Thursday, January 3, 2008

Tagruato Voicemail - Situation at Chuai

The Tagruato voicemail was updated following the recent developments at the Chuai station.

Update: You can now download the voicemail directly, or listen to it streaming here.

Thank you for calling Tagruato.
If you are calling regarding Chuai station,
Please know that the situation is being handled,
and should be resolved shortly.
If you have a relative on board,
you will be contacted soon by the appropriate personnel
Headquarters does not have information of individual crew members
All other questions should be directed towards our press office
as this line is currently not accepting messages
Thank you

* Thanks to kwotto at Unfiction for finding this!


  1. Not good. Poor smiling Tagruato workers. No more Slusho for you!

  2. Ok probably a stupid question but does that number actually call Japan? Dont laugh if Im asking a stupid question.

  3. Check this out. Looks awful familiar.

    And here:

    Not that there’s any connection. Just an oil rig being attacked by an unexplained sea creature that is called a “parasite”. Hmmmmm…

  4. the basic plot of something attacking some remote location isnt very original. im sure theres at least 6 scifi channel movies about an oil rig being attacked.

  5. double post apology but stumbled on a cloverfield joke in a webcomic

    thought you guys might like it

  6. This may be a long shot, but do you think that if we call Tagruato at 6 o'clock on January 6, we may actually get someone on the other end?

  7. "Not good. Poor smiling Tagruato workers. No more Slusho for you!"

    Ha. Maybe their relatives will get free Slusho machines installed in their homes as a consolation prize.

    Here's a thought... If any of the characters survive this movie, I wonder if they will ever update their MySpaces. "Dear Diary... Wow, that monster attack sucked. All my friends are dead. Now I'm going to have to make a new MySpace Top 6 friends list..."

  8. Pinky, good stuff. Was not aware of the six other oil-drilling-creature-attack flicks but alas, this is why I visit CC.

  9. Max said... This may be a long shot, but do you think that if we call Tagruato at 6 o'clock on January 6, we may actually get someone on the other end?

    No, becasue Tagruato is not a real company :)

    The message says they are are not even accepting incoming mesages.

    FWIW, if you dial enough extension numbers at the end of the call, you will be connected to an operator, but these are just the people who run the voicemail system. They don't know anything about the movie or Tagruato, so please don't bother them!

  10. I am seriously going crazy with anticipation for this film... all the pieces of the puzzle will come together soon.

    Has anyone else noted that ROB visited his page today but none of the other characters did? And there was no new updates on any of their pages. I just wanted to point that out.

    But there will be mention soon about him getting hired because the release is the week after next. He has to pack you know... lol. I say by Tuesday there should be new news there...

    I just want more Jamie news! What the hell part of the story does she have to play? That sucks for her if there really is no mention of her or scenes of her in the movie... especially since she's been around since the beginning.

    Does anyone else wish site was updated with something new? Do you think something will happen on that site on the 17th?

    And am I the only one that thinks that for "January in New York" everyone is dressed quite lightly? Isn't it freezing and snowing in NY during January normally? Just wondering...

  11. I think that either for Jamie they got a lookalike for the film or she just looks wayyyyyy different on an HD screen. Jamie movie version and Jamie version-

    Have freckles in the same place
    Same eye color
    Exact tinge of dark hair above forehead

    I think we're supposed to think that the blonde in the movie is Jamie.

  12. This message sounds a lot like the one from, but obviously, not the same subject. The find815 message is from oceanic Airlines for those looking for the missing people from the plane crash.