please no more nicknames! Arrrggghhh ;)

    "MGP" is already entrenched at Unfiction, but calling it "the monster" is just fine for her, thank you!

  4. Yeah, but what does MGP stand for?

  5. ughhh... It stands for "Mister Grumpy Pants".

    I know, totally lame.

  6. the plain fact is no one knows and JJ will want everyone guessing and would NOT allow anything online that really showed it. But i would love to see a whale monster like the fan art even though that isnt it anyway. oh well 10 more days wa hoo :-)

  7. Yep Joe, agreed. The whale fanart is totally awesome.

  8. I'm with Dennis, mister grumpy pants? Grumpy? more like REALY F'n PISSED OFF AND WANTS TO LEVEL NYC.

    I wonder what they're going to name the monster in the movie? They're not going to call it Cloverfield, they must have to come up with a name like GODZILLA. I'm sure that when the toys come out, there just has to be a name. Like HMF Huge mother F....HAHHA just kiddin...LOL.

  9. Norik said... So would parts 2,3,etc be other Monster pics that you'll be proving fake?

    Depends on the reaction to this post. Honestly, the main reason to post this was so I will stop getting emails about it :)

  10. Haha you should add a pic of the smoke from the news clips. I can't believe how many people think that its the monster swimming away.

  11. smokey, there is an interview with either Reeves or Abrams where they say it doesn't get identified by name in the movie, but on set the staff and crew just got in the habit of calling the monster clover.

    Dennis, thanks for this! There are many websites irresponsibly splashing this image all over the net claiming it's "finally revealed" etc. (and yeah, sorry for the warning email, I'm sure you got many). As soon as a friend of mine called me to tell me about this, I described it to him, referenced Konig by name, and he was "yeah how'd you know all that?" Well, because we all saw this picture months ago.

    I'm hoping for something more mind-bendingly terrifying than this.

  12. I'm just pissed off at the fact that people can't accept the monster as A.) Original and B.) NOT yet leaked online. I mean, fucking christ.

    And I was at school earlier where a friend of mine said, "I heard from some internet type of nerd dude that the monster is a mutated whale. The picture was leaked online or something..." and I couldn't help but give a "Kidding me, right?" glare.


  13. those are people that dont do any research i mean JJ went though all this trouble of printing ONE script per actor so that wont get leaked that he really gonna allow anyone to talk about the monster much less see it. I mean we are just gonna have to wait.

  14. I've got a whole handful of friends the REFUSE to go see it just because it's "Stupid that they don't show the monster, and that it's GOING to be Godzilla, I know it, hurrr"

    Shallow bastards, all of em.

  15. In Venezuela Cloverfield will be released on february 1st *crying*

  16. Yeah we get it then in the UK. I'm hating it, I've already decided that my internet is in 'quarantine' between then and the 18th as I know how it's going to be far too easy for idiots to spoil this. How sucky is that. Is it really too hard to aim for a worlwide release? They've tried everything else to keep spoilers from emerging, this is the first thing they should have sorted really. I feel sorry for Fans from the other countries who are even further behind.

  17. Why did people even start thinking this was the monster? On conceptart.org there are like dozens of monster designs. Did they think this was it just because of the fleshy legs? And I mean, how does this design explain the shooting debris?

  18. Oh man, thank you! I had seen that via IMDB and thought i blew it for myself, thanks for puttin my fears to rest. Im only stickin to your blog til 1-18-08

  19. You don't really explain why you're right. The guy on that site is wrong about HD, as several reliable sources including G4 and MSNBC say they're going to BluRay. Furthermore, check out the slowed, stabilized footage of the trailer (it won't work in this comment, so go to IMdB and check out the post about Peter Konig). It's obviously the creature shown in that image. That's the guy doing the concept art, and the picture was only very recently put up. That image has to be the creature, unless the trailer is misleading or the concept designer used that body but a different head...

  20. "Part 2: No, It's Not The Multi-Finned Whale Either, Dummies."

  21. Australia gets it before ANYONE! it hits cinemas nationwide on the 17th. Boy, i love living in the land "Down Under"

  22. Did you all not notice?

    The title of this film in most of the non-English speaking world is:


  23. hey ADAM, Think about it....CLOVER? ooooooo thats scary JJ Abrams and Reeves. Help Help, A 400 ft. tall "Clover" is after my ass...." hahahhahahahahhaahahhaha

    Somehow, I'm not going to believe EVERYTHING JJ or Reeves says. I believe they have thrown a little misdirection in a couple of their statements.

    I agree, websites claiming to have the "real photo" of the monster are idiots. Why cant they just wait till the movie shows. BUT NOOOO someone is always trying to ruin it for all of us. I think they're just pissed that JJ and Reeves put such a tight lid on things and frustrated these "spoilers" from getting the scoop.

    I remember that article ADAM, but the impression that I got was that during filming there was no name yet (just a nickname), just like there wasnt a title. SO I'm hoping and guessing that once the film is cut and ready, that there will be a name for the creature/creatures. If there isnt a name, thats just LAME and LAZY. Heck, if I had an idea to make an AWESOME monster movie with something so AMAZING and SCARY, I WOULD THINK OF A NAME FIRST RIGHT????????

    How can the viral marketing be so elaborate and detailed, even coming up with fake names of people and drilling sites and companies, rebel groups, etc. and then when it comes to the movie, guess what, the monster has NO NAME? COME ON THATS GOT TO BE BUNK! BUNK BUNK. If the creature doesnt have a name in the movie, thats so freakin lame, like those SciFi "original" movies on SciFi channel...LOL.

    Hey Dennis thats the word of the month, BUNK. ;)

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  25. How is it lame? Thinking about it as the movie is presented, the point of few of a few new yorkers, wouldn't they be too busy staying alive, not knowing whatever the hell it even was, only "the monster" is believable in that scenario, personally.

    "Hey guys, I know we're totally running for our life and everything, but let's name whatever is probably going to kill us something cool and unique!"

    Sure, totally believable.

  26. Zole555... please no name calling!

    esperian said...You don't really explain why you're right

    The main reason why that is NOT the actual monster? Because you don't post images of a top secret monster online, and if someone does, it will get taken down.

    This thread at Unfiction from last month has a pretty good discussion about it: http://forums.unfiction.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=22852

    Furthermore, check out the slowed, stabilized footage of the trailer (it won't work in this comment, so go to IMdB and check out the post about Peter Konig). It's obviously the creature shown in that image. That's the guy doing the concept art

    I've seen it. It's similar. Since it was designed by the same guy, it will probably have the same feel. Godzilla is also similar.

    the picture was only very recently put up.

    Where did you hear that? I've heard differently. I've heard that photo has been around for a while. Unfiction started talking about it in December 24th, but Movieweb is claiming the image has "suddenly surfaced". It just a ploy to drive traffic.

    That image has to be the creature, unless the trailer is misleading or the concept designer used that body but a different head...

    Nothing HAS TO be anyting. Everything is misleading...because it is top secret. And if it had a different head, it would not be that creature.

    The guy on that site is wrong about HD, as several reliable sources including G4 and MSNBC say they're going to BluRay.

    I can't really comment on this. However, everybody seems to be quoting the same source... kind of like this Cloverfield "story"...

  27. Yo Aussie boy, some of we "connected" folk get to see it on the 15th. So, you might expect some leakage at that point and comsider an internet ban until the 18th. FYI, studio heads get it on the 14th.

  28. I have it on good info from deep inside the Abrams camp that the movie is "f*ckin' awesome". That combined with the early screenings makes me (and most with a brain) think this thing is definitely going to be at LEAST a *** star flick. Expectations (financial ones) by the studio are rising big time as well.

  29. I actually made some concept art of the monster myself, eh. It has lots of webbed fin-things on its arms and legs, no eyes, no nose, no real face, just a huge, downward-arcing mouth with tusks.

    Mine, not the real monster.

    I actually like mine, it's my best looking concept so far, but I know that it's not the monster.

  30. lmao mgp is the monsters name anyway yea i know u say bunk but it has 3 claws seriously someone must of did a good job on this

  31. unfortunaly, the concept pic looks to plausible to truly, 100% feel like you havn't been spoiled. I know i wont feel safe again until the 18th.

  32. Firstly, Great Blog and kudos for finally being someone who doesn't want to ruin the whole thing by posting up spoiler pics/scripts etc.

    I had a look at the concept art website, and there are a few other designs on there that I could see being close to what I imagine the monster to look like.

    Unfortunately, no matter what it looks like there is no way that everyone will agree that it's good or bad, you can't please everyone!

  33. Good point Seb'83... Not everyone can be pleased.

    If you're not happy with the monster, fork out $30 million of your own money and make your own super-sweet monster flick!

    I mean... it's massive, It's tearing oil rigs apart, It tears off SoL's head, it's making things explode, it's leveling out NYC, it's got a freaky-ass roar... We can clearly see from the trailer that it's not cute, white and fluffy... What more terrifying do you need???

  34. smokey, I was just reiterating what I read in the article. They didn't establish a name for the thing, they just gave it a nickname informally among the crew working on the movie, as a private term of endearment.

    Did you know the mechanical shark used in Jaws was named "Bruce?" (Ten gold stars on your forehead to the first one to post where that came from!)

    Alien didn't have a name. Nor did Predator. Hardly lame movies.

    The aliens in ID4 didn't have names (okay kinda lame movie, sorry bad example).

  35. Think about it... for the brief glimpses we see of the monster in the teasers and trailers and all the slow-mo analysis that people have done...

    "What if" what we saw in the trailers was "not" what the final monster would look like. maybe JJ is just playing with us a little more.

    Heck for the amount of money being spent on marketing and the game a few frames of CG "fake monster" in the trailer does not seem out of the question.

  36. JJ Abrams wanted this to be America's monster. It's not like he could pick some arbitrary Japanese name for MGP.

    Let's face it. If the biggest thing the world has ever seen was attacking MY city, I would spend the first 2 hours of the attack coming up with a name... hmmm...

  37. Adam, I was thinking the same thing as I read the posts, about Alien. In Alien it was an alien, in The Thing, it was a thing, in Jaws it was a shark, in the Beast from 20,000 Fathoms, it was the beast (and this movie was the inspiration for the original Godzilla), Frankenstien was the doctors name and he created a monster that is technically nameless as well. All these monster movies are classics and I know there are more. I think that Abrams and Reeves are doing right by not calling it anything.

  38. OMG I'm soooooooo glad that's not the monster! It looks cool (granted way too much like the Rancor from Return of the Jedi) but I wanted to see this movie spoiler free >_< A movie site had this up and I wasn't expecting it to be there like it was so when I saw it I felt so down and depressed. Felt like the whole movie was ruined.

  39. Dennis, you are spot on my man. With all the buzz surrounding the major plot points and monster info, of course there will be people searchin' high and low to be "the first guy" to expose what us fans have been lookin' forward to. Furthermore, there isn't much common sense to support the theory that this image floating around would actually be published on the FX studio's website BEFORE the movie's release date. Lastly, bit props for keeping the site spoiler-free....it's nice to have a fanbase without trolls, (imdb, ahem) but instead filled with up to date details from every CREDIBLE site out there. Same goes for the contributors at Unfiction! Thanks all.. Who's ready for a great popcorn movie??

    Bruce the (JAWS) shark - named after the director's lawyer

    "Now gimmie my stars"

    -Newly Ragin' Cajun-

    only 9 days to go? seriously?


    We have a winner. Bruce the Shark was nicknamed after Steven Spielberg's lawyer.

    Ten gold stars for you, Cajun.

  41. I'd like to throw a name into the hat for this monster. I think she seems like a Lizzy, don't ask why I just feel that way :)

  42. hahah, YES! lizzy the monster :) brill!

  43. The slo mo analysis and the brief shot we've had... I think its meant to confuse us. We are all assuming those are back legs. This is JJ Abrams and you think he's gonna give you it that easy no way. I gaurantee that shot is made to look like back legs just to throw us off... You know what I mean... They are smarter than that... This whole movie is Puzzles, Mysteries and what not...

  44. *posts stars on forehead
    Thanks, adam

    I can see it right now...close your eyes...

    -a shot of a city in panic after an event of horrific/epic proportions.

    -"it's alive, huge" guy says his one-liner

    -camera zooms to window of abandoned/damaged building about to collapse

    -close up of a *once familiar fast food mascot chihuahua

    -dog "Here Lizzy, Lizzy..."

    -before last Lizzy, dog get crushed by debris from falling building, followed by an infamous roar

    -shot of monster moving past two buildings

    -cloverfield title shot "starting 1.18.08"

    Can you guys tell it's my day off?

    -Newly Ragin' Cajun-

    only 9 days to go? seriously?

  45. I hate that damn chihuahua, thanks Lizzy for the smashin'

  46. I'm glad that isn't the monster tbh, I'm hoping for something alot more bulky. Something that looks like it's just reached critical mass haha. Basically something that is just completely f*cked up and not like any other monster we've seen before.

    Too much to hope for?

  47. Hmmm... only one arm on this monster, kinda reminds me of this guy


  48. from what we have seen in the trailer...this looks similar but its prolly not exact, which is also why people have probablly latched on to this one being it. also who ever said it looks like the rancor when i saw the trailer that gives us the monster glimpse i was actually thinking the monster was gonna look like the rancor too lol.

    also if your a super geek, then the monster in this picture and the trailer look like the Tarrasque. if you know what that is i will up the ante and give you a whopping TWELVE stars lol

  49. zinjak...not a super geek, as I know no one will probably come back to this thread....but

    Tarrasque - a humongous and deadly creature from back in the D&D era!!

    "Gimmie my Stars"

    - The Newly Ragin' Cajun -